Embed Instagram Reels on Website [Full Guide]

Can you embed Instagram Reels on websites to engage and captivate your audience?

Yes! You absolutely can, and there are plenty of reasons to think about doing just that. And in any case, if you would like to embed everything from your insta, check our guide on how to embed Instagram feed which covers everything!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 1.21 billion monthly active users. That’s about 28% of the world’s online customers. Adding any Instagram content to your website is a fantastic way to engage your audience, demonstrate social proof, and strengthen your reputation. But Instagram Reels may be particularly beneficial. 

According to statistics, the Instagram Reels feature delivers around 67% more engagement than basic videos on Instagram. Plus, around 9 out of 10 Instagram fans consume videos on a weekly basis. In a world where visual content is rapidly capturing the attention of virtually every customer base, Instagram Reels are a great way to make your website stand out from the crowd. 

Reels are fast-paced, exciting, and ideal for younger audiences. They’re also relatively easy to create, as you can produce a Reel from your smartphone in a matter of seconds. Bringing your Reels into your website can help keep your customers on your pages for longer, while showcasing the unique personality of your brand. 

So, how do you get started?

How to Embed Instagram Reels One by One Manually (The Official Way)

Sadly, Instagram doesn’t come with a native feature allowing users to embed multiple reels or full feeds of reels directly into their website. We’ll cover how you can automatically add a full collection of Reels to your website in a moment.

However, if you just want to showcase a single video on a blog, homepage, or somewhere else within your site, there is a way to do this.

Here’s how you can embed Reels posts into your site one by one:

    1) Log into your Instagram account using your credentials.

    2) Navigate to the reel video you’d like to embed in your timeline or content archive.

    3) Click on the three dots (…) located at the top right corner of the post.

    4) In the options list that appears, select “embed”.

    5) Now copy the embed code of your Reels post.

    6) Paste the code into any HTML-based website to embed the individual video. 

How to Embed Instagram Reels on Website Automatically (Easy Steps)

Embedding a single Reel into your website is great, but it does make it difficult to create an up-to-date and engaging page of user-generated content. Fortunately, there’s an alternative way.

You can use Juicer to embed all the reels automatically on your desired webpages! 

The following strategy will work for any website, whether HTML or PHP-based or built with a popular tool like Wix, Weebly, Shopify, or Joomla. 

  • Step 1: Sign up for your free Juicer account here. It only takes a couple of minutes, so you’ll be ready to go in no time. Once you’ve signed up, log into your account. 
  • Step 2: Go to your Juicer.io dashboard, and click on the “Add social media source” button.

Embed Instagram Reels on Website Step 2

  • Step 3: A popup will appear where you can choose your social media source. Select the Instagram Reels option from the available list. 

Embed Instagram Reels on Website Step 3


  • Step 4: Link your Instagram account which features the Reels you want to embed into your website. You’ll need to log in using your social media credentials. 

Embed Instagram Reels on Website Step 4

  • Step 5: You’ll be presented with 2 options, You can either import reels for an Instagram username or you can import reels for an Instagram hashtag. Let’s choose a username for this example. Once you’ve picked this option, click on the “Create Source” button.

Embed Instagram Reels on Website Step 5

  • Step 6: After clicking “Create Source”, all of your Instagram videos will instantly import into your Juicer feed dashboard. You can organize this feed however you choose before you embed it into your website. Now simply click on the “Embed in your Site” option from the left sidebar.

Embed twitter hashtag feed with Juicer step 3 Embed Instagram Reels on Website Step 6


At this step, you will see 3 drop-down menu options:

A) WordPress Site

B) Standard Website 

C) iframe

You can now choose the option that you need according to your preferred platform:

A) Embed your Instagram Reel Videos in WordPress Website

To embed Instagram reel feed on WordPress site is super easy with Juicer. Just follow these steps and add the reels to wp sites in minutes:

  • First, install the free Juicer WordPress plugin for Instagram Reel Embed from the official WordPress plugin repository.
  • And simply copy/paste the shortcode found on the left of the dashboard into any page or post of your WordPress business site or personal blog. You can also use the Juicer PHP function if you would like.

