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How to Plan a Fun, Engaging Twitter Feed for Events

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From charity galas to political campaign rallies to weddings, it’s becoming increasingly more common to be invited to an event and asked to engage digitally. Maybe you’ve been to an event just like this, where you’re encouraged to bring out your phone, tweet a picture or send questions through an online platform. This sort of engagement can really amp up the atmosphere, making a formal conference turn into a collaborative, fun affair.

Have you ever wanted to plan an event where your guests were part of the activities? Look no further than a Twitter aggregator livestream, a specially designed Twitter feed for events, to take your conference or gathering to the next level. We all know Twitter feeds can take any shape or form, which is why they’re perfect for weddings and birthdays as well.

If you’re looking for information on how to plan a fun, engaging Twitter feed for events, look no further than Jucier’s excellent recommendations. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

Should My Twitter Feed Be Live?

This is the number one question people ask before setting up an event Twitter feed. Do they need to preload tweets? Will they need to screen each tweet coming in beforehand? What precautions do they need to take before setting one up?

These are all valid questions and important to take into account before putting together a Twitter feed for your event. In short, the best answer is: the feed should be live. It’s important to take precautions during the event, which is why we recommend having someone in charge of monitoring responses and removing inappropriate material. The best thing about feeds like this is that your guests can tweet or share information and have it show up live in front of them and their fellow attendees. This is why we do not recommend preloading tweets or content. Participants will feel the disconnect immediately and may not want to join in the fun.

How to Use a Twitter Feed for Special Events

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1. Have a Contest

Have you ever been to an event where a raffle was being held? Instead of having someone collect small pieces of paper at the end of the night, or asking your guests to hold onto the elusive slip, why not digitize it with a Twitter feed? Have a social media contest where guests tweet something related to your event with the appropriate hashtag and then choose a winner at the end of the night. The upside to this is that even if a guest has gone after the winner has been announced, you can still contact them via their Twitter account to claim their prize.

2. Picture Submissions

We’ve seen this setup used time and time again when it comes to weddings and birthday parties. Keep your guests entertained all night long by having them take pictures and post them with the appropriate hashtag. Some organizers may even want to create a scavenger hunt out of the picture submissions to layer on a stronger collaborative aspect to the event. This suggestion is incredibly popular, especially if your event has a picture booth, cardboard standee, or other visual marketing piece that attendees may want to take a picture with.

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3. Q&A Time

Ever been to a panel where participants had to raise their hand and wait for the microphone before speaking? At that point, you’d be at the mercy of acoustics in the room. With a Twitter feed for events, you can ask attendees to submit their questions through a specialized hashtag that then will display on a central screen. A moderator can read them out, and each guest can know their questions are being collected in real-time. This is a great way to build social media engagement and keep an event running smoothly.

What tips do you have for running a fun Twitter feed for events? Let us know!