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How to Use AI to Improve Social Media Feed Aesthetics

How to Use AI to Improve Social Media Feed Aesthetics

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Your feed’s aesthetics is the first thing that catches your audience’s eye when they stumble on your social media page. A visually-appealing feed draws them in to click on your content and learn more about your brand, while a bland one makes them treat you like “every other brand out there.” 

Previously, you needed advanced visual creation skills to curate an attractive social feed. Now, with AI tools, you can improve your feed aesthetics in minutes with the click of a few buttons. Let’s show you how to do this. 

1. Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

There are numerous ways companies can take advantage of social media to increase conversions, engagement rates, and customer retention in the modern world. You can embed Instagram feeds in website content to keep customers on your site longer, use social platforms to increase brand reach, and even earn credibility with social walls featuring user-generated content curation, for example – displaying client testimonials on your website.

However, no matter your social strategy, you’ll only achieve the best results by creating relevant content tailored to your target audience. 66% of customers now expect companies to understand their unique needs and goals when producing marketing and sales content. 

With AI-enhanced analytical tools, such as HootSuite and HubSpot, you can learn more about the styles of content that effectively engage your audience. This makes creating a social feed that appeals to your customer’s specific preferences easier. 

2. Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Companies have been forced to build most of their marketing strategies around guesses and assumptions for years, but AI could change all that. 

For instance, the Dash Hudson “Outsmart Social” app uses artificial intelligence to estimate the potential impact of every post you create for your feed. It can predict the possible results of all your visual assets, from photos and videos to carousels and slideshows. 

The tool uses insights into social trends, marketplace analytics, and other insights to determine how audiences will respond to content based on its color palette, composition, subject, and other factors. Using this information, big brands like Hulu and Balmain have significantly improved the quality of their social feeds in the last couple of years.

3. Choose More Effective Color Palettes with AI 

Color choices play a big role in maintaining an impressive aesthetic on your social media feed. They’re also crucial for creating a consistent image for your brand. 

AI software like “Cortex” help business leaders share more optimized content. The tool doesn’t just recommend what to post and how often and offers insights into your competitors to help inspire your social feed. 

Additionally, Cortex can automatically identify which colors are most attractive to your target audience, and give you tips on which photos to post. It uses historical post data to track the success of different visual campaigns, to help you make better decisions. 

4. Use AI Tools for Content Creation

Generative AI tools like Jasper, ChatGPT, and Copy.ai help companies create social media content. For example, you can use these tools to produce captions for your social media posts and messages to include in videos and pictures. 

Some AI-enabled tools can even analyze your existing social media data, using insights into your keywords, hashtags, and images to provide advice on how you can improve the quality of your campaigns. AI tools aren’t just excellent for creating written content either. 

In recent years, various companies like Google and Jasper have begun producing solutions for visual content creation. These tools can actually generate unique images from simple words or directions. While it’s important to be careful with AI image generation tools (some of the content they create can be unusual), you can definitely spruce up your feed with some AI images. 

At the very least, using AI for visual content creation can give you some much needed inspiration when you’re trying to figure out what type of new content to produce. For example, you can efficiently boost your Shopify sales using TikTok.

5. Use AI to Preserve a Consistent Aesthetic

Many of the most successful social media feed examples from leading brands share one important thing in common: consistency. While experimenting with different styles of content is crucial if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, it’s important to create a cohesive image on your social walls that makes sense for your brand. 

AI can offer an easy way to boost your chances of consistency. For instance, social media planning tools like Buffer and Sprout Social can offer AI solutions that help you to organize your feed based on visual appeal. Once you’ve created the ultimate content calendar, you can even schedule your posts to ensure they appear at the best time for your target audience. 

There are also tools like Lately.AI which can automatically post relevant content based on your customer’s preferred aesthetic to your social walls. The tool can even repurpose other content posted in the past, such as blog posts or infographics, into visual social posts. 

6. Use AI to Manage and Moderate your Social Wall 

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence isn’t just useful for improving the quality of your social feed on social media platforms. It can also be a valuable resource when you’re learning how to embed a social wall into your site, for improved audience engagement. 

While you don’t necessarily need AI to embed your social wall into your website, you can use it to ensure the quality of your feed remains consistent. For instance, tools like Juicer provide access to intelligent social media moderation and filtering features, powered by automation. You can choose whether you want to moderate each post added to your wall individually, or automatically disallow certain posts based on their content and hashtags. 

Juicer can update your content for you automatically on your website too, which helps to ensure you can keep customers excited with new, fresh posts. For instance, if you embed Instagram reels on your website with Juicer, it will automatically update the feed with your recently published Reels. While publishing content, the solution will automatically avoid duplicate posts, scanning each piece of content to ensure everything on your feed is unique. This means you end up with fewer identical posts clogging up your feed. 

Enhance your Social Feed with AI 

Adding AI to your social media marketing strategy isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems. As generative AI solutions and intelligent analytics tools continue to evolve, there are countless straightforward tools businesses can use to boost their social presence. 

Don’t just rely on AI tools for content creation when you’re writing social media ads and captions. Experiment with all of the strategies above, and discover new ways to enhance your social media feed with better colors, consistency, and aesthetics. 

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