A) Embed your Instagram Reel Videos in WordPress Website

B) Embed Instagram Reel Feed on Any Standard Website (e.g. html sites, Wix, Weebly, Shopify or custom)

If you are not using WordPress, we got you covered. You can add your Instagram Reels automatically to any standard websites of your choice. (e.g HTML sites, custom php websites, Wix, Shopify and so on)

  • Simply select the “Standard Website” menu option from the drop down menu at the left of the page.
  • Now you will get the embed code for your desired Instagram reels feed. Go ahead and embed this code on any website to create your beautiful wall of updated Insta reels.

B) Embed Instagram Reel Feed on Any Standard Website (e.g. html sites, Wix, Weebly, Shopify or custom)


The Benefits of Using Juicer Instagram Reel Aggregator to Create Your Automated Reel Video Wall

Juicer is a simple and straightforward tool for companies looking to create stunning and professional social media feeds and walls for their websites. The convenient and easy-to-use environment gives you the freedom to create the unique social wall experiences you’re looking for, whether you want to target a specific feed, hashtag, or anything else. 

Juicer supports business leaders and entrepreneurs with a range of amazing benefits, such as:

Quick and Convenient Curation

You can easily choose which Instagram Reels you want to embed into your feed, customizing your content however you choose.

There’s even the option to moderate posts without custom coding, and you can allow/disallow posts with specific words or hashtags, to preserve your brand image.

Versatile aggregation

Juicer users can combine their Instagram Reels feeds with other post types from Instagram and a range of other social media tools.

You could even create a comprehensive social media wall, showcasing all of your posts from different accounts. 


Juicer makes it easy to customize your Instagram reel feed to suit your specific brand and website. You can adjust your design with a responsive and dynamic grid layout, and tap into custom CSS whenever you choose.


Learn more about how people connect with your social media feeds using in-built analytics to track impressions and engagement. Find out which posts generate the best results, and use your findings to plan future campaigns.

Better SEO

Juicer uses beautifully structured permalinks for every Instagram reels video post, so you can appeal to the search engines, as well as your target audience. This makes it easier to create high-ranking pages for your website.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are one of the most recent video-focused content types to appear on Instagram. Similar to TikTok posts, these fast-paced and entertaining videos are ideal for showcasing your brand story, educating your audience, and boosting brand discovery. 

People use Reels to track cultural trends, collaborate with communities, and discover new things (including your products and services). Instagram also gives creators various ways to distinguish and differentiate their Reels using music, effects, and stickers. 

Reels are placed in their own unique tab on Instagram, and they can appear on the Explore page, as well as your profile pages. This makes them excellent for grabbing attention. As of 2022, Instagram Reels have almost double the engagement rate of all other Instagram post types. They also have fantastic reach rates, as they’re short and engaging enough to go viral!

How can Your Business Benefit from Embedding Instagram Reels?

Adding Instagram Reels to your website is a fantastic way to boost your engagement with your audience, and make your website more compelling. With an up-to-date social wall or feed on your website, you boost your chances of your customers staying on your pages and interacting with your company, which can also strengthen your SEO potential.

Some of the biggest benefits of embedding Instagram Reels into your site include:

  • Improve your SEO: Embedding high-quality Reels and Instagram content into your website is a good way to improve the time your customers spend on your website pages. This is one of the key factors search engines like Google consider when evaluating the quality and authority of a site. The longer customers spend on your website, the better your ranking.
  • Social Proof: Instagram Reels can be a great opportunity to showcase user-generated content, reviews, and testimonials. With these assets, you can highlight your happy customers, and earn the respect and trust of customers who visit your site. You can even showcase your products in use, to help customers visualize what they might experience with your company.
  • Enhance your site: Fresh and up-to-date Instagram Reels are a good way to keep your site looking modern and sophisticated. Not only do they make your website pages more interesting and engaging, but they provide your customers with a wider range of content types to consume. Reels are a great way to make your site stand out. 
  • Boost Traffic: When customers see your Instagram Reels on your website, they’re more likely to go and check out your social pages and follow you on those channels too. This can help to improve the quality of your cross-channel marketing strategies, so you can build a wider community of dedicated followers. 

