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Most Useful IFTTT Event Social Media Recipes

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Whether you are an event planner, running a corporate event or a 17th birthday party, we’ve put together 38 IFTTT (If This Then That) recipes for event social media, productivity, effects, and finances.

From 5 guest events to 500 guest events, there are a lot of steps that go into planning and organizing an event to remember. It can be hard to keep track of all the posts, photos, videos, and other social media during events. Many events also have lots of appointments and meetings to keep track of before the actual event. Then there’s all the vendor invoices and receipts to keep track of.

All of these tasks can almost be a second job. But what if you didn’t have to hire or pay anyone to help out? With IFTTT, you can automate many of these tasks so you can focus on enjoying the event.

Social Media

These social media event recipes are designed to take things like capturing event photos, sharing event news on Facebook and scheduling event posts off your plate. You can automate social media event management tasks such as downloading and saving all Instagram pictures with a certain hashtag to a Dropbox folder. Or automatically adding conference tweets to a Twitter spreadsheet.

But the great thing about IFTTT is that if you don’t find a recipe to fill a specific need you have, you can always tweak an existing recipe or make your own!

best IFTTT recipes for events

Grab your IFTTT social media recipes here:


There sure is a lot to keep track of when planning an event so these recipes should make things a little easier. We put together a lot of useful tasks to automate such as using a voicemail to create a calendar event when you’re on the go, automatically silencing your phone for events with a certain tag or getting a calendar reminder of the weather for the next day or the time of the day’s sunset so you don’t miss those golden hour pictures.

best ifttt recipes for productivity

Grab your IFTTT productivity recipes here:

Event Effects

If you’re planning a small event or have a small team, these recipes will help take some of the event ambiance tasks off your hands. No prior technical experience required. You can use a voice command to trigger a pre-planned lighting scene or set up a stream of Instagram photos to play as a slideshow.

best ifttt recipes for event effects

Grab your IFTTT event effects recipes here:


Sadly, most events aren’t free. Usually, there are a lot of receipts and costs to keep track of. With these recipes, you can automate the collection and organization of any vendor invoices, orders, attendee tickets and more.

best finance ifttt recipes

Grab your IFTTT finances recipes here:

Don’t forget that if there is a recipe listed here that’s not quite what you’re looking for, you can always tweak that recipe or create your own recipe from scratch. With these recipes, hopefully, you will be able to have more time spent planning and enjoying your events and less time spent doing tedious, time-consuming tasks.