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The Key to Making Your Online Event a Success

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Online events are a great alternative to in-person live events. Virtual meetings and virtual happy hours are on the rise. Just because you can’t have an in-person event doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel and reallocate your marketing spend. Juicer offers tools for large and small events that make your virtual event memorable and shareable, making sure your event goers and followers are engaged and excited during and after your online event. Juicer offers simple ways to aggregate all of your social media and online event highlights into one social feed.

Online Events are Increasing in Popularity

Online events and virtual events are increasing in popularity and are also proving vital during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, even after the pandemic lessens, virtual events can be a great way to promote your business and involve your employees or customers in a virtual event. Now more than ever, people are using these events to feel connected from their homes. As companies adapt to hosting online events, there are benefits for both companies and online event participants.

Benefits of Online Events

First, online events are usually cost effective. There is no need for your company or the participants to create marketing collateral, pack it up, and travel long distances to the conference. Because of this, hosting an online event, and participating in online events can be more convenient, and online events can significantly cost less money than an in-person event. It’s easier for online event participants to say yes to attending, since they don’t have to request time off from work, worry about travel and hotel arrangements. Another benefit is that hosting an online event is much more accessible to people who can attend live, and people who might want to watch the event after it’s done. Sometimes a participant wants to get information from the online event at a later time, or your company may want to review the event at a later time. With virtual online events, this is possible.

Challenges of Online Events

While online events are trending and also have practical benefits, there are a few challenges of online events to consider. Virtual events don’t always have the opportunity for networking like in-person events do. With this in mind, be sure to have a way for participants to have conversations through separate chat rooms, a listing of emails, or other ways for participants to connect. Additionally, you may want to consider asking for contact information so you can connect with your online event participants at a later time.

Create More Connection to your Online Events with Juicer

Your online event can integrate with a number of Juicer features and tools. Juicer’s  social walls for events are a great way to showcase your social media content from any social media platform in one place. The Social Wall is easy for everyone to reference during the online virtual event, or after the online event. Additionally, Juicer’s Social Walls are able to aggregate hashtags and account names with information specific to your event to keep your online event goers engaged before, during, and after the online event. You can direct visitors to your online event to your online event’s website, show it on a digital display at your office, or your business after the online event is over. What’s more, is that you can use Juicer’s social media moderation tools to curate your online event’s social wall to ensure your messaging stays on point and engages followers.

Social Feeds for Online Events

Are you using a WordPress blog or WordPress powered website for your online event? There have been more than 10,000 downloads of Juicer’s WordPress social feed. This WordPress plugin allows you to easily display your social wall on any WordPress powered site. Think of the uses that this can have for your online event on your public facing WordPress site or employee only intranet. The WordPress social feed can easily import posts about your online event from popular online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Flickr, Vimeo, and Yelp just to name a few. Additionally, your WordPress social feed can include hashtags from your online event.

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Social Media Aggregators for Online Events

Looking for a social media aggregator for your online event? What a great way for your online event participants to join the conversation. Juicer’s social media aggregator easily takes your favorite social media channels and puts those posts into one place. Easily curate your online event’s content, posts, images, and hashtags from more than 15 social channels into one simple, beautiful feed. Then embed or display your aggregated social media feed from your online event wherever you want.

If your online event is featuring tweets and hashtags only on Twitter, then Juicer can help showcase those tweets. Juicer’s Twitter aggregator lets you embed a Twitter feed directly onto your own website. Visitors are introduced to your social side without having to leave your site and log in to Twitter, perfect for showcasing tweets about your online event, engaging participants at the event, and engaging those who are interested but not available to attend your online event.

Just because your event is online, that doesn’t mean your online event can’t benefit from an Instagram aggregator. It’s a fact that 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded. What are your followers and online event goers using when they post to Instagram about your online event? You can use Juicer’s Instagram aggregator to curate posts that involve participants of your online event before, during, and after the event. What a great way to capture moments from your online event for people to enjoy after the event has ended.

Is your online event taking place on Facebook? Even if it isn’t, including Facebook in your online event promotion is a great option. Track what people are posting about your brand and online event in one easy to find and more importantly, easy to manage online event Facebook Aggregator. Juicer’s Facebook aggregator allows you to display your Facebook feed embedded right on your website for your online event. It’s a great way to keep visitors on your website, or showcase the website without requiring anyone to log into Facebook. A lively, interactive online event Facebook feed provides a beautiful, clean and up to date feed, perfect for creating buzz around your online event.

While online events work to replace in-person meetings, you can use Juicer’s social wallWordPress plugin, and social media aggregator to create more connections between your employees, and online event attendees before, during, and after your online event! Get an advantage over your competition by using these immersive tools while delighting your online event attendees.

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