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An Enterprise account with Juicer allows you to create new feeds (social walls) on demand. This means you can manage as many feeds within a single Juicer account as you require, and build new feeds at any time. It is ideal for organizations such as agencies and universities, whose needs often exceed our standard plans. It saves you the trouble of opening a new account every time a client or staff member needs to create a feed.

For a 10-minute walkthrough of the Enterprise plan, you can view our video demo. We also have a list of frequently asked questions about Juicer's Enterprise plan.

Enterprise Pricing

Each feed in your Enterprise account will have a unique monthly cost, based on its number of sources (social accounts/hashtags) and its update frequency (how quickly it obtains new posts). You will be charged a minimum monthly total of $199 USD, until your usage exceeds that cost. Please note that the first $199 charge occurs immediately at signup.

Calculate the cost of an individual feed using the slider below:

Your Enterprise account has 30-day billing periods. Throughout the 30 days, Juicer will periodically record the combined cost of all your feeds. At the end of the 30 days, it will calculate the average of those costs. Averaging ensures you're billed fairly: e.g., when one of your feeds had a fast update frequency for a 2-day live event, and a slower one for the remaining 28 days.

There is also a $199 minimum fee when creating an Enterprise plan. This occurs immediately at signup, independently of any monthly billing charges.

Annual payments are not possible for Juicer’s Enterprise plan, because you can constantly adjust your usage, and your monthly costs will change accordingly.

For more details, please see our frequently asked questions about Juicer's Enterprise plan

The Benefits of a Juicer Enterprise Plan

With Enterprise, you can:

Included With the Enterprise Plan for No Additional Cost

Ideal for Running Your Campaign or Live Event

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