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Juicer As Your Personal Social Media Aggregator. You Don't Even Need a Website to Use Juicer!

Posted June 25th, 2015 by Bryan in

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    Juicer is widely used as a social media aggregator for brands to display their own social content (or relevant hashtags) on their website, but that isn’t the only way to use Juicer. In fact, you don’t have to show your social media feed to anybody at all if you don't want to. You don’t even need a website!

    Every Juicer feed you create also lives on its own page, accessible by clicking “Share Your Feed” on your dashboard.

    Share Your Feed

    Click “View your public feed” or copy and paste the URL into your nav bar and you’ll be taken to the page dedicated to that social media feed. (Expert tip: your personal url just ends up being juicer.io/yourfeedname). All the posts are there for you to peruse, refreshed as often as they would be if they were embedded on a website - this depends on whether you have the Small, Medium or Large plan.

    So, what’s that mean for you? For starters, **you can use Juicer as a hub for the social media accounts you personally follow across many platforms. **Create a new Juicer feed, add the accounts you want or enter a hashtag related to an event or trend you’re following (a TV premiere, a sporting event, a notable public figure, etc.), and voila - all the content is right there. No more switching between Facebook and Twitter tabs (or anything else) in your browser. You can add up to two sources with the Free Plan, five with the Medium Plan and 15 with the Large Plan. This allows you to use your Juicer hub as your own personal social media news stream.

    Of course, you can also use that dedicated web page to share your own content with other people. If you’re a brand that simply doesn’t need a website, just send people to the URL for your Juicer feed that appears when you click “Share your public feed.”

    It’s another great way to use Juicer, and another reason to upgrade your plan (you’ll probably want your feed refreshing more than once per day)! The higher the plan, the more you can add to your own personal social media aggregator.