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Common Instagram SEO Issues and How to Fix Them

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Digital marketing involves mastering several channels to achieve success. It’s important to understand how they work together. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms but what’s the connection between Instagram and social media? Read on to learn how to fix the most common Instagram SEO issues.

Instagram SEO Issue #1: Embedded Instagram Posts

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The word is out from Google associates themselves: there’s a serious issue with Instagram embeds and SEO. According to Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, any embeds from Instagram come equipped with a noindex robots meta tag.

A quick definition for those unfamiliar with these terms:

  • ‘Noindex’ is a signifying term used in web code to alert search engines (like Google) not to include that page in their search index.
  • ‘Robots meta tag’ is the title of the lines of code that communicate the instructions from a web page to the search engine ‘crawlers’, of information gatherers.

What this means for you? Any of your images embedded from Instagram will most likely not be indexed by Google in image search. Several well-respected professionals in the SEO space have since run their own tests to confirm the statement from Mueller. Rankings tended to drop when Instagram embedded images were used.

But why are these embeds causing so much Instagram SEO havoc? It’s because of the intent behind the core purpose of Instagram. The application wasn’t really designed to be used as an image embed tool for websites and blogs, it was designed for social connection. Additionally, some of the accounts are privacy protected, which adds an additional barrier.

Instagram SEO Issue #2: Private Profiles

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While it may seem like an obvious function, many people don’t realize the true repercussions of not having a public Instagram profile. Remember that noindex robots meta tag we mentioned earlier? Not only will your images be less likely to be tracked by Google’s crawlers, your entire profile will be unable to be viewed, therefore further limiting opportunities to rank well in search engines.

This Instagram SEO issue is easy to fix, however. Simply visit your account settings, then click privacy, and adjust the account privacy options to ‘Public’ if they are not already.

Instagram SEO Issue #3: Image Alt Text

identifying image alt text

If you’ve been working on your brand’s website or blog for some time, then by now you probably have learned about ‘image alt text’ and its importance for SEO. Image alt text was originally created as a tool to assist search engine users who might have difficulty viewing images on websites.

The image alt text is used to provide a description of the image in question so that hard of seeing users can still have a similar experience when interacting with the webpage. The image alt text should be a concise, descriptive sentence that explains what the image actually portrays. It is not a place to keyword stuff. Google crawlers judge based on whether the image alt text is helping to serve the visually impaired users or not.

In terms of Instagram SEO, the same concept applies. Instagram has recently released an image alt text opportunity for the standard posts on Instagram feeds. Opting to fill out the space for image alt text increases opportunities to be more highly ranked in terms of Instagram SEO.

Just because you’re not meant to keyword stuff doesn’t mean you should eliminate keywords altogether, though. Think strategically about the relevant keywords you could include in the image alt text. If there’s an appropriate place for it, feel free to add it in there.

Instagram SEO Issue #4: Lack of Keywords

keyboard keys

On the subject of keywords, have you thought about the places you’re using your most valuable keywords? Strategically placing keywords in your profile’s biography is an excellent opportunity to improve your Instagram SEO.

What terms are relevant to you and your brand that your ideal audience members may be using in their searches? Narrow down the list to your top three to five relevant keywords and figure out how to lace them into your description in your profile bio. These terms will help boost your Instagram SEO and connect you with users likely to be interested in what you’re offering.

The Easiest Solution for Instagram SEO Problems? Juicer!

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