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The Best Social Media Aggregator for Agencies

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Whether your agency specializes in web design, marketing, public relations, or social media management, we know you’re always looking for new ways to impress your clients.

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Social media aggregators are simple and effective social media management tools that combine the content from multiple social networks into a single, beautiful feed to be embedded on a website. No more need to debate over whether to showcase the Instagram or Twitter feed, you can add up to 15+ different social networks using an aggregator like Juicer.

The Best Social Media Aggregator Options

These days there are a ton of great options out there when it comes to social media management tools. Some of these social media management platforms serve one purpose, others advertise multi-tool capabilities. With all the noise it can be a chore to research each one, so we put together this comprehensive Ultimate Social Media Tools Guide to make thing a bit easier. When it comes to the best social media aggregator, the choices you’ll most often see include Hootsuite, Curator, Taggbox, and Juicer. Each social media management software will vary in their capabilities and pricing plans.

The Best Social Media Aggregation for Client Accounts

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When agencies are acting on behalf of clients, especially when they want to deliver a high quality result to several clients at once, it’s important to know that the tools they use are up for the job. Here are some of the qualities you should consider when searching for the best social media aggregator for client accounts.

Quick and Easy Set Up

So many client accounts, so little time! It’s crucial that the social media aggregator your agency uses is efficient and reliable, with a quick and easy set up process that your team can complete autonomously. We know agency life is busy, that’s why we designed the Juicer social media aggregator to be simple to install, with a low level of ongoing maintenance required. We have a library of Juicer help guides as well as our team at the ready to assist should there be any unexpected obstacles in your way.

Branding and Customization Options

Whether you designed your clients’ branding package or are working in tandem with the designers, maintaining consistency across platforms is crucial for client success. The best social media aggregator tools offer options for design and customization to ensure the social media feed blends seamlessly into the website. Juicer’s social media aggregator offers nine design styles with options to adjust the colors of the background, links, text, hover, and data. You’ll have a beautifully on-brand social media feed in no time!

High Cost to Value Ratio

Too often the “agency” or “premiere” plan options for social media management tools are far too expensive for the value the agency and clients receive. The best social media aggregators will have realistic pricing plans that work for you and your needs. Depending on the size of your agency and specific client needs, Juicer offers both the Large and Enterprise plans to allow increased number of feeds and website embeds, increased hashtag campaign capabilities, and quicker feed updates at a price that won’t make your eyebrows shoot up to your hairline.

Want to learn more about the Enterprise plan? Click the image below to check out our tutorial video:

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Not sure what you need? Our Customer Support team is happy to consult with you to determine the pricing plan that’s right for your agency.

Using a Social Media Aggregator to Market Your Agency

One thing we’ve noticed from our friends at agencies? Often, you work so tirelessly to ensure your clients are well looked after, that you run out of time to give your own brand the love and attention it deserves. When you sign up for a Large or Enterprise plan with Juicer, you’re equipped to handle multiple social media aggregator feeds at once, one of which should be for your agency!

Share your client wins, team culture, and exciting upcoming products with current and prospective clients alike by linking your agency’s social media channels to your website in one beautiful feed. The world deserves to see more of those authority-building responses in weekly Twitter chats, agency holiday cards, and videos from the office ping-pong tournament. Using a social aggregator on your own website also helps promote the idea when pitching account upgrades and new features to clients.

Why Choose Juicer?

We’re trusted to curate the social media aggregator feeds of reputable brands such as McDonald’s, Lyft, Oprah’s O Magazine, Ralph Lauren, The Atlantic, and more...and we don’t know about you, but we’re not ones to contradict Oprah! We pride ourselves on our commitment to be more than a company, but a supporter of the community of marketing and social media professionals around the globe. That means our focus is on quality, fair pricing, and customer support. The more beautiful social media feeds out there, the better!


Like we mentioned before, Juicer has 18 different social media platforms to integrate into your social media aggregator feed. Whether you want to stick to the basics like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or expand into more involved platforms like Vimeo, or Pinterest, with Juicer, you can. Once you’re up and running, you can also use Juicer to create a social media wall to display at live events. This is an excellent method of collecting user generated content to support your brand and doesn’t involve any additional purchases or design efforts.

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The Best Social Media Aggregator Pricing Plans

We’ve got a pricing plan to fit your needs. Feel free to start out by testing out our free plan. There’s no hooks or gimmicks - it's a great, no-cost way to get to know Juicer's capabilities and see all the features you can use for your clients. From there you can determine which upgraded plan your agency needs. We’d suggest the Large plan or consulting with our support associates to determine a custom Enterprise plan that suits the scope of the task at hand. Either way, it’ll be cheaper than “the other guys” but will just as much or more impact for your clients.

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Customer Support

Our customer support team is pretty much the best, if we do say so ourselves. Our dedicated representatives are at the ready to answer technical questions, assist you with choosing the right Juicer plan for you, or take your suggestions for what you’d like to see us create next! No question is too small. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time, too.