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You’ve done the hard work of publishing excellent professional content on LinkedIn, but it doesn’t end there. Use Juicer’s LinkedIn aggregator to expand your content’s lifespan and reach more people. Juicer can automatically pull your LinkedIn posts into beautifully curated social feeds on your website and other offline channels like event displays

LinkedIn Aggregator

What is a LinkedIn Aggregator?

A LinkedIn aggregator is a tool that automatically collects and displays LinkedIn posts and updates from various users onto a single platform. This tool is ideal for showcasing LinkedIn content on different channels, such as a website or event display.

Juicer is an example of a LinkedIn aggregator that lets you embed your LinkedIn feed on your website without coding. It’s a fantastic way to increase the visibility of your content and keep a professional look for your brand.

What is a LinkedIn Aggregator?

LinkedIn aggregator for enterprises

Take your employer-branding content beyond LinkedIn. Display LinkedIn company updates, employee posts, and marketing messaging on your website automatically. This helps you create a consistent and professional brand image.

LinkedIn aggregator for events

Automatically collect and display event posts, updates, and content from various LinkedIn profiles or pages onto a single platform. Showcase a rich, dynamic feed of industry-relevant and company-specific content live on your website during corporate events.

LinkedIn aggregator for agencies

As a marketing agency, you know that LinkedIn is a crucial platform for building your client’s brand image and professional reputation. But how can you ensure their LinkedIn content reaches a broader audience? Juicer’s LinkedIn aggregator for agencies can help you do just that! Our tool lets you easily embed your clients’ LinkedIn feeds on their websites and reach a wider audience.

Benefits of Juicer’s LinkedIn Aggregator

Benefits of linkedin aggregator

Embed LinkedIn Feed On Your Website Without Code

It’s quick and easy to embed your LinkedIn feed with Juicer. All you need to do is sign up for a free Juicer account and add your LinkedIn profile as a content source — all without writing a single line of code.

Curate and Control What Your Audience Sees

Maintain a professional LinkedIn feed appearance and brand image. Juicer’s moderation features let you control which posts and hashtags are added to your LinkedIn social feed. Set up automatic filters that curate your best content in real time.

LinkedIn Aggregator Feed Design Templates

Juicer includes nine built-in social media feed styles that display your LinkedIn feed differently. One style may work better for your website than the rest, but if you’re having a tough time choosing, you can easily switch from one feed style to another until you find the right one. You can also adjust the feed size and the number of columns.

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How to Set Up and Embed LinkedIn Feed

Input your email address and select a password, then click “Sign up for a free account”

juicer create account


Name Your Feed

Choose a name for your feed. For example, we would add “Juicer” since it is relevant for us. We recommend adding the name of your company or product.


Select the LinkedIn Social Media Icon
Once you’ve named your feed, you’ll see a list of social media icons you can add to your social media aggregator. Click on the LinkedIn icon.
Select Linkedin source


Add your LinkedIn account as a source
You can select between a company/ school page or a personal profile. We’ll continue with the company page for our use case.
Select source linkedin company


Wait a few seconds and refresh the page, done!
Your super customizable LinkedIn social wall is ready. You will see your company page post feed is automatically embedded here.

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Integrations Currently Available with Juicer

Beyond LinkedIn, Juicer lets you aggregate and display content from 15+ other social and user-generated content sources.


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