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How To Integrate A Live Social Wall Into Your Marketing Campaign

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Methods of marketing your brand and business have evolved with the expansiveness of the online world. Digital marketing campaigns are now at the forefront when it comes to reaching your largest audience, and social media walls are your greatest asset. While customers become more brand-informed with help from the internet, your customers can be doing the work for you by introducing user-generated content into your brand and marketing. Not only does a social media wall amplify this genuine form of marketing, but it can also be free.

All-In-One Customer Curated Content

Social media walls combine all of your online marketing outlets into one hub. A free social media aggregator like Juicer will amplify your customer’s reviews, branding, and online marketing by making them the focal point on your social media wall. All of your social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more, can be displayed on your wall. You can even direct the content to focus on certain hashtags from 15+ social channels into one feed.

A social media display, free to use, can only benefit your online presence when there are so many social media platforms out there today. A free Twitter wall can show all of your company’s tweets in one place, while your Instagram social wall gives a visual image of your brand. A social media photo wall is a great asset when a picture can truly tell a story and grab the attention of a visitor. With billions of monthly Facebook users, why not use an aggregator for Facebook to create conversions? By having a social media wall, WordPress and other software can easily utilize it with plugins and widgets as well.

live UGC wall

The best part of your embedded social media wall is that it’s all user-generated content, meaning less stress for your marketing team and more genuine content from real customers. Customers can use hashtags or link your brand’s name in social media posts to engage with your business and other customers. This increases brand awareness and shows potential customers that you are a reliable and trustworthy company. This will also likely boost conversions as your website's social feed will engage visitors and inspire them to look into products. A social feed wall can be displayed on the customer’s screen, but you can also create a live social media feed for events, all with one simple link.

Live Social Media Updates

While the digital world is only becoming more saturated and competitive, it can be difficult to stay on top of updating your social media feed. With the help of a DIY social media wall, live real-time updates can be incredibly effective. Your wall will update by the second to show any new social media posts by your own brand as well as any customer curated content that’s being created. This means you don’t have to manually go in and share the most recent content; the aggregator will just do it for you. This shows potential and existing customers that you’re on top of your marketing and are highly responsive, and this all ultimately improves your reputation.

Free Marketing

Why does a marketing campaign have to be expensive? A free social media wall leads to less anxiety about your marketing budget. Not only is it reduced stress financially for your marketing team, but it also saves time so that your team can dedicate more hours to other marketing endeavors. Your job is simply to add your social media platforms to your social media aggregator, apply a focus on certain hashtags when necessary, and let your social wall software display your marketing content for you. Now, you can also take your marketing campaign with you by embedding it on your website to display it online and projecting your screen at events (when safe to do so).

Various Ways To Promote Your Brand

How you use your free social media wall can impact your engagement with customers. Social media aggregators like Juicer supply you with a personalized URL and embedded code to take your social wall anywhere. Your social media wall can live on your website, so visitors will always have access to your brand and customer reviews all with real-time updates. This consistent form of marketing lets potential customers verify that you exist within social media while allowing them to see what others are saying about your brand and products. This establishes credibility for your business while refreshing content so that customers can always stay up to date. Social media wall aggregators like Juicer also make it easy for your company by offering embed links, widgets, and plugins, so that you can apply your best social wall customizations anywhere on the web.

social wall at event

Not only will a live social media wall improve your digital marketing, but you can also display it in the real world. Do you have a company event or marketing pitch planned in the future? Save time and money, and boost your event by projecting and displaying your social wall at the venue or meeting room. During an event, attendees can post to their social media about the occasion with promoted hashtags that are submitted to the event hashtag display. Just use your link to create a social media event display, use Juicer’s hashtag filter to only display the promoted hashtag for people to use at the event, and watch the free hashtag wall update in real-time. For example, the best Twitter wall for events will show a multitude of customer engagements and tweets that continue to come in in real-time during the entirety of the event. This creates free content for your brand, boosts engagement at your event, and expands the outreach of your event to the online world.

Your company can also utilize the features of your social media wall in marketing pitches. Create the best social media wall and take it to the meeting room so you can easily and beautifully promote the success of your brand and product. If you’re targeting a specific product during your pitch, you can filter your social wall feed to only show social media posts and customer reviews of that specific product. A carefully curated social media display board will show potential clients that you’re prepared and backed by customer satisfaction. All of the grunt work that portrays the profitability of the product was already done by your existing posts and customer-created content, so now you just have to show it off.

Creative Control In Online Marketing

With so much customer-curated content, does your business have control over what is shared on your social media wall? The answer is: absolutely! Aggregators like Juicer allow you to moderate and filter the specific content that’s displayed. This is especially beneficial for digital marketing campaigns that promote a specific event or service. If your company has a sale on a specific product, you can focus your social media wall’s feed on your own social media posts that are targeted to that product’s sales. It’s also very helpful to include customer feedback and posts about the particular product as a means of showing potential customers that the product is legitimate and sought after.

As a brand, you should also have control over the appearance of your social media wall. Thankfully you can customize the theme, colors, fonts, and other display options of your social wall so it fits in with your brand. This helps apply consistency in your brand and marketing. You also have access to analytical tools to find out how your social media content is performing. This is crucial for your marketing campaign so you don’t have to go into it blindly; you can hone in on what content performs best, and you can rest assured that your content is creating engagement and conversations.

embedded social media feed with Juicer

In a highly competitive online world, it has never been more crucial to stay ahead of the game with your online marketing campaign. It’s even better when you can save money on your marketing budget with free tools like a social media wall. With live social media walls, your brand can stay consistent and engage customers with up-to-date content. Your business will not only save time and money thanks to a free customer-curated tool, but you’ll also appear adaptable and reputable to potential customers. Any brand can become a social wall pro and begin to benefit from the many perks of using a social media wall for website and marketing campaigns.