Why You Need an Instagram Aggregator

Today, Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users and is one of the fastest growing social media channels in the market. It’s easy to use functionality makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to promote your brand through hashtags and photos.

Users primarily communicate through hashtags and images, but did you know that (according to Sproutsocial) 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded? What are your followers using your branded hashtag to share? What beautiful photos are they posting of your product? You may have thousands of brand ambassadors following you on Instagram, but how can you easily show everyone else what they are sharing? On the flipside, how can you use your Instagram engagement to drive traffic to your website?

The answer is simple: Juicer’s Instagram aggregator.

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How the Juicer Instagram Aggregator Works

Today, the best way to market your company is through customer-generated content that sells your brand. People want stories and genuine testimonials from customers that prove your products and services do what you say they are going to do. Convincing someone to do business with you solely through branded content isn’t enough anymore.

With Juicer’s Instagram aggregator you can embed your Instagram feed directly onto your own website. You can introduce visitors to your social side without having to navigate off your site and log in to Instagram!

You can embed your Instagram aggregator wherever you want! For instance, by embedding a website Instagram feed on a product page, you can help decrease bounce rates and improve conversions. Authentic live testimonials from your customers give potential customers the validation they need to buy your product.

Instagram Aggregator for Events

From holiday parties and concerts to company outings, Juicer’s Instagram aggregator can create social media marketers out of everyday guests. Choose a unique and branded hashtag for your event and ask your customers and community to share photos and videos to Instagram. Through your hashtag your event and brand is spread organically.

You can incentivize fans and users to share content with your hashtag by integrating a competition, coupon codes, or prizes. Juicer can add as many hashtags as you want and as people use them, the Juicer feed will display it in the hashtag aggregator. You can also use Juicer to display your live Instagram wall for events on a projector or digital signage.

Our Campaign and Enterprise plans update every few minutes, so no one misses out on your big event - or what guests are saying about it.

Instagram Aggregator for Education

Instagram is another tool to engage your current students and attract new ones. Adding a website Instagram feed gives potential students a live, illustrated sneak peak into campus life through photos and hashtags. Juicer’s social media aggregator has been used by both Stanford and Princeton University.

Instagram Aggregator for Marketing Agencies

According to Brandwatch, engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. Chances are if you’re a marketing consultant or agency, your clients are probably using Instagram to grow their business.

By using Juicer’s social media aggregator, marketing agencies and freelance marketers can now manage multiple campaigns, events, and client social media streams on one simple platform. Help your clients enhance their websites with fresh daily content while improving customer engagement on Instagram.

Instagram Aggregator for Ecommerce

By using an Instagram aggregator for Ecommerce, you allow potential customers to see what others are sharing about your products without them having to leave your website. For example, putting anInstagram aggregator on a Shopify product page not only gives potential customers authentic product testimonials but yet another reason to stay on your website longer. Juicer helps improve conversions and dwell time.

Benefits of an Instagram Aggregator

Fresh Content from Your Fans

Creating fresh daily content can be a time consuming task, but Juicer can help make your life easier! With Juicer’s Instagram aggregator you have another resource for pulling new, customer-generated content to feature on your website every day. Your customers share their stories and experiences through photos, videos, and hashtags, making it easy for others to find authentic information about your products or services.

Instagram Feed Moderation

Creating fresh daily content can be a time consuming task, but Juicer can help make your life easier! With Juicer’s Instagram aggregator you have another resource for pulling new, customer-generated content to feature on your website every day. Your customers share their stories and experiences through photos, videos, and hashtags, making it easy for others to find authentic information about your products or services.

Customize Your Instagram Aggregator

You can integrate your Instagram feed with your company brand and website design by adding custom CSS from Juicer’s dashboard with our Campaign and Enterprise plans. If you like to experiment with coding, the good news is Juicer is easily customizable. Check out Juicer's Getting Started Guide to read our recommendations for customizing Juicer CSS.

Instagram Aggregator Design Templates

Juicer includes 9 built-in social media feed styles that display your Instagram feed in different ways. One style may work better for your website than the rest, but if you’re having a tough time choosing you can easily switch from one feed style to another until you find the right one. The dashboard also gives you the option to adjust the size of the feed and the number of columns. Here is a full list of Juicer’s 9 feed designs.

Image GridAggregator design grid
ModernAggregator design modern

If you’re having a tough time choosing the right style for your website Instagram feed, no problem! You can easily switch between feed styles from the Feed Settings panel in the Juicer dashboard. The panel allows you to adjust the size of the feed and the number of columns as well. Check out all of Juicer’s social media aggregator styles!

