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Eye Catching Instagram Feed Themes for Your Instagram Profile

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Whenever you land on someone’s Instagram profile, there’s a chance to find that this particular Instagram user has taken advantage of one of many eye catching Instagram feed themes to style their content after.

What are these Instagram feed themes? They are a toolset to stylize Instagram posts to make all the posts look like they fit together, to properly display Instagram feed on website. For example, creating the effect as though each Instagram post makes up one part of a larger picture.

unique instagram feed theme

These Instagram feed themes are a memorable, striking way to catch someone’s attention when they visit your Instagram profile. Instagram feed themes like this are easy to do any worth the small amount of additional time and effort to implement because of the chance to improve engagement and followers on your Instagram account.

Here are just a few popular styles of Instagram feed themes to draw inspiration from:

Color Instagram Feed Themes

An Instagram feed theme that is popular with photographers and designers is using color to connect a series of Instagram posts. Also called a rainbow Instagram feed theme, the color Instagram feed is a style that is certainly visually appealing and a memorable first impression for anyone visiting your Instagram account for the first time.

The key is to make sure the image has one color that is the dominate color of the image and to stay within the same shade or two of that particular color.

color Instagram feed

Story Instagram Feed Themes

This style of Instagram feed is less about how your feed looks from the big picture and more how your posts work together upon further investigation. To achieve this Instagram feed theme, you need to create posts that tell a story when you scroll through them.

For example, a mystery where you give clues and reveal the answer in the 9th post. This type of Instagram feed theme is more about interacting with your existing followers and giving them something to look forward to in your future posts.

Big Picture Instagram Feed Themes

Like in our initial example, Instagram feeds that create a big picture (also called an Instagram grid) are another popular Instagram feed theme to spice things up on your Instagram feed.

There are lots of online tools to help create Instagram grids from a chosen photo like PLANOLY Splitter Tool and Postcron’s ImageSplitter. There are free and paid tools out there, as well as lots of tutorials for DIY image splitting using Photoshop and other popular image editing software.

popular Instagram theme

Puzzle Instagram Feed Themes

Similar to the big picture Instagram feed theme, the puzzle Instagram feed theme takes a larger image and breaks it up into a shuffled mix of the 3, 6, 9, or 12 pieces of the original image, creating a puzzle. Then the goal for your Instagram profile visitors is to try and piece these image puzzle pieces back together.

The trick is, like any good puzzle, to try and make sure that each puzzle piece doesn’t look like it could be a stand alone image. So using some of the tools to create split Instagram images, you would then post each part of the image out of order to create your puzzle. This example is of a puzzle after it was put back together.

Instagram feed as puzzle

Keep in mind that for each of these Instagram feed themes, you can follow the style using 3 posts, 6 posts, 9 posts, and even 12 posts or more so feel free to mix it up and try different variations.

Each of these Instagram feed themes can be the perfect way to add a dash of something new to your Instagram posts. They are perfect for boosting your Instagram account’s engagement, interaction and follower count as well. Find the Instagram feed theme that fits your style and give it a go!

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