Learning how to embed Instagram Reels onto your website might seem like a daunting prospect at first. However, it’s actually much easier than you might think, with the help of tools like Juicer. With Juicer, you can quickly and easily create stunning Instagram Reel feeds, showcasing your products, user-generated content, and marketing campaigns.

Adding these Reels to your website will strengthen your connections with your customers, boost engagement, and even help you to drive traffic back to your social pages. Find out what you can accomplish with embedded Instagram Reels with a free Juicer account! 

Easily Embed LinkedIn Feed on Website (Full Guide)

If you would like to embed LinkedIn feed on a website or even your LinkedIn profile, you have landed in one of the best guides online! LinkedIn has around 830 million members across 200 locations worldwide. The channel is the most popular social media location for professionals and B2B brands. Within LinkedIn, users can find everything from business updates to video streams, job posts and networking opportunities.

Embedding a LinkedIn feed directly into your website is a great way to connect your digital marketing strategies and facilitate growth. A social wall of LinkedIn posts can showcase your social campaigns to visitors on your website, and encourage them to join your community. 

But how do you get started?

The good news is there are various methods companies can use to embed LinkedIn feeds into a website. However, not all of the options available are straightforward. Today, we’re going to be looking at the different ways you can easily embed your LinkedIn company page into WordPress and other website platform.

Different Ways to Embed LinkedIn feed on Website

The LinkedIn platform only allows users to individually select posts from their feed and embed them on their website. However, you can only share a single post at a time. This is a problem if you want to give your visitors an up-to-date view of your LinkedIn activity. 

LinkedIn also doesn’t allow users to create customized feeds connected to specific profiles or hashtags. To create a dynamic and engaging social media feed where you can showcase multiple posts at the same time, you’ll need a special LinkedIn aggregator tool like Juicer

Juicer is an all-in-one platform for aggregating and sharing social media content on your website. While there is a free version of Juicer available for beginners, you’ll need one of the Premium packages to create a LinkedIn feed or social wall. 

Fortunately, these packages are very affordable, and there are different options to choose from based on your specific needs. 

First, let’s check out the official methods:

How to Embed Content from LinkedIn Feed One by One (The Official Way)

LinkedIn provides a small documentation about embedding content one by one from a personal profile’s activity feed. These contents include articles, posts, images, and videos uploaded to the platform.

    1. Go to a profiles’ activity feed which is publicly visible and navigate to the post you want to embed.

embed personal LinkedIn profile post step 1

    2. Click on the three dot icon at the top right corner of the post.

embed personal LinkedIn profile post step 2

    3. Click “Embed this post”.

embed personal LinkedIn profile post step 3

    4. Now copy the code from the new pop-up window and simply paste it wherever you want to embed the post. The same process will apply for articles, images and videos.

embed personal LinkedIn profile post step 4

Embed LinkedIn Profile Posts in WordPress Individually, without a Plugin

You can embed personal, “publicly visible” LinkedIn posts to WordPress one by one without using a Plugin. It’s actually super easy to do. Here are the steps:

  1. Copy the post’s embed code from LinkedIn feed
  2. In your WordPress post or page, select the “custom html” from the block editor
  3. Paste the copied code here
  4. Done! Now if you preview the page, you will be able to see the post is already embedded in the page if the post’s visibility is set to public.

How to Embed LinkedIn Company Feed on WordPress or Other Websites with an Aggregator (e.g. Juicer)

So, how exactly do you use an Aggregator like Juicer to embed your LinkedIn content into your website? The process is much simpler than you’d think.

Juicer is an intuitive solution designed to make sorting, managing, and sharing your social media content as simple as possible. Embedding your LinkedIn company page feed on WordPress or on custom non-WordPress websites (e.g. custom HTML website) is straightforward and convenient. 

