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How to Make a Social Wall

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Making a Juicer Social Wall is a great way to make a memorable and engaging social feed. Perfect for campaigns, events, and corporate engagements, Juicer Social Wall is an easy way to elevate your Juicer experience. You can use a Social Wall to link all of your social media accounts to display your posts in one place. Alternatively, you can use a Social Wall to aggregate a particular subject of content using hashtags and account names to keep up with specific information that you’re interested in following.

Our social walls can be used on a website or on a digital display at a store, event or business. If you are already using a free Juicer account, it’s easy to upgrade and create a Social Wall. We even have a WordPress social feed plugin to make things even easier. By upgrading to a paid account, you can gain new features like faster refresh rates and the ability to filter posts, moderate posts, and remove Juicer branding to make sure your Social Wall is on-brand and on-message.

If you are new to Juicer, it’s easy to sign up. To get started, connect your social networks in your account. If you are already a user, you should see your accounts in the feed already. It’s easy to use Juicer’s menus to customize and embed your feeds. Be sure to check out the many ways you can customize your Juicer social feeds.

When you enjoy a premium plan, you have greater control in reviewing your feed. You can control what types of posts are featured on your wall by using the filter settings. Depending on your plan, these posts and hashtags will refresh every 24 hours, every hour, or every 10 minutes. Find the plan that works for you, and create your Social Wall today. If you are a business, we have a special plan and affordable pricing so you can take your Social Wall to the next level. If you need solutions for a new campaign, we have special campaign pricing, too! If you are already a user, it’s easy to upgrade right from your account settings page.

We know that one of the best parts about creating engaging social feeds is learning more about how users interact with your Social Wall. Juicer offers robust analytics so you can learn more about the types of engagement your users are having with your Social Wall. Even better, our analytics are displayed in easy to understand graphs and exportable CSV files.

The Juicer Social Wall is a great way to take your Juicer to the next level. Easily see your social feeds in one elegantly designed wall, track hashtags, and foster engagement. It’s easier than ever to get started. Find out more today!

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Table of Contents


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