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Taggbox Alternatives – Comparing Social Media Feed Widgets

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The number of social media feed widgets is overwhelming, and differentiating the benefits and services offered by each tool can be a daunting task. Taggbox is one of many social feed widget tools on the market. But how do Taggbox’s features and pricing plans compare to other popular social wall services? In this post, we’ll compare the features, pricing, integrations, and more for the Taggbox social media feed and the Juicer social media aggregator.

Juicer vs taggbox

What is a social feed widget?

For anyone who isn’t familiar with using tools that aggregate social media posts, let’s quickly clarify exactly what a social media feed widget is. A social media feed is an online tool used to funnel posts from multiple social networks onto a single curated feed. A social media feed widget therefore, allows you to embed that feed onto a website or display it at an event. Also known as social media aggregators or social walls, a social feed widget services are used by businesses and brands who want to display and track curated social media posts from across multiple platforms

social media feed

What are the most important social wall features?

There are three primary features to consider when choosing a social wall service: integrations, price, and customization.

  • Integrations: The first and most important feature to consider is that your social wall integrates with the platforms you need it to. If your aggregator can’t pull posts from a social platform you use often, it won’t serve much purpose. Second, you should consider the number of integrations allowed at once with the aggregator- if your brand engages with lots of social platforms at once, make sure the service you choose can curate them all.
  • Price: pay close attention to the features available at each pricing level of your compared tools- make sure you look at the price that applies to the services you need.
  • Customization: If you need your social wall to be branded and consistent with the rest of the website, make sure you go with a social aggregator that allows full customization.

As we compare the social feed widget offered by Taggbox and Juicer, we will focus on those three segments specifically to determine which tool is best.

Juicer vs. Taggbox: How do they compare?

After an initial look at these two social media feed widgets, it can be difficult to pinpoint the differences between Taggbox and Juicer. There are many similarities, but once you become more familiar with each tool, you’ll begin to understand just how different these two social media feed platforms are from each other. First, we’ll compare which social media integrations are available for Juicer and Taggbox.

taggbox logo
Juicer logo

Comparing Taggbox and Juicer – Social Media Integration Options

Both tools have many integrations and aggregators in common, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Take a look at this list comparing the social media integrations available on Juicer and Taggbox:

Social Media Platform Juicer Taggbox
Facebook Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes
Instagram Yes Yes
YouTube Yes Yes
LinkedIn Yes Yes
Flickr Yes X
Tumblr Yes Yes
Pinterest Yes Yes
Slack Yes Yes
SoundCloud Yes Yes
Vimeo Yes Yes
Yelp Yes Yes
Giphy Yes Yes
RSS Yes Yes

Juicer’s Supported Social Media Platforms

Juicer supported platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, RSS, LinkedIn, Yelp, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Slack, SoundCloud, Giphy, and Vimeo

Taggbox’s Supported Social Media Platforms

Taggbox supported platforms

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Yammer, Google, Yelp, Workplace, Soundcloud, Airbnb, Slack, Giphy, and RSS

Comparing Taggbox and Juicer – Pricing

Taggbox and Juicer both have four tiers of pricing plans for their social media feeds starting with a free plan, but that is where the similarities end. After the first two plans, you’ll notice that Taggbox’s prices are slightly lower than the Juicer subscription, but you get what you pay for: that lower price comes with less freedom and fewer amenities. For instance, Taggbox’s third-tier plan has a slower feed refresh time and fewer sources than the equivalent Juicer plan. Let’s take a closer look at how the pricing plans vary between Juicer and Taggbox.

Juicer Pricing:

Juicer pricing

Taggbox Pricing:

Taggbox pricing

Free Plans

Juicer’s free social media feed plan is free-for-life. You can quickly and easily set up and embed social media content on your website. The free plan allows you to add two social media integrations or two hashtags and the feed updates every 24 hours. Juicer’s free social media management plan is a fantastic option for personal social media accounts, small businesses, or marketers who only participate on a few social channels. As part of the free plan, feeds from both companies feature Juicer and Taggbox branding.

