Social Wall: Aggregate All Your Social Posts with Juicer

What is a social wall? Social walls are the perfect place to display social content aggregated from any social platform. You can use a social wall to link all of your social media accounts and display your posts in one place. Alternatively, you can use a social wall to aggregate a particular subject of content using hashtags and account names to keep up with specific information that you’re interested in following.

Our social walls can be used on a website or on a digital display at a store, event or business.

Create a Tailored Social Wall Experience for Your Followers

With Juicer's Social Walls you can link your social media account, track hashtags, filter your content and customize the design to give your followers a unique glimpse into your personal or corporate brand. Whatever your needs, Juicer can help you create the best social wall for you and your followers.

Social wall for websites

Display Your Social Wall on Your Website or at Live Events

With a customized embed code and personal URL, you can embed Juicer's social wall directly on your website. Need a social wall or live tweet wall for events? Juicer has you covered. Add your event social wall to your website or set up a social media display live at your event. Your account URL and embed code can be easily found within the Juicer dashboard and set up is quick and easy.

Juicer's social wall on O Mag Insider

Juicer Offers a Free Social Media Wall?

That’s right! Juicer will always offer a free social media wall but there are paid accounts with access to more features such as creating multiple feeds, adding more social media accounts, and getting detailed social media analytics.

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Enjoy the Many Features of Juicer's Social Wall

Social wall with aggregated posts

Aggregate Your Social Posts and Hashtags

Curate your social feed and populate your social wall using content by @username or #hashtag. And with an infinite scroll, your social wall will load new content as soon as you reach the bottom of a page.

Personalize and filter your social wall

Use Filters to Personalize Your Social Wall

Customize your own rules and filters to automatically eliminate duplicate posts and unwanted content from your social wall. Moderate and remove content from your social wall with one click. 

Customize your social wall

Display Your Social Content with a Beautiful Social Wall

The social wall’s custom CSS and responsive grid allow you to create dynamic layouts that fit your style.  Juicer’s social walls also include permalinks, optimized for SEO, for each of your social media posts.

Engagement analytics for your social wall

Analyze Engagement With Your Social Wall

Find out more about your social wall’s viewers, and how they interact with it. View an interactive graph of your clicks, follows, page views and posts during a specified time frame and export any of your data to a CSV file. 

What Social Wall Integrations are Supported?

Juicer’s social walls support a variety of social media and other online networks to provide you with as many options as you need.

Social wall integrations

Who Uses Juicer’s Social Media Aggregator?

Juicer’s community is over 60,000 users and growing everyday. From personal bloggers to social media marketers and business owners, we have had the pleasure of working with many successful customers. Juicer has powered social media feeds for brands like McDonalds, Princeton University, Starbucks, Lyft, and the Golden Globes.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Juicer’s free social media aggregator and give it a whirl. We promise, you’ll love it!

Who makes Juicer?

Juicer is assembled fresh, with love by SaaS.Group. We're developers, so we understand that you need a social aggregator that just works. No mess, no worries, just a reliable service you can always count on.

We're focused on building for the long haul, and to us that means making decisions that are win-win: good for our customers and good for us. We believe the proof is in our product, which is why we encourage you to try Juicer for free. Instead of going on and on, we’d like for you to experience it for yourself.

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