The Best Social Media Aggregator

What is a Social Media Aggregator Tool?

A social media aggregator is the perfect tool for combining all of your favorite social media channels into one place. With Juicer’s social media aggregator you can curate content, posts, images, and hashtags from 15+ social channels into one simple, beautiful feed. Then embed or display your aggregated social media feed wherever you want.

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Benefits of a Social Media Aggregator 

Social media content aggregator

Content Curation

User-generated content is automatically updated and posted to your social media feed daily. 

Website social feed aggregator

Website Social Feed

Get potential customers to stay longer on your product pages & boost conversions

Display social media aggregator

Social Display

Display your feed on a social media wall, screen, or public display with a simple link. 

Personal social media aggregator

Personal Aggregator

Minimize the extra social network noise by using Juicer as your personal social aggregator. 

Social Media Aggregator for Websites

Better organize your website’s social presence and boost visitors’ interest with Juicer's social media aggregator tools.

Social media posts give products and services the “social proof” others often require before potential customers fully commit. A lively, interactive social media feed on your website lets your potential customers see what people are saying about your products and services. A well-curated social media feed can also show off your products and services in a real-life context. Don’t worry, Juicer offers the ability to moderate what shows up on your aggregated social media feed.  Operate on Wordpress? Looking for a social media aggregator widget? We have a plugin for that. 

Social media aggregator feed for websites

Social Media Aggregator for Personal Use

Juicer is widely used as a social media aggregator for brands to display their own social content (or relevant hashtags) on their website. However, businesses and marketers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from a social media aggregator.

If you’re just looking for a way to aggregate all of your personal social media channels into one simplified social media dashboard, Juicer also serves as a personal social media aggregator. You don’t even need a website - just share the link so friends, family, potential employers or clients can see how you do social!

Personal social media aggregator dashboard

Social Media Aggregator Features

Beautiful social aggregator themes

Beautiful Themes

Juicer provides 9 beautiful built-in feed styles that display your social posts in different ways.

Social media aggregator display customization


Change the font, colors, feed display options, and add custom CSS to integrate your branding.

Social aggregator analytics


Keep track of how your social media content is performing with Juicer analytics.

Social media feed moderation and filters


You have complete control over what posts are allowed to be displayed on your social media feed.

Who Uses Juicer’s Social Media Aggregator?

Juicer’s community is over 60,000 users and growing everyday. From personal bloggers to social media marketers and business owners, we have had the pleasure of working with many successful customers. Juicer has powered social media feeds for brands like McDonalds, Princeton University, Starbucks, Lyft, and the Golden Globes.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Juicer’s free social media aggregator and give it a whirl. We promise, you’ll love it!