Not only does Juicer allow you to aggregate your social media feed for your website, but you can also customize your LinkedIn Social wall in WordPress and other platforms. Users can apply their own branding colors, backgrounds, and fonts. 

Here are the steps:

  • First signup for any premium Juicer subscription.
  • After you have subscribed to any of the monthly packages successfully, please go to your dashboard and click on the “Add social media source” button.

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 2

  • After you click on the button, a popup will appear to add a Social Media Source. Simply select LinkedIn from here.

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 3

  • Now a new window will let you input your page name here. Note that, just type in or copy-paste the portion after the generic part ( linkedin.com/company ).

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 4For example, Juicers full page URL is https://www.linkedin.com/company/juicer/ , So we would type in only “juicer” into the LinkedIn company name field.

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 4.2

The URL must not contain any whitespaces and has to be exactly the same as in the LinkedIn URL. Another example: If your company page is “https://linkedin.com/company/urban-outfitters” – so here you only need to input “urban-outfitters”.

  • Click on the create source button.

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 5

  • A message will appear “Please wait a few minutes for LinkedIn posts to be imported into Juicer.”

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 6

  • Wait a few minutes, and refresh the page, done! Your super customizable LinkedIn social wall is ready. You will see your company page post feed is automatically embedded here.

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 7

  • Now click on the “Embed in your Site” menu at your left sidebar.

embed LinkedIn company feed on WordPress Step 8

Now you will see 3 drop-down options here:

    A) WordPress Site

    B) Standard Website 

    C) iframe

You can now choose the option that you need according to your preferred platform:

A) Embed the Code in WordPress Site

Ready to add your code to a WordPress website? The process is simple:

  • First, install the free Juicer WordPress plugin for LinkedIn Feed from WordPress plugin repository.
  • Now copy and paste the shortcode from the left of the dashboard into any page of your WP site. You can also use the Juicer PHP function.

A) Embed the Code in WordPress Site

B) Embed the Code into Other Standard Websites (e.g. html sites)

Not using WordPress? You can still add your code to other standard websites (e.g HTML sites, custom php websites, Wix, Shopify and so on)

  • Select “Standard Website” from the drop down menu at the left of the page.

B) embed LinkedIn page post feed on a standard html website

  • Now you have the embed code for a full LinkedIn page feed. Go ahead and embed on any html/php/.net websites created with tools like Shopify, Wix, and more.
  • You can also customize your feed however you choose. Follow this help article for all the info on making code customizations for date range, feed style, spacing, filtering and more.

Benefits of Using Juicer LinkedIn Aggregator to Create Your Automated Social Wall

Effortless Curation

  • Curate and embed posts in minutes, without any hassle.
  • Add, moderate and curate a page feed super-fast, without any custom coding.
  • Allow/disallow page posts from LinkedIn with specific words or hashtags.

Seamless Aggregation

  • Combine your LinkedIn feed with content from other social channels. Juicer supports 15 social platforms, so you can curate all the content you like.

Customize Your Design

  • Match your brand’s style with a responsive grid for dynamic layouts and extensive customizations.
  • Use custom CSS whenever you want.

SEO & Technical Benefits

  • Learn how your WordPress LinkedIn feed is used by your audience with analytics to make better marketing decisions.
  • Aim for better SEO with the help of well-structured permalinks for each of your LinkedIn posts.

Interesting Examples for Embedding LinkedIn Company Page Feeds on Websites

Recruitment Specialist Company Embedding LinkedIn Jobs on Website

No matter if you are a recruitment firm or a general corporate entity, the chances are you’ll be using LinkedIn to build your talent pipeline.

LinkedIn is a great place to post job vacancies, share information about your company culture, and use content to attract candidates. However, it’s also helpful to showcase the content you share on LinkedIn on your official website for your employer branding. 

Potential candidates visiting your website regularly will be able to check out all your latest job posts, and may even decide to follow you on LinkedIn. 

