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2 Easy Ways to Embed a Twitter Widget on Your Website

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Posted November 16th, 2020 by Katelyn in #developer tools (27)#Juicer social media integrations (43)

free Twitter feed widget for website


The most followed and best source for up-to-date happenings around the globe. From celebrities and influencers to brands and everyday people, approximately 6,000 tweets are tweeted every 60 seconds. Woah.

Twitter is where you connect, network, and keep people in the know about your business or blog. For many companies, Twitter is their go-to social media platform for news, announcements, and public communication. Heck, even the President of the United States is all over Twitter!

How Can Your Website Benefit from Custom Twitter Widgets?

You spend a lot of time tweeting, engaging, and building a successful Twitter following, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone you needed to communicate with were on Twitter? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, many people have yet to discover your Twitter timeline and the exciting content you share. So how can you maximize your efforts without creating more work?

Get more miles out of your Twitter efforts with an embedded Twitter widget on your website!

Twitter widgets allow you to embed a Twitter timeline widget that showcases all your Twitter posts right on your website. People can browse your web pages and get a sneak peek into your Twitter chatter without having to leave your site. When you embed Twitter feeds on your website, you’re not only improving session time on your website but also turning visitors into potential Twitter followers.

2 Simple Ways to Embed Twitter Feeds on Your Site Using a Twitter Widget

So you’re sold on the idea but you still need to know how to embed Twitter feeds on your website. There are quite a few ways to embed a Twitter widget on your website, but some Twitter widgets are certainly better than others. This article is going to walk you through 2 of the most popular and affordable options to add a Twiter feed widget to your website!

How to Embed the Twitter Feed Widget from Twitter

You’re probably wondering, does Twitter have a widget I can just use, and how do I integrate Twitter into my website in the easiest way possible? The answer is yes. Twitter published a few different embeddable widgets depending upon what you want to display.

How do I get a Twitter embed code?

Here is how to embed Twitter on your website step by step.

There are a few articles out there that tell you that you can manage your Twitter profile widgets through your Twitter account. Twitter no longer allows this, you must use the twitter embed code generator on their site to select your widget embed code.

Twitter widgets

Once on the site, you can select your customized desired widget based on the examples provided in the drop downs. For example, say we want to add the hashtag, #travel, you enter that into the white box, and Twitter’s embed code generator will automatically populate.

embed code generator for Twitter widgets

Once you’re provided with the Twitter embed code you can copy and paste this into your web pages.

how to embed a Twitter hashtag widget

As you can see, adding a Twitter feed embed widget directly from Twitter is easy. But what if you want to add your account, multiple hashtags, and any user-generated tweets from fans with one widget instead of multiple? This is where a social media aggregator comes in.

What is a Social Media Aggregator?

A social media aggregator is a tool that allows you to curate content from your favorite social media platforms into one feed you can embed on your website. Content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and multiple hashtags, can all appear on one feed and be embedded with one code.

There are many social media aggregators out there, but Juicer is, by far, the easiest and most affordable while still offering all of the best features.

Twitter Aggregator

While Juicer integrates with many different social media platforms, it can essentially serve as a Twitter widget. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to embed a Twitter live feed into your website using Juicer.

How to Embed a Twitter Widget in 3 Simple Steps with Juicer

  1. Start by signing up for a free Juicer account entering in your email address and password.

Juicer custom Twitter widget sign up

  1. Name Your Juicer Feed & Add Your Twitter Account

Add social media Twitter widgets

Select a name for your Juicer feed and then “Add Social Media Source” and choose the Twitter icon. Twitter will then direct you to confirm your username and access permissions to your Twitter published posts. Once you confirm, you can just sit back and watch as Juicer automatically populates all of your Twitter activity into the Juicer dashboard!

  1. Embed Your Juicer Code into Your Website

how to embed Twitter feed

On the panel located on the left-hand side of the Juicer dashboard, go to “Embed In Your Site” and click on your customized URL. You can simply copy and paste your Twitter aggregator code into your web pages.

Log into your site management console and embed the Juicer code into any page you like! We told you it was easy!

Twitter Widget Wordpress

If you host your website through Wordpress, you’re in luck! We have an even easier way to embed a Twitter widget on your website.

Follow the steps above, simply sign up for a free Juicer account, add your Twitter account, then visit our Twitter widget Wordpress plugin for easy download.

Juicer’s Additional Benefits

Hang on, you thought that was all? Juicer’s packed with a lot more cool features! Check out some of the benefits.

  • Twitter hashtag widget: easily gather your social media content by @username or #hashtag

  • Set up rules & filters to automatically eliminate unwanted content and duplicate posts.

  • Permalinks to each of your social media posts, optimized for SEO.

  • Responsive grid for dynamic layouts and customization.

  • Infinite scroll: load more content simply by scrolling … and scrolling … and scrolling.

  • Auto-approve all your user-generated content, or set up auto-moderation filters.

  • Custom CSS: Style it to fit your brand or site.

  • Analytics: Find out who uses your Wordpress social feed, and how they interact with it.

  • Juicer also gives you access to more than 15 more sources. Add all of your favorite social media channels into one social media feed.

  • Automatically curates any new content every 24 hours, hourly, or 15 minutes depending upon your plan.

  • Juicer Integrates with the following social platforms:

Juicer supported social networks

Juicer Pricing Breakdown

Juicer does offer a free (Small) plan, but full access to Juicer’s awesome filter, moderation, and analytics features are available in our Medium and Large plans.

Juicer social media feed pricing

Twitter Feed on Website Example

Looking for some proof? Juicer is the top choice of more than 60,000 users. We have worked with really cool brands like OMag, Golden Globes, Princeton, McDonald's, and even Bon Jovi. Check out some examples of embedded Twitter feeds.

bon jovi social media Twitter feed

golden globes social media Twitter feed

As you may have noticed from the images above, Juicer allows you to aggregate more than one social media source. Many of our clients are including social media content from 3+ sources in addition to Twitter. Juicer integrates with over 15 different social platforms giving you plenty of options to choose from.

As you can see, using a Twitter widget to embed Twitter on your website doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By following our step by step instructions, you can have a beautiful Twitter feed displayed on your website within minutes. Ok that’s enough out of us, what are you waiting for? Embed your Twitter widget today!