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10 Creative Ways to Use TikTok For Business

Creative Ways to Use TikTok For Business

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As a business owner on TikTok, you might have jumped on the “#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt” trend to promote your brand. (If not, you’ve probably seen this hashtag on your feed.) 

According to reports, within just two weeks, content that used this hashtag rocketed from roughly 12 million to 50 million viewers—announcing TikTok as a new contender that offers a unique value to users and businesses: a social commerce platform.

Just like the name suggests, social commerce combines social media functionality with ecommerce flair. So, if you’ve been using TikTok the same way as you use Instagram or Facebook to market your brand, you may want to consider changing the strategies. 

TikTok focuses on both the entertainment and promotional aspects of social media platforms, which makes it special and addictive. Of course, creating TikTok videos with funky dance moves can still create traction, but there are other engaging TikTok trending ideas to promote your brand.

Keep reading as we uncover 10 creative ways to use TikTok for business, plus a savvy tool to embed TikTok videos on your website.

10 TikTok Content Ideas with Examples

1. Product demos and tutorials

Seeing products in product photos vs. real life staging can have different effects on buyers. Principally, the more relatable a product is, the more buyers want to buy it. So, if you sell wearables (such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry), home decor, or other similar product types, capture how the product works on models. Create product try-ons, how-to guides, tips and tricks, and styling tips content. Focus on how using your products can add value to the viewers’ lives or help them solve certain problems.

Example: Pearl necklace or a chunky gold chain? A jewelry brand Carrie Elizabeth showcases how to match its newest collection with transitional seasons’ outfits. Wearing just a simple spring cardigan, the humble styling demo makes viewers see that the jewelry fits even the casual fashion style.


It’s been a while since I’ve done a “get ready with me” styling video but this weeks weather has really inspired me…roll on Spring ☀️🌷 As ever, I’m loving statement gold and find that it really lifts any outfit. We have just launched some gorgeous new statement pieces in the collection. What do you think?

♬ original sound – Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

2. Behind-the-scenes content

There is a beautiful mess behind every amazing end product. Why not show your target audience this process too? 

Learning the design and production steps, the extra love you put into packaging, and how you organize your inventory will inform viewers of the true values of your brand that goes beyond eye-catching photos/videos. Don’t be afraid to share the charming chaos.  

Example: A sneaker shop, UAPLG, goes an extra mile in packing an order by cleaning the shoes (and checking them with UV light!) and putting extra plastic protection on the shoes and the shoebox. This shows the length the business takes to ensure every received product is flawless.

3. Customer reviews

Simple and positive customer reviews often speak louder than flashy TikTok videos. When target customers hear a buyer vouches for the excellent quality of your brand, they will be more confident to try your product themselves. Monitor your brand account and repurpose TikTok product reviews made by your happy customers.

Example: A local hat shop owned by CJ Landers reuses a customer testimonial clip by creating a ‘duet’ TikTok video. The side-by-side format allows viewers to see how the shop owner feels appreciated with the honest review. 

4. Sneak-peek content

Build excitement for upcoming products by giving glimpses of them weeks before the launch. This way, when the products are ready to ship, they’ll have no hesitations to add them to the shopping carts. Use the same concept for promoting future events, discounts, and limited edition items.

Example: A US-based clothing company, Set Active, shares the behind-the-scenes photoshoot of the upcoming collection in a 12-second video. The short format makes it more intriguing and drives viewers to re-watch it for a better look.


These sneak peeks were not CEO-approved, but like they slay, dont they?🤭 #setactive #sneakpeeks #bts #photoshoot #CapCut

♬ original sound – setactive

5. Company spotlight

Putting faces behind a brand makes your business more approachable. If you recently hired a new team member, introduce them to your followers. Share what they do for the company and add a personal touch, such as their favorite products of your brand.

Another idea is to tell the story behind the company: what inspired you to build the business, plus the struggles and happiness of owning it. Day-in-the-life content is also a great way to show viewers your company culture.

Example: A product developer of a cereal company, Magic Spoon, creates a day-in-life video, showing how she hops from one activity to another, including a morning cereal taste test. Yum!

6. Q&A content

Whether it’s a live Q&A or a recorded video, creating Q&A content allows you to answer the most common questions your customers have about your brand. Use this opportunity to clarify unclear brand messaging, engage directly with the audience, and build a community around your business.

Example: After getting a lot of comments on their pricing, an Australian shoe company, TWOOBS, explains why they have to put a high price tag on their sandals. The video reminds viewers of the company’s core beliefs: climate, nature, and animal friendly, which push them to charge extra for its products. 

