Refreshingly Good Content: Five Links from the Week of May 4, 2015

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There’s a lot of useless crap out there about digital marketing. Each week, Juicer wades through it to get you five links that are actionable and/or thought provoking, and that won’t overwhelm you with text written more for the author than for you.

Here’s five hand-picked selections from May 4-May 10. Find something else interesting? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

Facebook vs. YouTube: Who’s winning the video marketing battle? – VentureBeat. Useful, if only to get a feel for how Facebook can be a viable method of rolling out your videos in a way that’s (potentially) more engaging.

IBM, Facebook team on marketing analytics mashup – Fortune. Digital marketing is moving ever closer to a point where customized campaigns with perfectly timed/placed messages will be within each. This article explains how Facebook is working with IBM to get there.

A Cheat Sheet for Marketers on the Future of Digital Platforms – Harvard Business Review. This is good. An insightful look at a lot of the trends happening in software that you might not even realize, but will soon be commonplace. Useful for long-term thinking about your own business and digital marketing.

Facebook’s 3 Algorithm Changes: What They Mean for Marketers – Go-Mash. Pretty self explanatory. A very quick read. Tuck it away for future content development.

5 Ways to Ensure You Are Writing Intelligent Content – Huffington Post. If you’re going the content marketing route, you might as well have a list like this on hand when you’re writing a post. Just don’t get duped into thinking that content creation – at least content that’s going to make a difference for you – is easy. You’ll need to put thought into what’s going to set you apart.

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