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How to Boost Your Shopify Sales Using TikTok

How to Boost Your Shopify Sales Using TikTok

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It’s no secret that social media plays a role in any ecommerce marketing strategy. 

The right social channels can help you connect with and nurture your target audience, showcase your products, and drive more traffic to your web-shop. (Plus, when you embed TikTok into the on-site shopping experience, you can boost your credibility and increase the time customers spend scrolling your store). Here are our top tips for using TikTok for Shopify to boost your ecommerce sales. 

Integrating TikTok and Shopify for Business

The TikTok and Shopify integration gives business owners and marketers a quick and easy way to sync their store with their social account, take advantage of ads, analytics, and TikTok shopping tools. 

Whats more is Shopify for Business doubles up as hub for e-commerce business owners. Apart from syncing social media platforms, you can integrate other platforms for different business functions too. For example, a Quickbooks and Shopify integration from MyWorks. Additional add-ons make the sales process easier to manage from one central place.

With the TikTok for Shopify app, you can create a Business account, generate videos, and edit them using built-in filters and effects. With Shopify, specifically, it is easy to leverage other plugins, too, such as TikTok embed, if you want to showcase an interactive demo, for example, on a product listing. 

5 Ways to Boost Sales on Shopify with TikTok

First, you’ll need to set up a TikTok business account to leverage things like paid ad campaigns, the TikTok shopping platform, and in-depth analytics. If you have a personal account on TikTok already, you can use that to sign up for a Business account, or you can choose to create one from scratch. 

Once you’re set up, you can use the following strategies to start making the most of TikTok:

1. Run TikTok Ads

While there are various video marketing tips and strategies you can experiment with, ads can rapidly increase your reach. With TikTok for Shopify, you can create targeted ad campaigns specifically designed for your ideal audience, so you don’t have to wait for content to go viral to see the results. 

Of course, it’s important to make sure you’re producing the right kinds of ads if you want to increase your sales. First, TikTok only supports video content, so you’ll need to capture engaging, eye-catching, and valuable clips that show off your products. Secondly, it’s worth doing your research to learn as much as you can about your target audience and their pain points before you start shooting.

Note: Don’t forget to choose the right goal for your campaign within the ad creation platform too. You can opt between connecting with customers, getting website visitors, or generating leads. The goal you choose will help the TikTok algorithm decide how to optimize your campaign and generate ROI. 

2. Sell Shopify Products with TikTok Shopping

Many of the strategies you use to generate sales on Shopify will focus on drawing customers back to your website. However, it’s worth exploring several ways for customers to purchase your products. 

TikTok found that 2 out of 3 customers are likely to buy something when they’re still on the platform. So, uploading your products to TikTok means you can give customers a new opportunity to buy something then and there. All you need to do is head into your TikTok Ads manager and click on the “Assets” option, followed by “Catalog.” From there, you’ll be able to upload your products from Shopify into your “catalog,” and use it to showcase items to customers. You can play around with the settings until you’re happy with how your catalog looks and add an event that tracks visits on your website. This way, you’ll know exactly when you’re driving purchases directly from the TikTok app. 

3. Invest in Creating Strong Visual Content

Invest in Creating Strong Visual Content

To boost sales on Shopify using TikTok, create shareable, visually appealing content. 

While paid ads and catalogs are fantastic for increasing sales, the right organic content can also help to boost your company’s reach, and strengthen your relationship with your target audience. 

The key to success with content creation on TikTok is focusing on entertaining your audience. You should take the time to showcase your products regularly in your videos without it being an ad every time.

Research what your competitors are doing, and pay attention to top trending posts to find out what kinds of content your customers enjoy. For example, create content that educates your customers on how to use your products, or provide insights into your target market. Experiment with TikTok trends and consider experimenting with user-generated content to boost your credibility and social proof. 

4. Optimize Your Content 

Once you’ve started producing content for your TikTok channel, make sure you’re taking advantage of best practices to optimize and enhance reach. For instance, it makes sense to choose a vertical aspect ratio for TikTok content, as this is the type of content most users will expect to see. 

You can also improve the value of your content by:

  • Implementing sound: according to 90% of TikTokers, audio is a crucial part of the channel’s experience. Adding trendy sounds and music to your content is a great way to make your content more engaging, as it will appear to customers who watch videos with the same songs. 
  • Make the most of editing features: use the editing features built into TikTok to enhance the quality of your content. You can use unique transitions, filters, stickers, and other effects to add personality to your video, and improve your chances of pieces going viral. Plus, using captions can be a great way to showcase (and measure) call-to-actions (CTA) in your videos. 
  • Keep it short and fresh: make sure your videos get straight to the point. Just because you can produce longer videos on TikTok doesn’t mean you should. Most customers are looking for quick, eye-catching videos, so cover the most important information in the first few seconds.

5. Showcase Video Content on Your Ecommerce Store

Creating and promoting the right content on the TikTok platform isn’t the only way to increase your Shopify sales. You can also increase your revenue stream, and earn more customers by using a TikTok aggregator or TikTok embed tool. These solutions allow you to create your own dedicated ecommerce social wall, where you can showcase valuable, top-performing TikTok content on your website. 

Resource: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Embed a TikTok Video Feed with Juicer

The more time customers spend engaging with your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase. To add, a higher “time spent on site” can increase your rankings, making your store more visible in SERPs. 

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Juicer, a TikTok aggregator tool, makes it quick and simple to bring the power of TikTok content into your Shopify store. With this simple solution, you can create a stunning social wall in seconds. 

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