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Social Media for Nonprofits Guide

It’s a new age of media where print is dying, people are cutting the cord, and information can travel around the world almost as fast as the speed of light. And in this new age social media has become a medium where people can share ideas, find others with common interests, protest against injust...

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Guide to Hiring a Marketing Person for Your Business

hiring a marketing person You’ve decided it’s time to hire a marketing person for your business - there’s just one problem: you’re not quite sure where to begin. The marketing field is a wide umbrella for many speciality areas from SEO and social media (https://ww...

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10 Clever Ways to Make Your Next Social Event Memorable

In this world there are so many life events worth celebrating. Engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays; so many social events to host and attend! While a nice dinner and evening of dancing is always nice, this age-old approach could often use a more memorable upgrade. Give your friends an...

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How to Use Social Media Storytelling to Transform Your Brand

The art of storytelling has been around almost as long as humans have and for good reason, because if it’s done right storytelling can be captivating, fun, and bring people closer together. So in an age where social media ( is where most of our social...

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