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How to Use Social Wall Apps for More Than Just Social Media Displays

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Social media walls are a common tool for most social media marketers to use on their website as a way to tie in their social media in a place where their website traffic can engage with the content. But what if there were other ways to use social wall apps besides using them as a social media display. There are actually a number of beneficial ways social wall apps can be used for other marketing purposes.

social wall app for marketing

Now you shouldn’t replace your website’s social wall with these ideas, these are meant to be separate marketing research-based tools.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use social media aggregator tools like social wall apps to enhance your social media marketing efforts.

Competitive tracking and analysis

One of the more well-known strategies for social wall apps is using them for competitive research. Social walls are excellent tools for competitive research because you simply plug in your top competitor’s social media feeds and monitor them. You can observe their high performing posts and learn from what is working well for your competitors. This strategy also helps you avoid creating any social media content that appears similar to your competitors’ content.

Product research

Social media is full of posts about products, including your products. Having a social wall dedicated to posts about your products is a great way to see what people are saying about it. Not everyone takes the time to review a product but a lot of times people will post about it on social media. While some of the posts might be negative, those posts give you an opportunity to understand what the customer dislikes about the product and to resolve any issues they have with the product or the way it was delivered to them.

Finding social media influencers

It can be quite tricky to find the right influencers to market and represent your brand but a little social media research could help point you in the right direction. By using a social wall to follow competitor accounts and other industry hashtags you have a good chance of discovering social media influencers that are familiar with brands like yours. This can be a great way to forge new social media partnerships that will help grow your brand and your business.


The idea is very broad because there are lots of ways you can glean inspiration from a social wall feed. Maybe you are looking for some new content marketing strategies for a particular social network. Or it could be research to help develop a new product. Perhaps the social wall you create is to help study and better understand your target audience to learn how to connect with them. The options are only limited by your imagination and your current marketing challenges.

Keeping up with industry trends

There is a lot of noise online today and it can be hard to keep up with everything new in your business’ industry. Whether you’re marketing an eCommerce shop, running a travel blog, or managing political social media campaigns– staying on top of things is critical. With a social wall that is tracking the big players in the industry, any industry news sources or blogs, and relevant industry hashtags, you’ll be able to create your own personal news wall with all trending information you need to stay relevant.

Any number of these social wall app uses can benefit your social media marketing more than you can imagine. Social wall apps are so much more than social media displays, they are social media tools with a huge amount of customization built-in, allowing you to track, learn, and discover new ideas for your next social media posts.

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Table of Contents


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