AVOCET is a construction recruitment specialists platform that supports employers in finding candidates, and specialists in discovering job opportunities. To keep their visitors up-to-date on new positions, AVOCET highlights recent job posts via a sleek website slider.

Example: Avocet Ltd.

Example: AVOCET embedding their job updated from LinkedIn

Investment Business Utilizing LinkedIn Aggregator by Embedding Social Activity Updates

LinkedIn isn’t just a great place to find candidates for your open job roles. It can also be a great place to connect with investors and potential shareholders in the B2B world. Investment companies can utilize LinkedIn as a way of showcasing the latest opportunities available to investors.

Highlighting these opportunities on your website with a curated LinkedIn feed is a great way to generate more interest from possible shareholders. Visitors on your site will be able to see all of the latest options in your portfolio at a glance. 

Merex Investment takes full advantage of the power of the social media wall on their website, with an engaging slider packed full of useful information. The slider showcases photographs of teams, and provides key information about each new investment opportunity. 

Example: Merex Investment

Example: Meresx Investment Business Utilizing LinkedIn Aggregator by Embedding Social Activity Updates

Burlington Capital

Burlington Capital, a company in the real estate investment industry, uses a similar strategy to keep shareholders up-to-date on new REIT, property management, and development opportunities. 

The “New and Featured Projects” page showcases recent news about the company, alongside details about upcoming portfolio options. You can click on each image in the website slider to learn more about the offer, and there’s a button to take you straight to the LinkedIn post.

Example: Burlington Capital

Example: Burlington Capital, a real estate investment company using LinkedIn feed on their website

Light Progress LinkedIn Social Wall

Aside from getting people excited about investment or job opportunities, companies can also use LinkedIn as a great way to share valuable information about their evolving business. LinkedIn is a great place to highlight recent achievements, upcoming projects, and major announcements.

Light Progress uses its LinkedIn post slider to keep visitors up-to-date on everything happening within the organization. You can see all of the top posts shared across the last few weeks, and click the “Read More” option to dive into each post. 

Example: Light Progress

Example: Light Progress LinkedIn Social Wall

Want to engage your audience and make the most of your LinkedIn profile across the digital landscape? Add your LinkedIn posts to your website the easiest way with Juicer!

How to Embed TikTok Video Feed on Any Website for Free (Guide)

Want to embed a TikTok video feed directly onto your website? You’re in good company. As of September 2021 the social media giant reportedly has 1 billion monthly users. But that should come as no surprise—it’s common knowledge that the platform is loved by all worldwide. 

People, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, spend an astonishing amount of time creating or engaging with the videos on this platform. So there’s really no reason not to take advantage of this widespread hunger for more TikTok content by sharing it where you know your audience will be!

Whether you are a web designer, digital marketer, corporate brand or TikTok video creator, you’ll want to use the tool’s power to elevate your website engagement and diversify your content. In this TikTok embed guide, we will share how you can easily do all of that and more. Whether you’d like to embed an individual TikTok video or an entire TikTok video feed on your website, we’ll take you through how to do it step-by-step regardless of whether or not it’s hosted on WordPress.

Keep reading to learn how you can easily integrate and customize your own TikTok video feed with the help of our free TikTok aggregator.

How Do I Embed a TikTok Feed on a Website?

Want to know the most convenient way to embed a TikTok feed on your site? You only need one thing: Juicer.  Juicer’s free TikTok aggregator for social walls makes it super easy to embed and manage a TikTok feed on your website with just a little copying and pasting. 

Not sure if your platform is compatible? From WordPress to Shopify (or custom website), any website can be connected to your new TikTok feed simply by using the power of Juicer. You can even add Juicer to your chosen website’s social wall!

Ready to embed your first TikTok feed on a website? There is more than one way to do it. Several scenarios have been outlined here to guide you through the process:

How to Embed a Single TikTok Video The Official Way (Via TikTok Itself)

There is a limit to how many videos you can embed at a time on TikTok: One. According to their official guide that means you can’t manually embed an entire video feed.

