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Boost your Ranking: How the Juicer Social Media Tool Can Improve your SEO Performance

Boost your Ranking with Juicer Social Media Tool

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About 68% of online experiences start with a search. So, to attract as many potential customers as possible, you need a strong presence in SERPs.

While there are many ways to boost your SEO rankings, from regularly creating fresh, high-quality content to optimizing your site for enhanced user experiences, one effective solution is often overlooked: adding a social feed widget to your website. An embedded social media wall does much more than simply enhance your website’s visual appeal. It can also improve your SEO performance and increase your chances of higher conversion rates. 

The Link Between Social Media, SEO, and Online Success

Social media isn’t a direct ranking factor for Google. But recent Cognitive SEO research shows that, on average, the higher a website ranks in the search results, the better its social media presence. Social media can also be a great place to conduct marketing research. The right channels can give you insights into keyword and topic ideas for content and provide you with a behind-the-scenes insight into your target audience and their pain points.

How Juicer Social Tool Improves SEO Rankings

The Juicer social media tool offers companies a convenient way to implement customizable social media “walls” or “feeds” on their websites or ecommerce sites. These feeds influence your SEO rankings in several ways.  

1. Increases User Engagement

Including a social feed widget on your website can give your customers more ways to interact with your business, boosting engagement levels. 

With Juicer, you can add posts to your website from 15+ social media platforms that users can interact with while visiting your site. Visitors can “like” posts or comment on your latest videos and content without leaving your website. This gives your engagement scores a significant boost. 

Google examines a number of factors when determining how to rank websites on the search engine result pages. Many of these factors are linked to “engagement” metrics, such as the number of pages your customers click on, how often they leave comments on your website, and how frequently they return to your site after leaving it.

2. Boosts Time Spent on Pages

Since social feeds on your website increase audience engagement and interactions with your brand, they also encourage users to spend more time on your website. If your customer is instantly captivated by a series of Instagram photos on your homepage, they’re more likely to spend time browsing through your social feed and checking out your latest content. 

High-quality, informative, and entertaining social media content on your website can significantly reduce bounce rates and increase the average time customers spend on your pages. These two factors are intrinsically linked to your SEO rankings and performance. Lower bounce rates tell Google that your website is an authority resource capable of delivering valuable, relevant experiences to customers. 

3. Enhances the User Experience

Google and other search engines constantly update their algorithms with a focus on one thing: giving online customers the best possible user experience. 

Adding a social feed widget to your website can enhance the user experience in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Streamlining the customer journey: when you add a social feed to your website, you ensure customers don’t have to visit other platforms and pages to find user-generated content, reviews, and insights into your latest brand news and products. 
  • Increasing entertainment value: a social media page can entertain and delight your customers, offering views of your products from different perspectives. It can even help you to showcase your unique brand personality, increasing emotional connections with customers.
  • Improving trust: with a transparent social media presence on your website, you give customers more reasons to trust your brand. They’ll see you as more professional, credible, and authentic, which boosts conversion rates. 

4. Upgrades Your Site With Fresh Content

Ever since Google’s freshness update, it has given more priority to websites that regularly produce and share fresh content. Fresh, up-to-date content is more likely to be relevant and accurate to people using search engines. That’s why Google often places pages with the most “recent” information at the top of the search engine result pages. 

A social media embedding tool can help to show Google your site is up-to-date and relevant. For instance, Juicer recommends an implementation method for its solution that uses a non-iframe widget. Since Google cannot “see” content in iframes, this is important, as it means Juicer’s tools will allow bots to crawl feed content, searching for keywords and dates that indicate relevancy to impact your rankings positively. 

5. Increases Your Social Media Algorithm Potential

Notably, every social media channel has its own distinct algorithms for determining how content should be positioned on things like the “Instagram Explore page” or “TikTok For You” page. However, many channels do prioritize engagement and “views” when determining ranking potential.

Placing a social feed widget is a great way to cross-promote your social media content and drive engagement and interactions from a wider audience. Plus, you have a greater chance of customers sharing your website and its products with their friends, increasing your traffic even further.

Add a Social Wall To Your Website With Juicer

Now that you know how a social wall positively impacts your SEO rankings, the next step is to add one to your website with Juicer. 

Juicer is pretty easy to set up and automatically aggregates and displays content from 15+ social networks — including Instagram and LinkedIn. And the best part? You can get started for free and upgrade per your business needs. 

Reach out to the Juicer team today to learn more about how you can easily add your own social media feed to your website and enhance your brand’s online visibility. 

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Table of Contents


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