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Most Useful IFTTT Recipes For Social Media Influencers

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Whether you are a social media influencer (or want to become a social media influencer) time is precious and you can never get enough of it. So if you aren’t using IFTTT to make your schedule lighter and your life easier, you are missing out.

IFTTT is a tool that allows you to create/use recipes that help connect two separate services you use. For example: Connecting an RSS feed of your blog and your Twitter account to automatically tweet about a new blog post when it’s live.

Pretty amazing right? Think of all the time you’ll save doing tedious boring tasks by automating social media and other time-intensive chores with IFTTT! We put together a list of different types of social media automation, finance automation and productivity automation tasks that social media influencers like you would find extra handy.

Social Media

The social media automation recipes we chose will help with posting, scheduling and monitoring your social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube and more. And don’t forget that if you don’t find a recipe to fill a specific need you have, you can always tweak an existing recipe or make your own!

social media ifttt recipes
ifttt recipes for social media automation

Grab your IFTTT social media recipes here:

Blogging and Content

The recipes we selected to help with content and blogging automation help out with scheduling, organizing, and sharing your blog posts. Some recipes of note are automations designed to backup and archive each blog post as it’s posted and another that allows you to setup cross-posting from Wordpress to Tumblr.

ifttt recipes for blogging

Grab your IFTTT blogging & content recipes here:


Since time is money, we put together a list of productivity recipes that help out by taking care of mundane tasks like transcribing voicemails, launching navigation to a scheduled meeting and weather reminders.

ifttt recipes for productivity

Grab your IFTTT productivity recipes here:


Whether it’s new filming equipment, payment from a sponsorship or just your morning coffee, these recipes for finance automation will allow you to easily track and manage any payments or expenses.

ifttt recipes for managing finances

Grab your IFTTT finance recipes here:

Don’t forget that if there is a recipe listed here that’s not quite what you’re looking for, you can always tweak that recipe or create your own recipe from scratch. With these recipes, hopefully you will be able to have more time spent creating stories for your followers and less time spent doing tedious tasks you can’t stand.