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Juicer is a simple way to aggregate all of your brands' hashtag and social media posts into a single, beautiful social media feed on your website.

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Embed your aggregated Social Media content on your website with Juicer

This is Juicer.

  • Aggregate

    Juicer automatically pulls in new posts from your social media accounts.

  • Display

    And displays them in a beautiful, easy to install social feed on your website.

  • Curate

    Set up filters, moderate posts and analyze your social media engagement.

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    Everything Juicer’s social media aggregator has to offer.

    Get Noticed.

    Beautiful responsive social wall integrating posts from all your social media accounts or hashtags.

    Save Time.

    Easy to embed on every website. There's also our Juicer plugin for Wordpress.

    Stand Out.

    Choose one of our 8 provided themes or style your social media feed with custom CSS!

    Hands Off.

    Juicer automatically updates your website with your latest social media posts.

    Be in control.

    Straightforward moderation. Filter out posts you don't want showing up.

    Rest Assured.

    Quick customer support. Don't hesitate to reach out.

    Easy Installation

    Just 3 simple steps to set up

    Juicer: Easy Installation: 1. Choose social media accounts

    1. Choose social media accounts

    Add all the accounts and hashtags you want to show up in your social media feed to your social media aggregator.

    Juicer: Easy Installation: 2. Copy and paste

    2. Copy and Paste

    Copy and paste our embed code in any webpage. Or use our Wordpress plugin if you have a Wordpress site.

    Juicer: Easy Installation: 3. Relax

    3. Relax

    You never have to touch the code again. Moderate and change your feed through the Juicer dashboard.

    Live Examples

    Here are some of our favorites.

    O mag insider social media feed
    Princeton social media feed
    Golden Globes social media feed
    Juicer social aggregator customer: the Atlantic
    Juicer social feed customer: Lyft
    Juicer social feed customer: Cratejoy
    Juicer social aggregator customer: Ralph Lauren
    Juicer social feed customer: McDonalds

    What are you waiting for?

    Get your beautiful social media feed from Juicer today.

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    Who makes Juicer?

    Juicer is assembled fresh, with love by SaaS.Group. We're developers, so we understand that you need a social aggregator that just works. No mess, no worries, just a reliable service you can always count on.

    We're focused on building for the long haul, and to us that means making decisions that are win-win: good for our customers and good for us. We believe the proof is in our product, which is why we encourage you to try Juicer for free. Instead of going on and on, we’d like for you to experience it for yourself.

    Curious about what other solutions we’ve built? Check out all the SaaS.Group projects.

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