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The 7 Best Instagram Social Media Feeds for WordPress

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An Instagram social media feed widget is a great tool for WordPress sites and blogs for many reasons. It’s a wonderful way to get your visitors engaged with your Instagram content. Social media feeds also allow you to easily display lots of eye-catching images on your website, and help encourage new Instagram followers.

Now, here are some of the top-rated and most talked about Instagram social feed plugins for WordPress. Some of these social feed widgets are free or offer a free plan, others do have a service fee included in order to use them.

Juicer embed social media feed on website

Juicer Social Media Feed Aggregator

Juicer is an Instagram aggregator plugin that allows you to enter the name of your Instagram account (or, if you prefer, hashtags) and Juicer will automatically pull the posts from these feeds and embed them into any of your pages with an easy shortcode. Juicer will automatically update these social media feeds whenever you create posts for your social media accounts. Juicer’s social wall app also supports integration with other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Slack, Giphy, Soundcloud, Flickr, Vimeo, Yelp, DeviantArt, and RSS feeds.

Feed Them Social social wall app

Feed Them Social Embed Social Media Feed

Feed Them Social is a social media feed WordPress plugin that has a free version and a number of paid plans as well. The way the plugin works is by offering not only an Instagram feed plugin but also the ability to incorporate the content from other social media accounts into their social media feeds; including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Their social media aggregator even has features such as custom font colors, a responsive design, and the ability to include Follow and Like buttons.

Smash Balloon social feed widget

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

This Instagram social media feed plugin is known as one of the simplest Instagram feed plugins to configure. The WordPress social wall widget offers tools for displaying your photos, such as the ability to alter the width and height of Instagram photos and the option to choose the number of images that are displayed at any one time. In addition, this social media aggregator plugin lets you incorporate multiple Instagram accounts in your Instagram feed. This is a free social media feed plugin for WordPress but does have two Pro versions as well for $39 or $79 depending on how many sites you need to support.

Social Feed Gallery Social Media Feed

Social Feed Gallery

The Social Feed Gallery is a free Instagram feed plugin for WordPress (with a premium plan available) that is probably one of the easiest social media feeds to install and offers the simple functionality of inserting an Instagram feed on your WordPress site or blog. This Instagram feed plugin has two different layouts to choose from; a grid gallery or a carousel slider. It also lets you create Instagram social media feeds using hashtags.

Enjoy Plugin social media feed widget for website

Enjoy Social Media Plugin for Instagram

The Enjoy Plugin for Instagram is an Instagram feed plugin offering free and paid options. This Instagram feed plugin has a variety of display options available for both its free and paid account including photo grid and carousel options, as well as the lightbox effect for your Instagram images giving your visitors the ability to view larger versions of your content. With this Instagram feed plugin, you can import Instagram content from any Instagram user accounts or use Instagram hashtags to populate the content in your Instagram social media feed. The paid version of the social media feed plugin costs roughly $20.

Social Slider Widget - embed social media feed on website

Social Slider Widget

The Social Slider Widget is a free WordPress Instagram feed plugin with a decent amount of customization built-in to their social media feeds. The social feed plugin allows you to customize the size, the number of images and columns, image spacing and more. As for design, you can choose from the widget slider, which shrinks the images for the sidebar. You can also choose the frontend widget thumbnail, which displays like a thumbnail image gallery.

Instagram social wall widget by WPZOOM

Instagram Social Media Widget by WPZOOM

This Instagram feed plugin is a great free social media widget with a lot of ways to customize how your Instagram feed is displayed on your website or blog. There are single, double, and triple column display options for your Instagram posts, as well as a full-width mode allowing you to display your Instagram content in a horizontal banner across your website or blog. This Instagram feed plugin also has the option to add the social media feed to your sidebar and footer areas as well as inserting the Instagram feed into posts and pages.

Finding the right Instagram feed plugin for your Wordpress site or blog can be a bit of an overwhelming decision. Hopefully, you were able to learn more about some of the best social media feed plugins available and help to choose which Wordpress plugin is right for your website.