If you would still like to individually embed one or multiple videos to your articles and websites, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to your desired video webpage on tiktok.com

Official TikTok video embed process, step 1

  • Step 2: Locate the “Embed” button at the lower right corner and click on it

step 2

  • Step 3: An “Embed video” pop up window will appear with the code

step 3

  • Step 4: Click on “Copy Code” at the bottom and it will be copied to your clipboard

step 4

  • Step 5: Now you can paste the code where you want the video to be embedded

Short on time but need to embed more than one video? Fortunately, you can embed entire TikTok feeds on websites with the help of free social media aggregator tools like Juicer. Social media aggregator tools can also help you integrate multiple accounts or social media channels, manage curation, and deliver additional benefits to your audience.

How to Embed TikTok Feeds into Websites Via a Social Media Aggregator (e.g. Juicer)

If you are trying to find a way to seamlessly embed a full video feed from a TikTok account instead of embedding videos one by one, Juicer’s TikTok Feed Aggregator is one of the easiest solutions out there. And it’s available for free.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Embedding full TikTok Feed with Juicer

  1. Join Juicer.io today and create a free account.
  2. Connect the TikTok account you’d like to embed. Once linked, it will automatically generate a feed wall within your dashboard.
  3. Customize the feed with different settings such as feed style, display size, TikTok post arrangement and so on.
  4. Edit your design and color scheme for various feed elements to match your branding. 
  5. Choose and implement filters that include or exclude TikTok videos containing specific words, #hashtags and @usernames.
  6. Click on the “Embed in your Site” option from the menu on your left hand side.

And Voila! You now have the embed code for a full TikTok video feed. Go ahead and use it on any website no matter where it’s hosted. Wix, Squarespace, Shopify or a custom built web platform—any site that supports media embedding will be compatible.

How to embed TikTok feed in WordPress

  1. Sign up for a free Juicer account.
  2. Connect your TikTok account. 
  3. Choose a design style for your TikTok feed.
  4. Set up filters to automatically include or exclude specific videos. 
  5. Install and activate the free Juicer WP Plugin.
  6. Copy and paste the shortcode from your Juicer dashboard onto the page. Or, if you’re tech savvy, you can also use the Juicer PHP function.

Why use a social media aggregator to embed TikTok feeds?

Easy Curation

  • Automatically filter posts by chosen hashtags and metadata. 
  • Manually select content you’d like to appear on your TikTok feed through seamless integration.
  • Set up automatic moderation filters to approve relevant user-generated content.

Seamless Aggregation

  • Curate posts from any of our 15 other linked platforms—including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter—in addition to TikTok to create a single social media feed that houses all of your channels in one place. 
  • Utilize @usernames and #hashtags to aggregate content from TikTok and any other social network.

Aesthetic Design

  • Match your website’s style with a responsive grid for dynamic layouts and customizations.
  • Allow site visitors to infinitely scroll through your TikTok video feed with content that automatically loads, just like on the app. 
  • Seamlessly integrate your feed with existing branding using custom CSS.

Analytics Data & SEO Benefits

  • Discover how your WordPress TikTok feed is used by your website audience to create better marketing experiences. 
  • Improve SEO with the help of a clutter free permalink structure for each of your TikTok videos!

Embed Individual TikTok Videos into a WordPress Post or Widget Without a Plugin

Yes, you can embed videos from TikTok one by one into your WordPress posts or pages without a plugin. And it’s super easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. First, copy the TikTok video URL that you want to integrate into your WordPress post, page, or widget.
  2. Next, go to the edit screen of the post or page where you would like to showcase the video.
  3. Finally, paste the copied URL where you want it to appear and you’re all done! WordPress will now automatically embed the full video into your page.

Alternatively, you can also do this by utilizing a TikTok block. A TikTok block is an embedded video that appears in a sidebar or footer on your WordPress website through a widget. This is also super easy to add:

  • Using the left menu, go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Select and place a text widget on the sidebar or footer.
  • Paste your copied TikTok video URL into the text widget. WordPress will load the video automatically for your website audience to enjoy.

