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Social Wall Examples with Different Types and More

Social Wall Examples with Different Types and More

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Setting up a social wall from scratch can be daunting, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. You’re unsure of the tools to use or how to curate your feed to match your branding. That’s why we put this guide together. We’ll share six types of social feeds plus examples to inspire you.  

1. Standard Social Media Walls

A standard social media wall is a social feed that combines different types of content — from user-generated content to testimonials, reviews, news posts, etc. These traditionally highlight your products and services. 

Any industry can use the standard social wall. However, It’s particularly common in the business, ecommerce, and retail space, where companies want to showcase a wide range of content on their websites. For instance, with a Juicer social wall, you can add a social feed to your Wix website (or almost any other kind of website) that aggregates all of your best content from every social media channel. You can even moderate your content to ensure it effectively highlights your brand. 

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Here’s a great example from Adorn512.com, which uses a social media wall to share news, new products, and customer reviews with its audience. 

Standard Social Media Wall example

2. Community-Based Social Media Walls

Community social media walls concentrate entirely on collecting information and user-generated content from a specific audience. This is ideal for boosting the credibility of your company through social proof. 

Companies from all industries use these types of social walls to highlight their customers and increase engagement. You’ll also find them in the education industry, where universities and schools need to preserve the loyalty of their alumni and attract new students with genuine insights into school life. 

For instance, Georgetown University regularly promotes its alumni on its social walls. It even includes links to their social profiles to help them unlock new career opportunities. 

Community-Based Social Media Wall example

3. Testimonial or Review Social Walls

Speaking of social proof, user-generated content like photos, videos, and customer stories aren’t the only way to make your business seem more credible. Reviews and testimonials are another excellent way to earn the trust of your audience. 

With Juicer’s testimonial social wall, you can combine customer reviews on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This is a great way to highlight all the positive things companies and customers say about your brand. To learn how to do that, head over to our guide and embed a LinkedIn company feed on website.

Although reading and responding to negative reviews online is important, we recommend using your social wall to showcase the positive ones. You can moderate the content you share on your Juicer social wall to ensure you’re only highlighting your happiest customers. 

 Testimonial or Review Social Wall example

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4. Hashtag Campaign Social Walls

A hashtag campaign social wall promotes a specific event or topic. For instance, nonprofit organizations can create hashtag campaigns that get people talking about their cause and sharing insights into the issues the group is trying to overcome. 

Event marketers can also use hashtag campaigns to curate content from a previous event or drive attention to an upcoming event. You can even use hashtag campaigns to highlight an upcoming promotion, sale, or a new product launch. 

Here’s a great example of what a hashtag-focused wall can look like from #EqualEverywhere

Hashtag Campaign Social Wall example

5. Promotional Social Walls

A promotional social wall highlights your product or service and how it benefits customers.

Posts promoting your product or service are easily buried under the new content uploaded to your social media accounts. But with a promotional social wall, you can have an exclusive platform for potential customers to learn about your business offering. 

Here’s a great example of how leading automotive retailer Porsche showcases its latest products with its social media wall. You’ll notice the wall is packed with videos and images from Instagram and YouTube and plenty of social proof in the form of user-generated content.

Promotional Social Wall example

6. Employer Branding Social Walls

Finally, it’s worth remembering great social media walls aren’t just a great way to promote your products, services, or corporate brand. They can also be a fantastic way to highlight your employer’s brand and company culture. 

An employer branding social wall captures the attention of great candidates in your industry, offering them a behind-the-scenes insight into what it’s like to be a part of your team. You can embed content from LinkedIn and other channels into your social wall, highlighting your team’s achievements, stories from your employees, and more. 

You could even choose to use this type of wall on a specific part of your website, such as your careers page. Cisco pulls content from their @WeAreCisco account on social media into the social feed on their careers page to show what life at Cisco is all about. 

Employer Branding Social Walls example

Power All Types of Social Media Walls With Juicer

Companies can experiment with many types of social media walls to elevate their brand image and enhance their connection with their audiences. The options above represent just a handful of the different styles of social walls you can create for your own website. 

With a tool like Juicer, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. With a Juicer social wall, you can aggregate content from a huge range of different channels into a single feed and customize your wall however you choose. You can decide whether you want to focus on a specific product, an upcoming event, or a hashtag campaign. 

You can even moderate your walls to preserve your brand reputation and always showcase the best content to your audience. 

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