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How to Set-Up and Embed Website Instagram Feed

  1. Sign up for Juicer’s Instagram aggregator (it’s free!)
    Input your email address and select a password, then click “Sign up for a free account”setup
  2. Name Your Feed
    Select a name for your social media feed and enter it in the area provided. For example, we’re adding “Juicer” since it is the name of our company. We recommend choosing your brand name or product/service.
  3. Select Instagram Social Media Icon
    Once you’ve named your feed, you’ll see a list of social media icons. Click on the Instagram icon.Add Instagram source
  4. Add Your Instagram AccountAdd your Instagram account
    Once you click the Instagram icon button a pop up screen will appear that tells you that you must enter your Instagram account information. You will then be directed to instagram where it gives you the option to log into your account. Please note that this is just the permission stage of allowing Juicer to access your Instagram.

    Once you log in, Instagram will ask you to authorize Juicer to access your profile, posts, and comments.

    Authorize juicer

    Once you’ve authorized Juicer, you now need to add your Instagram account into the Username field.

    Add Instagram source

    If you don’t know your Instagram account name, you can obtain it by logging into Instagram and clicking on your profile settings under your name. Our username is juicerio so we’ll enter this in to the username space.

    Please note that as of Instagram's API update on April 4, 2018, you can only display posts from an owned Instagram account (one that you or your client has the login information for). You cannot display posts from unowned Instagram accounts, unless pulled in through a hashtag source.

    Add an Instagram Hashtag
    The next tab over from Username is hashtag. Simply click on the tab to switch to the Hashtag panel. By entering in a hashtag, your Juicer Instagram feed will display all content and tweets related to that hashtag.

    As previously mentioned, using a hashtag aggregator is a great way to get fresh content onto your site. This feature is also perfect for a promotion for a sports game, wedding, a conference/event, or a fundraising campaign.

    As an example, we'll add the hashtag #socialmedia to our Juicer feed.

    Instagram hashtag

    Add an Instagram Location
    Let’s say you want to pull all posts and photos related to a specific location. If you know the Instagram location_id then just add that in the Location tab, if not, click search, then search for the location. Click on the location you want to add from the list of results. If you don't see the location in the list, sometimes too many locations are too close together, and instagram only returns a small number of locations in a search, so you your best option is to enter the location_id directly.

Instagram location

  1. Create Source
    Once you click “Create Source” Juicer will automatically curate all of your posts from both your Instagram page and the hashtag you selected. Once all of your Instagram content has been curated, you’ll be directed to your feed editor.

    Top Tip
    Additionally you can add hashtags to your Juicer social media aggregator from any other social media sites that support them like Twitter and Tumblr. When someone creates a post that includes the specific hashtag you've entered into Juicer, that post will automatically get pulled into your Juicer social media feed. Learn more by checking out our Twitter Aggregator as well.

    create source
  2. Embed the Website Instagram Feed
    In order to embed the Instagram aggregator on your website, go to the sidebar of your feed editor page and click on “Embed in Your Site”.

    You can simply copy and paste this code into your website on any page you would like to feature your Juicer Instagram feed.


    Instagram Aggregator Wordpress Plug-In

    If your site is one of the 75 million that runs on Wordpress, you can download the Juicer Wordpress Plug-in and quickly embed it right into your Wordpress site.

Juicer Instagram Aggregator Pricing Options

Adding a Juicer Instagram feed on your website is free, but we also offer plans that allow you to add as many as 15 Source accounts and hashtags per feed along with complete customization options, analytics, and live updates every ten minutes.

Learn more about Juicer’s social media aggregator packages and pricing options.

In addition to Instagram, we also offer the ability to add social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook as well as hashtag campaigns. Below is Juicer’s Source list.


Who Uses Juicer’s Social Media Aggregator?

Juicer’s community is over 60,000 users and growing everyday. From personal bloggers to social media marketers and business owners, we have had the pleasure of working with many successful customers. Juicer has powered social media feeds for brands like McDonalds, Princeton University, Starbucks, Lyft, and the Golden Globes.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Juicer’s free social media aggregator and give it a whirl. We promise, you’ll love it!

Who makes Juicer?

Juicer is assembled fresh, with love by SaaS.Group. We're developers, so we understand that you need a social aggregator that just works. No mess, no worries, just a reliable service you can always count on.

We're focused on building for the long haul, and to us that means making decisions that are win-win: good for our customers and good for us. We believe the proof is in our product, which is why we encourage you to try Juicer for free. Instead of going on and on, we’d like for you to experience it for yourself.

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