Content Curation: Curate Fresh Content Daily 

What is a content curation tool?

Content is the lifeblood of a successful marketing strategy, but sometimes the creative juices dry up, and producing consistently fresh content for your readers can be challenging. Content curation is the process of sharing content from other relevant sources rather than creating your own. Sounds like a lot of work! 

This is where Juicer comes in.

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Content Curation with Juicer

Whatever your favorite social media channels are, you probably spend a lot of time producing content for your fans and followers.

Juicer allows you to curate posts, hashtags, images, and photos from your favorite social media channels into one feed you can embed on your website. We promise it's super easy, and in 3 simple steps, you have a live content curator doing the work for you. 

Content Curation Tool Juicer

Benefits of Juicer's Content Curation Tool

Content Curation -Get more out of it

Maximize already produced content 

You spend hours planning and scheduling your social media posts, why not make more use of them? With Juicer, your posts and curated content not only reach your social fans but your website visitors as well. 

customer generated content

Customer - Generated Content

As a hashtag aggregator, your fans’ content can also be displayed in your Juicer social media feed.  Authentic feedback and interactions with your brand give your web visitors social proof about your products and services. 

Build customer loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty 

Who doesn’t love a shoutout?  Shoutouts = sharing.  Feature your customers on your website as well as social media and watch as they share your brand’s recognition with their friends and family.

Sources for Content Curation

Variety of Content Sources

Juicer is not a one-size-fits-all aggregator, and neither are your needs. This is why Juicer integrates with over 15 different social media sources so you have plenty of options to curate content from.

Content Curation Tool in Action

With Juicer, you can curate your social content and user-generated content onto your site within minutes.

Simply sign up for a Juicer account, add your favorite social media sources (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), and embed the code into your website pages. It's that easy!


Customize Your Feed 

Juicer offers 9 built-in social media feed styles that display your content in different ways. One style may work better for your website than the rest, but if you’re having a tough time choosing you can easily switch from one feed style to another until you find the right one. 

Juicer Content Curator Northeastern.JPG

Control Everything Through One Dashboard 

Juicer's dashboard is built for ease of use. Control all of your social media content, add multiple sources, as well as filter and moderate what gets published on your social feed. 

 Juicer dash.JPG

Who Uses Juicer’s Social Media Aggregator?

Juicer’s community is over 60,000 users and growing everyday. From personal bloggers to social media marketers and business owners, we have had the pleasure of working with many successful customers. Juicer has powered social media feeds for brands like McDonalds, Princeton University, Starbucks, Lyft, and the Golden Globes.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Juicer’s free social media aggregator and give it a whirl. We promise, you’ll love it!

Who makes Juicer?

Juicer is assembled fresh, with love by SaaS.Group. We're developers, so we understand that you need a social aggregator that just works. No mess, no worries, just a reliable service you can always count on.

We're focused on building for the long haul, and to us that means making decisions that are win-win: good for our customers and good for us. We believe the proof is in our product, which is why we encourage you to try Juicer for free. Instead of going on and on, we’d like for you to experience it for yourself.

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