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Six Ways to Use Your Juicer Social Media Aggregator

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Juicer.io can bring value to you and your business in many different ways. A social media aggregator with this much flexibility helps put fresh, meaningful content in front of your website’s visitors each time they visit, whether it’s the latest news about your product or service, useful web content you’re producing, highlights of your community engagement or anything else that builds your brand.

Here are a few ways you can take advantage of Juicer’s power:

1. A Centralized Social Media Feed for Your Brand’s Social Accounts


With so many social media platforms available to integrate into your feed, Juicer is a great way to provide the people who visit your website with easy access to all the different types of your brand’s social content. Your links and updates from Facebook and Twitter, the photos you post or share from Instagram, your YouTube videos, and virtually any other type of social content you post or share can be fed onto your website with Juicer. And since people can do so much directly from your Juicer social media aggregator (“liking” your posts, commenting, sharing), people don’t need to leave your website to engage with your brand. It keeps your web visitors right where you want them: on your site, where they’re closer to becoming customers or members.

2. A Live Social Media Feed from an Event


If your organization is hosting an event (a conference, a fundraiser, a company-wide round of laser tag, or anything else), you can feed all of the related social posts from across the web into your Juicer feed through a hashtag. For example, if you ask people attending your company’s Salmon Conference to add the hashtag #salmoncon2015 as they post about their experiences throughout the day, you can feed that hashtag into Juicer, and your Juicer feed will become a hub of social media engagement for attendees, and a great way for you to monitor the engagement you’re getting. If you have the means, you could even display your Juicer feed on-site at your event, so people see their tweets (or other posts) fed live to a large monitor or tv screen.

3. A Stream of Positive Customer/Member Testimonials


When people have a positive experience with your brand and post it on your Facebook page, send it to you via Twitter, or add a relevant hashtag, your social media aggregator becomes an easy way to build your brand’s reputation. Real testimonials go a long way toward developing trust with consumers, and Juicer helps you quickly and easily display them on your website. Simply share these positive posts through the accounts you’re feeding into Juicer. And remember, with Juicer’s moderation features, you can monitor and prevent the display of anything negative said about your brand, as well.

4. A Home for Your Employees’ Social Voices


If your website contains staff bios, and you subscribe to Juicer’s Large plan, you can create a social media aggregator for each of your employees that contains a stream of his or her own social content. This is a great way for consumers to get to know the unique voices of your team. You’ll want to ensure their posts are appropriate for your audience, and it will require a new level of mindfulness by your employees about what they post, knowing it’s going on your company’s website! But it’s a fantastic way to show the real people (and expertise) behind your business, and even build their respective followers.

5. Your Own Personal Social Hub


In case you didn’t notice, you can access your social media aggregator on its own web page by clicking “View Your Hub” on your Juicer dashboard. If you have more than one Juicer feed, why not make one a home for some of the social accounts you follow personally? It’s a simple way to aggregate posts relevant to you from multiple platforms, so you aren’t clicking around constantly from Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter. It’s your own social hub! Having your own unique hub url (juicer.io/your-feed-name) allows you to access your hub easily from anywhere (without logging in to Juicer) and makes sharing your hub with others easy.

6. A Tool for Web or Marketing Agencies


As web developers ourselves, we saw a need for a social media aggregator like Juicer among our clients – one that was powerful, attractive and affordable. If your agency builds websites or provides marketing services, why not include Juicer as part of your own offerings? As you’ve seen above, Juicer’s designs integrate seamlessly into any website and will bring tremendous value to any brand with a social media presence. And through our Large-level and Enterprise plans, which give you access to multiple feeds, you can deliver this much more affordably to your clients than through similar services.

Have you found an interesting way to use Juicer Social we haven’t covered here? Shoot us an email and let us know. We’ll give you credit for your unique idea and make sure we post it to our Facebook account and blog (with your permission, of course).

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Table of Contents


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