7. Collaborative content

Work together with influencers, other brands, or even your customers to create unique content. If you’re low on the budget, offer them free products in exchange for the collaboration. When they upload the video on their TikTok account, you’ll get more exposure and praise for the excellence of your products.

Example: A sportswear company Gymshark creates a cross-industry campaign by collaborating with a dancer/influencer. This campaign shows that its workout wear isn’t only limited to sports activities but also dancing.


Who else is a dancer or has taken a dance class before? 💃🏻 Dancing in @gymshark #gymshark66 ad

♬ original sound – Laurie Elle

8. Challenges

Creating a TikTok challenge has three benefits: it encourages people to own your products to do the challenge (read: more sales), you get free quality content, and massive exposure to your brand. Some ideas you can try are a dance challenge, a DIY challenge, a photo pose challenge, and a funny skit challenge.

Example: David Dobrik, a TikTok influencer, joined the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge. He made it look so easy, but surely, it requires some trials before this successful shot, right?

9. Competitions and giveaways

Although people love to be challenged, some may be reluctant to take part. But if you host a giveaway with simple rules (e.g., follow the account, leave a comment, or tag friends), you’ll likely have more participation. This is a clever way to increase the number of your followers and spread out your brand name.

Example: A retail store, John Lewis, hosted a giveaway to celebrate Mother’s Day. The smart thing about this campaign is the video not only acts as a giveaway announcement but also as a product demonstration. People see the before and after effects, making this giveaway (and the product) more alluring.


✨ GIVEAWAY ✨ WIN a Dyson Hairdryer & Cord-Free Hair Straighteners 💆‍♀️ Say thanks to the special person in your life this Mother’s Day, with the perfect haircare bundle. TO WIN: follow John Lewis on TikTok, like this post and comment with who you’d gift this prize to 🙌 These sell-out Dyson products are most-loved for creating long-lasting hair styles without the heat damage. #giveaway #competition #tiktokgiveaway #ukgiveaway #dysonhairdyer #dysonstraighteners #dysonhair #pov #fyp

♬ original sound – veggibeats

10. Trending topics and seasonal events

It’s never wrong to piggyback on trending topics. When certain topics go viral, they create massive traction organically. Join the bandwagon by adding a personalized touch that is unique to your brand. To see what’s viral on TikTok at the moment, check this list

Additionally, you can create TikTok campaigns based on seasonal events. Besides popular events like Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas, take advantage of other social celebrations. For instance, best friends day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, and summer break. 

Example: A cosmetic company, Neen, and a matcha company joined forces to celebrate Earth Day. They promote their earth-tone makeup on an outdoor stand while sipping matcha tea. Everything looks so green and earthy! 

3 Must-Know TikTok Rules for Business

Now, before you start planning your next videos, there are certain rules that you should follow to get the most out of TikTok for your business. Relying solely on regular posting won’t do much to boost sales, but following these three tips will accelerate your brand growth and make your account loved by the TikTok algorithm.

Find a balance between entertainment and promotion

The motion pictures and fun parts of TikTok videos are what make viewers love using the platform. If you create the opposite of this content, it won’t fit the market. Remember to keep the video short as well as adjust your tone, messaging, and content format to match your target audience. Don’t be afraid to create goofy content with wonky dance moves and funky songs, or insert quirky short clips to bring out the fun.

Engage with the audience

Just like other social networks, audience engagement is important to grow your account. Don’t leave the comments unresponded, but spend time replying to them. Not only is this great for your channel algorithm growth but you also build a strong brand community.

Add a TikTok feed to your website

Although creating promotional content can trigger sales and broaden your business’s name, it is only half of the benefits of TikTok for business. To fully leverage the power of TikTok, don’t just stop there but embed TikTok video feeds on your website.

You can add each new video one by one manually, but it will cost you a lot of time and effort. Or, you can quickly finish the job with just a few clicks using Juicer’s TikTok aggregator. In just 6 easy steps, you’ll have your TikTok video feed seamlessly embedded on your business website. This means every new content you or your followers create will automatically be displayed on your site—giving your website a regular fresh look with the latest TikTok video updates. 

And that’s not all. You can also tailor the design to match your brand by choosing one of our beautiful design collections or customizing it on your own. The choice is yours!

Wrapping up

Ever since the social phenomenon #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, TikTok has earned a sweet spot between a social network and a promotional platform. And looking at the current trend, the buying power generated from TikTok marketing videos is still going strong. Take this opportunity to increase your sales by creating engaging and authentic TikTok content. Go wild and be creative.

And take your marketing strategy one step further by repurposing all the amazing TikTok content on your website. Turn them into a beautiful social wall with Juicer. Set up once, and go live forever. Try Juicer today for FREE

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