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How to Use AI for Instagram Marketing: 5 Growth Strategies

How to Use AI for Instagram Marketing 5 Growth Strategies

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In this post, we will discuss AI on Instagram, covering 5 AI marketing strategies for Insta, and potential tools.

The value of the AI market for social media will hit around $12 billion by 2031, accelerated by the rise of new, more robust algorithms. This growth presents an unprecedented opportunity for savvy businesses to grow their audience, become more efficient, and deliver high-quality social content at scale. 

Now, we’ll show you how to use AI tools for planning and executing core aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy. 

5 AI Marketing Strategies for Instagram 

Companies have been using AI for social media marketing for years. Long before the age of generative AI and ChatGPT transformed content marketing, teams leveraged artificial intelligence for consumer insights, data tracking, and even post automation. However, the evolution of AI has made the technology even more valuable to virtually any Instagram growth strategy. 

Here are some of the best ways to leverage AI tools for Instagram growth. 

1. Audience Research 

About 71% of customers say they want content personalized to their needs today, and 76% say they feel frustrated with companies that produce generic campaigns. Fortunately, AI can help you to develop a deeper understanding of your audience with powerful analytical tools. 

You can use AI-powered social listening tools like Mention to track what customers say about your brand and find crucial campaign hashtags and strategies. You can also use monitoring tools like Falcon.AI to find out what your competitors are doing on social media and adjust your own campaigns based on their successes and failures. 

Falcon.AI: a tool to utilize AI on Instagram marketing

2. Content Distribution

Content distribution helps you generate more ROI from your content — in terms of audience reach and engagement. 

Say you published a new Instagram reel; you can use Buffer’s AI writing assistant to generate a new caption for the reel and share it on TikTok. You can also ask ChatGPT to transform your reel script into a Twitter thread or Facebook post. 

You can even use AI-powered tools to embed Instagram reels and other content on your website and drive traffic to your Instagram profile.

3. Content Creation

AI on Instagram can help with everything from generating new ideas to helping boost audience engagement to creating captions and images. 

i. Create personalized social ads

Tools like Sprinklr make creating powerful social media ads with personalized elements easy. You can even track the performance of your campaigns against benchmarks in your dashboard and use data to reduce your overall ad spend. 

ii. Produce written content

Tools like Phrasee can analyze your brand language using artificial intelligence and use it to generate ad content and social media posts that increase engagement and conversions for your business. 

Also, ChatGPT, Jasper, and Copy.AI let you create closed captions for your Instagram Reels or videos.

iii. Design visual content

AI tools can assist with end-to-end visual content creation. 

  • AI art generators like Midjourney create stunning images and cover photos for your Instagram posts. 
  • Canva’s AI photo editing features make complicated editing projects seamless. 
  • Fotor removes backgrounds from images, and AutoEnhance.AI boosts the image quality. 
  • Cortex lets you know which color palette compositions will most likely appeal to your target audience. 

Leading companies like Unilever use tools like Dash Hudson to analyze how their photos and videos will perform in advance. The AI tools analyze historical data and current trends to determine how your audience will respond to images based on their composition or subject. 

4. Task Automation with AI on Instagram

Growing your Instagram following on Instagram requires significant time and effort. Don’t have time to research posts, collect data, and engage with your audience? AI can help. 

The best AI tools for social media can support you with the following:

  • Content curation: If you need to fill your content calendar out with unique posts, Curata can help you find trending content in your niche. You can select the posts you like and publish them on your wall with unique captions. 
  • Content publishing and scheduling: Tools like Buffer and HootSuite allow you to schedule and publish content based on your audience’s active times.

5. Real-time Audience Engagement with AI on Instagram

Engaging with your audience is one of the most powerful ways to grow your Instagram following. But as your follower count grows, responding to comments and messages in real-time becomes harder. 

Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help here. You can set up conversational chatbots like ManyChat for your Instagram account and interact with customers as needed. 

With AI bots, you can reduce the costs of managing customer service with a human team, provide 24/7 customer support, and even increase sales. Some solutions can proactively reach out to customers for you, suggesting products they might want to buy.

A tool for Real-time Audience Engagement with AI on Instagram

Unlock a New Level of Instagram Growth with AI.  

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a science fiction concept anymore; it’s a powerful tool in any marketer’s toolkit. Used correctly, the right AI tools won’t just save your business time and money; they’ll also boost your connections with customers and help you win new business.  

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