Refreshingly Good Content: Five Links from the Week of July 5, 2015

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There’s a lot of useless crap out there about digital marketing. Each week, Juicer wades through it to get you five links that are actionable and/or thought provoking, and that won’t overwhelm you with text written more for the author than for you.

Here’s five hand-picked selections from the week of July 5, 2015. Find something else interesting? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

Facebook forces some to shift social media game plan – Buffalo News. Facebook is filtering out more posts by small businesses, to avoid cluttering people’s feeds with both paid ads and non-paid ads. This is a look at the impact on a few small businesses who struggle to post content relevant enough to appear on newsfeeds. How is your business responding to the changes?

Study: On social media, nobody likes the ‘humblebrag’ – Beta Boston. Nice, quick read on why to avoid the “humblebrag” in your posting. Relevant if your brand is YOU, rather than a business.

Social Media Strategy 101: Know Your Brand, Know Your Audience – Huffington Post. A well written introduction to using social media as a tool for your brand. The author writes it as an interview with herself, and it’s simple to grasp if you have a vague understanding of the tools out there.

Inside the murky world of ‘social media influencers’ – CIO. We learned a lot from this. A great summary of how brands are linking up with influencers who publish content relevant to their product or service.

Will Autoplay Videos Boost Twitter Ad Revenue? – The Motley Fool. Noticed Twitter’s new autoplay ads? Here’s a rundown of where they came from and how they work.

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