Inspiring use cases for embedding TikTok feed on Websites

Influencers on TikTok share their content on their own websites

We are seeing that more and more influencers want full control of their own content. Even if it’s posted to TikTok, embedding a TikTok video feed on their main branded website provides an easier and more professional way to manage requests from media, partners, and clients. Influencers can even use their TikTok embedding tool to collect and showcase content from any of their other social media platforms all in one place.

One great example of a content creator who is maximizing their website visitor engagement through TikTok feed embedding is Robin Kiera. Kiera is a German finance influencer with more than 400,000 followers on TikTok. He also runs a business and technology trend-tracking agency known as Digital Scouting, started his own conference, and frequently appears as a keynote speaker at industry events.

For prospects as well as clients of his agency, it’s important that they see he has a comprehensive understanding of TikTok so that he can consult them on how to succeed there too. He often coaches clients who are not present on TikTok or other major social media platforms yet or those who simply don’t know how to grow their following.

For Kiera, having a TikTok video feed embedded directly onto his website makes the most sense. Not only is it where his clients prefer to contact him but it’s also yet another credibility indicator that proves he knows how to successfully reach audiences through this important marketing tool.

Example: Dr. Robin Kiera

Finance Influencer Robin Kiera TikTok Feed Embed Example

Even universities have started creating content on TikTok

Younger generations growing up with social media networks such as TikTok have created a new challenge for universities that want to reach future students. In rethinking their strategies, more and more schools have begun marketing on the video-sharing app. Still, their university websites provide the most trusted information source for prospects.

Given all of this, it makes strategic sense why higher education brands like the University of Oregon have chosen to embed their social media content from TikTok to their websites using Juicer.

Example: School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon

How TikTok Embedding Working Out For journalism.uoregon.edu's website

TikTok is gaining more and more traction every single day around the world. Even though at its very beginning it was regarded as just another fun app for young people, it’s now widely used by everyone from consultants to universities.

Want to engage your audience and gain more ownership over your own content? Don’t miss the opportunity to integrate TikTok’s addicting short videos into a platform which is uniquely yours (e.g. your WordPress blog). Add your TikTok videos to your site the easiest way possible by trying out Juicer for free today.

How to Embed Instagram Feeds on Your Website for Free (Easy Guide)

Learning how to embed an Instagram feed on your website carries with it numerous benefits. Unless you’re already manually uploading Instagram posts to your website, automating the process and embedding an Instagram feed directly on your site will save you time and effort in showcasing your brand’s social media content.


Reasons to embed an instagram feed on your website

  • While your website might be managed by your IT department, marketing managers post news and company stories on Instagram and other social networks. By embedding an instagram feed, marketing managers are also able to bring updates to your website without requiring access to or expertise in your CMS e.g. WordPress. Your most creative employees are not necessarily also technical experts, but posting on social media everybody has done for a long time.

  • By embedding an instagram gallery website visitors always have the feeling of looking at a fresh and updated website. Looking at static websites that haven’t been updated for several months always feels a bit like the company doesn’t really require new clients.

  • Some stories you would like to present to your prospects and clients are just not long enough to fill a full page or blog post, but on social media this has been the most common case. So embedding the feed allows you to publish these short pieces of content on your website without having to think it might look awkward.

  • When you embed Instagram feeds on your website, your visitors get a glimpse into your creative, social side as they browse your site. (And may be prompted to give your brand an IG follow, if they’re not already!)

How to Embed an Instagram Feed The Official Way (Via Instagram Itself)

Unfortunately, Instagram itself only lets you embed a single post at a time. To do that, you just need to

  • navigate to the post you’d like to embed
  • click on the three dots (…) at the top right corner
  • select ‘embed’
  • Paste the embed code into the HTML code of your website

Luckily, there are free tools available that also let you embed complete instagram accounts on a website and even deliver additional benefits like custom design features, curation management and aggregation of multiple accounts or social media channels. These tools are called ‘social media aggregators’. Juicer is one of those tools, you can also call it Instagram Aggregator

How to Embed an Instagram Feed Via a Social Media Aggregator (e.g. Juicer)

As mentioned above, using a third party widget or plugin to embed Instagram posts not only provides the ability to embed a full Instagram account instead of only a single post, but it also delivers valuable additional features to help you present the best possible feed for your company or brand.

