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Our latest tips how to fully harness Juicer for your Social Media strategy

The Benefits of an Instagram Aggregator for Artists

Instagram is a welcoming environment for all types of artists; painters, photographers, bakers, dancers, architects, sculptors, the list could go on for days. The medium of Instagram lends itself well to these artists offering a social space for artists to share their work, receive feedback, conn...

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Choosing an Instagram Feed Plugin for Wordpress

An Instagram feed plugin is a great tool for Wordpress sites and blogs for many reasons. It’s a wonderful way to get your visitors engaged with your Instagram content, it allows you to easily display lots of eye-catching images on your website, and it helps encourage new Instagram followers. Now...

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How to Make a Social Wall

Making a Juicer Social Wall ( is a great way to make a memorable and engaging social feed. Perfect for campaigns, events, and corporate engagements, Juicer Social Wall is an easy way to elevate your Juicer experience. You can use a Social Wall to link all of your...

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6 Ecommerce Social Trends You Need To Follow In 2020

Guest Post from Beatriz Estay, Small Business Content Marketing Specialist at BigCommerce There will be more than 3 billion ( social media users by the end of 2021. The global penetration rate of social media is ...

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