Social Media Advocacy Tools for Nonprofits

Once you’ve established a social media presence for your nonprofit it’s time to take things to the next level. Make it easier for your supporters to engage with your nonprofit’s community using social media advocacy tools like our social media aggregator for nonprofits. With the ability to aggregate all of your nonprofit’s social media posts, comments, and hashtags in one beautiful social wall on your website, your fans can engage with each other and become inspired.

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Get More Supporters with Social Media Tools for Nonprofits

Keeping your nonprofit’s community engaged is an important part of building your social media following. Not only does it help spread the word, but you’re also likely to get more volunteers and support when you need it most. According to a Georgetown University study, people that link to or share your nonprofit are twice as likely to volunteer or take part in an event. 

Juicer helps you bring together not only your own social media posts but posts from your supporters. Show off all the ways your community comes together to help and you’re sure to keep them engaged. Let your supporters know how much you appreciate them. Add a social wall to your website and keep your community front and center. 

Save Time and Focus on Your Nonprofit Cause

As your nonprofits’ social media presence grows, so does the work. Keeping up with everyone that’s engaging with your nonprofit on social media can be a full-time job on its own. Juicer helps make things easier by bringing your social media together and letting your supporters help. Embed a social feed on your nonprofit’s website and keep the content fresh with the work you’re already doing. Make it easy for your supporters to engage with each other. You’ve laid the groundwork, now let your social media community thrive while you tackle the hard work.

Connect Your Community with a Nonprofit Social Media Wall

Most nonprofits have incredibly active social media channels and what better way to celebrate those communities than to display them on your nonprofit website! These nonprofit social media walls aggregate any social media content you desire, from specific hashtags to certain designated accounts. Running a nonprofit event? Set up a social media wall just for that and let your attendees interact with your nonprofit and each other in real-time. You can also choose which social media channels you want to include in your social wall. We offer integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

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The Benefits of Juicer's Social Media Tool's for Nonprofits

Check out all of Juicer’s awesome benefits that can help take your nonprofit's social media to the next level.

Social media advocacy tools for nonprofits

Represent Your Nonprofit with Custom Social Media Feeds

Juicer's built-in customization ensures your nonprofit’s social media feed meshes with your brand and website design. Make the feed your own by adding in branding elements, customizing the color pallet to match your nonprofit’s color scheme, and changing the way the aggregated social posts are displayed.

Nonprofit social media content curation tools

Curate Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Content

With Juicer you can curate posts, hashtags, images, and photos from your favorite social media channels into one social feed embed on your nonprofit’s website. In just 3 easy steps, you can have an automated content curator doing the work of aggregating your nonprofit social media posts for you.

 Analyze your nonprofit’s social media engagement

Analyze Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Engagement

Explore and analyze your nonprofit’s social media wall viewers. See how they are interacting with your nonprofit brand. In your account dashboard, you can view an interactive graph of your clicks, follows, page views and posts during a specified time frame and export any of your data to a CSV file. 

 Nonprofit social media wall for events

Connect with Social Walls at Live Nonprofit Events

If your nonprofit is attending or running an event, social media walls can be the key to ramping up your marketing efforts. Social walls help attendees feel engaged by contributing to the wall and interacting with others. It’s also great for garnering brand awareness for your nonprofit through user-generated content.

Build a Tailored Experience for Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Community

Juicer’s account dashboard allows you to link your nonprofit social media accounts, track hashtags, filter content, and customize the feed’s design to give your supporters a unique glimpse into your nonprofit’s brand.

You can also moderate social posts that show up on your feed to eliminate social media content you don’t want associated with your nonprofit and make sure that only the accounts and content you want are displayed. Too busy creating great nonprofit social media content to moderate every post by hand? Easily auto-approve any user-generated content on your social wall, or set up your own custom auto-moderation filters.

Moderated social aggregation for nonprofits