Benefits of using a social media aggregator


  • Manually pick or exclude single posts, or use hashtags and/or meta data to decide which posts should make it onto the Instagram feed on your website.
  • Auto-approve all your user-generated content, or set up auto-moderation filters.


  • In addition to Instagram, aggregate posts from more than 15 more sources such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Add all of your favorite social media channels in one beautiful social media feed.
  • Easily aggregate both brand-generated and user generated content from Instagram (and any other social network you want to display on your social feed) by @username or #hashtag.


  • Responsive grid for dynamic layouts and customization so your social media feed seamlessly matches your brand’s style on your website.
  • Infinite scroll: load more content simply by scrolling … and scrolling … and scrolling.
  • Custom CSS: Style it to perfectly fit your brand and site.

Analytics & SEO

  • Find out who uses your WordPress social feed and how they interact with it.
  • Permalinks to each of your social media posts, optimized for SEO (as of recently, Instagram also supports adding img alt tags to your photos, which are helpful for both users and for SEO).

Step-by-Step Guide to Embedding an Instagram Feed with Juicer

  1. Create a free account on Juicer.io
  2. Connect your Instagram account (and any other social media accounts you want to aggregate)
  3. Pick a design style for your feed (and customize further if you like)
  4. Set up filters (e.g. only posts with certain hashtags)
  5. Copy & Paste the code into your HTML

How to embed an instagram feed in WordPress

  1. Create a free account on Juicer.io
  2. Connect your Instagram account (and other social media accounts)
  3. Pick a design style for your feed (and customize further if you like)
  4. Set up filters (e.g. only posts with certain hashtags)
  5. Install and activate the Juicer WP Plugin
  6. Copy & Paste the shortcode from your Juicer dashboard into page (For experts: You could also use the Juicer PHP function)

Use cases for embedding instagram galleries

Embed an instagram feed into the hero slider

Some of our customers even embed the feed into the hero slider of their websites, which makes sure new posts get seen by website visitors. Juicer allows you to customize the css so it perfectly fits into your hero section.

Example: Bon Jovi

Let your happy guests promote your hotel or restaurant experience

In the hospitality sector it’s particularly hard to provide a real impression of your restaurant or hotel to prospective visitors. Everybody has visited places that looked amazing in the pictures shown on the website, but the actual experience wasn’t anywhere close. Even user-generated reviews on Google Business or Yelp sometimes don’t match up with reality. Regardless of the frequent mismatch between expectation and reality, customers being happy enough to share their stay with their followers on social media networks like Instagram gives credibility that reviews and websites often can’t.

Example: Cavallina Bianco Hotel (Italy)

Provide brand ambassadors a stage on your website

Great brands often have a loyal fan base, and loyal fans make for the best brand ambassadors, so it makes sense to give them a stage on your website. Take for example Pepperidge Farm and their beloved brand Goldfish Crackers. Pepperidge Farm capitalizes on their brand love by are showcasing user generated content on their website using a Juicer wall and  the hashtag #GOLDFISHMOMENTS. To avoid misuse and spam use of your brand’s hashtag in a Juicer feed, you can also manually approve posts that appear on your aggregated social media feed. Linking to a hashtag gallery on Instagram you don’t have that option. That’s one of the ways in which Juicer helps you and your brand tell a consistent story that highlights the love your brand receives on social media while providing credibility for anyone yet to experience it.

Example: #GOLDFISHMOMENTS by Pepperidge Farm

There is no denying that Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool, and by adding an Instagram feed to your website, you can truly maximize your efforts. Juicer’s Instagram feed is free to start and offers affordable options jam-packed with cool features. So what are you waiting for? Add an Instagram feed to your website today!