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The Best User-Generated Content Tools for Your Wix Website

The Best User-Generated Content Tools for Your Wix Website

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Adding user-generated content to your Wix website helps you capture customer trust, improve your brand reputation, and stand out from the competition. But it can be a time-consuming process without the right tools.

For example, let’s say you had to manually add testimonials to your website every time a customer leaves a new review; that’s a lot of work. That’s why we’ve put together our top tools for adding user-generated content to Wix. 

These tools are easy to use and don’t require any advanced technical skills. 

What is User-Generated Content? A Brief Introduction

User-generated content (UGC) is “word-of-mouth marketing” designed for the digital world. It is essentially any form of content posted on your website or other online channels that your brand didn’t produce. Whenever you embed Instagram on a website to showcase your social followers or share reviews from customers, you’re using UGC. There are many tools available to do that; for example, you can use different social feed plugins for your Wix e-commerce store to embed UGC feeds.

There are plenty of different user-generated content examples, from blog posts created by influencers to videos of customers using your products, photos, and even testimonials.

User-generated content platforms, apps, and tools for Wix websites make it easy to embed different forms of UGC into your existing site. Common options include:

  • Review platforms: 93% of customers say they read reviews before making a purchase. Review platforms and apps integrating with Wix make it easy to curate reviews from different landscapes across the web and showcase them on your site pages. 
  • Community tools: community platforms are becoming an increasingly valuable tool for sharing and sourcing user-generated content. Companies can build forums, comment sections, and other components into their website to inspire customer conversations. 
  • Social feed tools: social feed tools allow you to embed Instagram and other social channels into your website so you can highlight content created by your customers. You can even focus exclusively on showcasing content linked to a specific branded hashtag.

The Best User-Generated Content Tools for Wix

The right user-generated content platform or tool for your Wix website will depend on several factors, including your marketing goals and budget. Here are six of our favorite UGC platforms for Wix website owners.

1. Juicer.io

Social media tools like Juicer are excellent for companies who want to curate and share powerful UGC from consumers across various social media channels. With Juicer, you can quickly embed customized social feeds into your Wix website pages and control exactly what customers see. 

Juicer supports many social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, YouTube, Pinterest, and countless others. You can even use Juicer to show off reviews you’ve received on common platforms like Yelp. 

Unlike other social media aggregators, Juicer gives you complete control over your feed. You can adjust how your feed looks, target specific hashtags, moderate content, and more to ensure you preserve the best possible reputation for your company. 

2. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is one of the world’s best-known and most popular review platforms. The open-to-all platform lets consumers share transparent information about the companies they’ve bought products or services from in the past, offering new buyers transparent insights. 

Thanks to a dedicated integration for Wix, sharing testimonials and reviews from Trustpilot on your website couldn’t be easier. 

You can use the app to embed reviews and carousels onto various pages on your website, from your home page to a dedicated “testimonial” page and even your product pages. You can also showcase “TrustBox” widgets on crucial conversion points within your site, adding star ratings to items. 

3. POWR Social Media Feed

Similar to Juicer, the “Social Media Feed” app by POWR gives companies a convenient way to embed Instagram and other social media content into their existing Wix website. You can add the app to your site with a single click from the Wix app marketplace. 

The app will load a box into your Wix website editor, which you can customize with your preferred feed. Options range from Instagram and Twitter to YouTube. Simply add your username or URL, and the app will start populating with recent posts. 

Unlike Juicer, the channels available to showcase with the POWR social media feed are limited. Additionally, you won’t have a lot of control over customization. You can only make basic changes to your feed’s appearance. It’s also worth noting that “POWR” branding will appear on your site if you’re using the free version of the app.

4. Wix Forum

Designed by the Wix team, Wix Forum is a unique type of user-generated content platform, ideal for companies who want to curate as many insights from their audience as possible. With Wix Forum, you can create a space where people in your community can connect and share information. 

Wix allows you to customize your forum pages to match your brand and goals. You can also manage categories and posts, moderate members with a single back-end dashboard, and preview posts with the “Post Approval” service. 

If you want to create a dedicated space where everyone in your audience can learn about your existing customers’ experiences, Wix Forum is a great option. Customers can even choose to follow other members on the forum. Plus, you can reward customers for sharing regular content, which is a great way to boost engagement. 

5. Fera Reviews

Similar to the TrustPilot platform for Wix, Fera is a tool designed to help companies show off positive reviews and testimonials from existing customers. You can use the tool to collect reviews and user-generated content from several channels, including Google and Facebook. 

The app supports customer text reviews, as well as photos and videos. You can also showcase review lists and rating badges anywhere on your website, from your home page and product pages to collections, or build your own “reviews” page. 

The app has built-in moderation tools, so you can approve or decline customer submissions and add “verified” badges to showcase which customers bought products from your store. Plus, you can show product ratings and reviews in Google and export insights to Google Shopping to improve your SEO ranking and visibility. 

6. Instagram

Finally, if you just want to show content from Instagram on your Wix website, there’s a dedicated app available on the platform. With the “Instagram Feed” app from Wix, you can embed Instagram posts directly into your home page, product pages, and more. 

You can choose from numerous layouts to suit your business brand and theme. Plus, you’ll have control over colors, fonts, and more. You can even add links to photo and video content in your feed, directing customers to specific products. 

The only downside is that the solution only works with Instagram and doesn’t give you much control over content moderation. This makes it harder to control the content displayed on your Wix website. If you want to moderate feeds, focus on specific branded hashtags, and protect your brand reputation, consider an alternative like Juicer. 

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Choosing the Best User-Generated Content Tools for Wix

User-generated content is one of the most powerful assets for your business. It’s excellent for showcasing social proof and earning the trust of your target audience. When customers see reviews, social posts, and comments from other customers in your community, they’re more likely to believe in the credibility and value of your brand.

All the platforms and tools above will help you add compelling UGC to Wix. However, our favorite option is the Juicer platform. 

With Juicer, you can create highly customized and controllable social media feeds designed to increase the time your customers spend on your website and elevate your brand. Check out Juicer today and upgrade your UGC strategy. 

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