Here is how Juicer’s free plan compares with Taggbox’s free plan:

Free Plan Juicer Taggbox
Social Media Sources/Hashtags 2 2
Embeddable Social Media Feed 1 1
Feed Refresh Time 24 Hours Every 6 Hours
Customization Yes X
Feed Branding Yes Yes
Moderation/Filtering Features X Yes
API Access X X
Analytics X X
Feed View Limit None 2,000 Views/mo
Price Free Free

Medium Plans

Upgrading to Juicer’s Medium plan grants you another 3 social media sources or hashtags, bringing your account to 5 sources in total. Other perks included in the medium plan are an increased social feed refresh rate that refreshes hourly (instead of refreshing every 24 hours), social media moderation tools, and the ability to remove the Juicer branding from your social wall. Here is how Juicer’s medium social media feed plan stacks up against the comparable pricing tier offered by Taggbox:

Medium Plan Juicer Taggbox
Social Media Sources/Hashtags 5 4
Embeddable Social Media Feed 1 1
Feed Refresh Time Hourly Hourly
Customization Yes X
Feed Branding X Yes
Moderation/Filtering Features Yes Yes
API Access X X
Analytics X Yes
Feed View Limit None <10,000/Month/td>
Price $19/Month $19/Month

Large Plans

Juicer’s large plan is an ideal option for companies, influencers, brands, or larger marketing agencies that require the ability to incorporate a wide variety of social media integrations and need a feed that updates more frequently. The large plan comes with new features not offered with the medium plan like social media analytics for your social wall. Here is how Juicer’s large social wall option compares to Taggbox’s similar pricing tier:

Large Plan Juicer Taggbox
Social Media Sources/Hashtags 15 8
Embeddable Social Media Feed 3 2
Feed Refresh Time Every 10 Minutes Every 30 Minutes
Customization Yes Yes
Company Branding X X
Moderation/Filtering Features Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes
API Access X X
Feed View Limit None 1 Million/Month
Price $99/Month $39/Month

Enterprise Plans

If you want a plan with maximum flexibility and features, Juicer’s Enterprise plan is the best option for you. Juicer’s Enterprise plan offers its users an unlimited number of social media feeds, unlimited social media/hashtag sources, and an abundance of customization options. Juicer’s Enterprise plan is perfect for large organizations, brands, and businesses that require more social media feeds and integrations than our normal plans allow. Taggbox’s largest social feed widget plan still has caps on the number of social media sources and feeds available to their users. Here’s a look at how the top tier plans for Juicer and Taggbox compare with one another:

Enterprise Plan Juicer Taggbox
Social Media Sources/Hashtags Unlimited 16
Embeddable Social Media Feed Unlimited 4
Feed Refresh Time Every 10 Minutes Every 10 Minutes
Customization Yes Yes
Company Branding X X
Moderation/Filtering Features Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes
API Access Yes X
Feed View Limit None None
Price $199/Month $79/Month

Comparing Taggbox and Juicer – Feed Customization Features

Because brand awareness is such an integral part of social media marketing, we understand the importance of being able to customize the look and feel of your social media feed’s appearance. At Juicer, our extensive social feed customization features allow you to tailor your feed to seamlessly blend in with your website design.

Juicer provides 7 different social media wall templates to choose from- all of which can be fully customized, previewed, and tweaked within the Juicer dashboard.

You can make even more precise changes to your Juicer social feed by adding custom colors, changing the size of the columns, altering the width, modifying the height of the feed, or adjusting the feed’s scroll speed to create a truly unique end result. The free plan displays Juicer branding on the feed, but any of the upgraded plan options eliminate the branding.

Taggbox’s social feed widget uses a responsive design and offers options to adjust the feed with design elements. They also have integrations with other common marketing and CRM tools.

Taggbox widget integrations

If you are looking for a social media widget with the flexibility and freedom to create a feed that complements your website, the choice seems obvious. Juicer’s social media aggregator offers more social media integrations at each pricing tier, zero caps on the number of feed viewers, and more feed customization options than Taggbox. Try out Juicer’s social media aggregator today to see the difference for yourself!

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