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Juicer's Enterprise Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted February 7th, 2018 by Bryan in #faq (3)#developer tools (27)

Please read through the following Q&A before subscribing to Juicer's Enterprise plan. You may also want to view our walkthrough on YouTube, to see an example of the account in action.

Please also be aware of our terminology:

  • Feed = the embeddable wall/grid of social posts that appears on a website
  • Source = a single social media account (such as @YourUsername on Twitter) or a hashtag from one social network (such as #YourHashtag on Instagram) that is displayed within a feed
  • Update frequency = how frequently a Juicer feed refreshes to display the latest posts from your sources

What is the purpose of the Enterprise plan, and who should use it?
This account allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of Juicer feeds within a single plan, instead of buying a new Juicer account every time you need to create a feed. An example of a typical user would be a creative agency that has a client base. The agency may have a client who needs a social feed for their website. This plan allows the agency to build the feed for their client, while keeping that feed within a central account. Other types of organizations will also benefit from this model, such as a university, which needs to build and manage a wide range of feeds for different departments.

Can my clients and staff access and manage the feeds within my Enterprise account?
Yes. You will have the ability to assign users to the feeds of your choosing. "Admins" on your account will have access to all of the feeds you create, and the power to add or remove sources, and to change any feed's update frequency. By contrast, "Users" will only have access to the feeds that you assign them; they cannot access your main Enterprise dashboard and cannot adjust update frequencies. They can only view and moderate the social posts in their feed(s), and add or remove social sources. If you use Juicer's white labeling feature, users are also prohibited from adding and removing sources.

How does pricing and billing work?
Each feed in your Enterprise account will have a distinct cost, based on its number of sources and its update frequency. The more sources in the feed, and the faster the update frequency, the more expensive the feed. Admins on your account will have the ability to change either of those elements of a feed at any time. You can see how the pricing works for a single feed by using the calculator at

Your Enterprise account has 30-day billing periods. Throughout the 30 days, Juicer will periodically record the combined cost of all your feeds. At the end of the 30 days, it will calculate the average of those costs. You are charged the resulting average.

There is also a one-time, $1000 USD setup charge when creating an Enterprise plan. This occurs immediately at signup, independently of any monthly billing charges.

Why does Juicer charge me the average of my monthly usage?
Juicer charges you this way so you can make changes to your feeds whenever you need to, and you are charged fairly for your usage. For example, you may need to adjust the update frequency of a feed to something very fast during a live event, and then slow it down just a couple days later. Those two days of fast updates will be averaged along with 28 days of slower updates, producing a fair price. This ensures you are not overcharged for your usage.

Can Juicer charge my clients separately based on their usage?
No. We allow our Enterprise account holders to charge their clients/customers as they see appropriate, based on usage, or how Juicer fits into their overall offerings. Juicer will always charge you the single monthly fee as outlined above. We cannot pass costs along to your clients.

How will I know what to charge my clients?
Within your central Enterprise dashboard (the "Your Feeds" panel), you can always see the current cost of each feed. You can also access the usage history of any feed by clicking the Analytics panel of that feed, selecting the "Bill" tab, setting a timeframe and downloading the CSV file. These tools will give you some guidance on what to charge. Juicer cannot calculate the average of a single feed's usage for you at this time.

Can I keep track of my monthly costs throughout each billing period?
At the top of your main Enterprise dashboard (the "Your Feeds" panel), you will see an area labeled "Current Monthly Cost of your Account". This represents the combined cost of all your feeds. If you make a change to your account - such as build a new feed, or change the sources or update frequency of a feed - this total cost will be updated within about an hour. It will not be reflected immediately. If you make changes to your account throughout a 30-day period, keep an eye on this number to be aware of what costs to expect.

Will I be charged for Juicer feeds that I've built in my account, but that I'm not using?
Yes. Our system will charge you for any feeds contained within your Enterprise plan, regardless of whether they are embedded on a website. If you no longer want to be charged for a feed, you can delete the feed by clicking the X icon on that feed from your main Enterprise dashboard. You can also click the "Edit this feed" button and choose the "Archive" option to hang onto the posts for a nominal monthly fee.

If I have an identical source in two (or more) separate feeds, do they count as separate sources?
Yes. For example, if you have the @YourCompany Twitter account displayed in one feed, and you build a separate feed that also contains the same @YourCompany Twitter account, these will be considered two separate sources. Each feed has its own cost, based on the number of sources and update frequency (as explained above), regardless of what accounts/hashtags are in them.

I already have several Juicer accounts. Can I import these into an Enterprise plan?
Yes. The process for doing this is:
1. Create your Enterprise account
2.Click on the "Manage Users" panel from your central dashboard
3. Click "Add New Admin"
4. Type in the login email address of the account you'd like to import. This will import the feed(s) to your Enterprise account immediately. If there is an existing paid Juicer subscription for the old account, it will be removed.
5. If you do not want this person to become an Admin for your Enterprise account, click the X icon next to their email address in the "Admins" section
6. If you have removed them as an admin, go back to the "Your Feeds" page, find the feed(s) you imported, and click "Add User" on that feed. Type in their email address, and that person will gain access ONLY to that feed.

Also, please note that if you upgrade an existing Juicer account to an Enterprise plan, any existing feeds on the old plan will automatically be imported into your Enterprise plan. The feeds themselves will have a seamless transition - nothing needs to change about their embed codes, etc.

I am planning to build many feeds, within different categories. Is there a good way to sort the feeds so they are easier to find and access?
Near the top of your main Enterprise dashboard (the "Your Feeds" panel), you will see a search bar. Typing in the name of the feed, a source within the feed, or a user on the feed, will filter what is displayed on the page to only the corresponding feeds. Juicer recommends that you develop a system for naming your feeds, which will make sorting them easier through the search system. You can change the name of any feed by clicking the "Edit This Feed" button from your main Enterprise dashboard, or by clicking the pencil icon in the upper-left corner of the dashboard for that specific feed.

How do I sign up for an Enterprise account?
Create a free account with us at Then, visit, or click "Get Started" at the bottom of

Can I hide Juicer's branding so my clients see my own?
Yes. White labeling is included in Juicer's Enterprise plan. Simply set up the sub-domain where you'd like to house the login area for your clients, paste that URL into the field in the "Setup Whitelabel" panel of your Enterprise dashboard, and setup will be complete shortly after. You can link to your company logo in the "Edit Account" panel of your Enterprise dashboard. From this point on, Juicer will not be mentioned to your clients, and they will not see our branding.

Can I access Juicer's API?
Yes. Our API is documented at When you upgrade to the Enterprise plan, this page will be updated with an authentication token for performing Enterprise-related functions through our API, such as creating and deleting feeds and sources, adding users, etc.