Juicer's Campaign Mode

Juicer's Campaign Account gives you one minute updates—perfect for events or campaigns that benefit from a live feed. In addition to this, you'll gain full access to User Rights Management so you can automatically get permission from content creators to host their posts.

With the Campaign Account you get one feed with 10 sources so that you can make sure to get all of your hashtags across every social platform.

User Rights Management for Twitter

Easily request permission from Twitter content creators using Juicer's URM Mode. Once URM Mode is turned on, it sends all pulled content to the Moderation Queue, allowing you to properly get rights from Twitter post creators before posts go live on your public feed.

  1. Simply enter the Moderation Queue and click "Request Permission" on any post.

  2. Juicer will leave a comment on the creators' post asking for permission to user their content, with a link to your Terms of Service.

  3. If the content owner replies with #yes the post is automatically published to your feed.


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