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2019 Best Wordpress Social Media Plugins by Category

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Did you know that Wordpress runs 32% of the internet? With so many people using Wordpress, the need for creative and effective user experiences has given way to the development of thousands of Wordpress plugins.

(Don’t worry, we aren’t going to cover all of them in this article.)

Instead, we are going to focus on plugins that will help you not only give your brand voice an amplifier but allow you to further connect and build loyal relationships with your customers.

If you’re wondering what types of plugins could achieve all of that, I’ve got 4 words for you - Wordpress social media plugins.

wordpress buttons

Display Your Social Side with Wordpress Social Media Plugins

From Wordpress social feeds to share buttons and posting tools, you’ll never fall short of creative ways to integrate social media into your website. However, sorting through hundreds of different plugins can be exhausting and confusing.

So, which Wordpress social plugin is best for your website?

This article aims to help you answer that question with a compiled list of the best Wordpress social media plugins for 2019 in a variety of categories.

Social Sharing Plugins

Social Media Feed Plugins

Social Media Posting Tool Plugins

Miscellaneous Social Media Plugins

Expand Your Content’s Reach with Social Sharing Plugins

Have an interesting blog article? Amazing product pages? Or maybe you’re showcasing some cool photos on your Wordpress site. You want to give people the opportunity to share your content directly with their social networks and this is done with share buttons.

Easy Social Share Buttons
For the best features vs. price, Easy Social Share Buttons takes the cake. This plugin provides you with a ton of features, customization, and advanced options such as analytics and A/B testing.

Easy Social Share Buttons for Wordpress maintains a fantastic 4.7 out of 5-star rating and has close to 30,000 sales. They also claim to be used by more than 500,000 websites.

How’s that for proof?

social share buttons reviews

Some of Easy Social Share Buttons’ best features include:
- 30 animations and multiple button styles
- Supports 50 social networks
- 55 pre-made templates
- 30 different position options
- Social metrics and analytics integration
- Easy social sharing opt-in/subscribe forms
- Social A/B split tests
- Follower Counter Displays

Easy Social Share Buttons’ Pricing
Also great? This plugin costs just $20/month which comes with 6 months of customer support.

Improve Time on Page and Engage Visitors with a WordPress Social Media Feed

While social share buttons encourage your Wordpress visitors to promote your content to their social networks, social media feeds allow you to promote your social content to your Wordpress visitors. Social media feeds essentially curate content from multiple social media platforms into one simple feed that can be embedded into your web pages or displayed publicly on a screen.

A Wordpress social media feed engages your visitors, introducing them to your social side while increasing their time on page.

Ok, admittedly we're biased, but the hard facts remain that Juicer offers the most simple, yet powerful Wordpress social media feed plugin and for the best price. Juicer’s Wordpress plugin also averages a 4.7-star rating, out of 5, with over 10,000 downloads.

Juicer allows you to integrate your favorite social media channels and manage the content and feed display from one simple dashboard.

juicer wordpress plugin on omag

Some of Juicer’s best features include:
- Integrates with 15+ social media platforms
- Automatic content refresh
- Customization options
- 9 built-in templates
- Moderation and filter tools
- Analytics
- Digital display

Juicer’s Pricing
Juicer offers a pricing plan for everyone - from personal websites, to social influencers, to agencies and enterprise, we've got you covered. In addition to a free basic plan, we have Medium and Large plans that provide more integrations and features like filtering and analytics starting at $19 a month.

Social Media Posting Tool Plugins Make Your Life Easier

Creating, scheduling, and managing multiple social media platforms can be exhausting. Social media posting tool plugins help take some of the work off your plate by posting and scheduling content on your behalf.

Revive Old Posts
Constantly developing fresh content can be challenging. Sometimes other projects get in the way or the creative juices just dry up. This is where Revive Old Posts comes in. This plugin automatically recycles and shares your old Wordpress posts to your social networks giving them more visibility. You can also set the interval and number of posts to share to drive more traffic.

Revive Old Posts has a 4-star rating out of 5 and 50,000 installations.

Revive Old Posts features include:
- Share new and old posts.
- Choose the time between posts.
- Choose the number of posts to share.
- Use hashtags to focus on topics.
- Include links back to your site.
- Exclude categories.
- Exclude specific posts.
- Integrated with Google Analytics.

Revive Old Posts does offer a limited free option which includes posting capabilities to only Facebook and Twitter. Their paid options offer many more features such as custom scheduling and queue management. Their paid accounts range from $75/month - $299 with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Wordpress to Buffer
Buffer, one of the best social media management and scheduling tools also offers a Wordpress plugin. This plugin is created for those who already have a account.

Wordpress to Buffer automatically updates your account as you edit or publish new Wordpress blog posts. Your posts will then go into the Buffer queue you’ve set for your social media accounts and post them in line with your social calendar.

Buffer’s plugin connects your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. A pro version for business also includes posting to Pinterest and Instagram starting at $39/year.

Social Media Extras

These next four Wordpress social media plugins are unique in their own way offering some great additional benefits that complement some of the plugins listed above.

Social Buzz
This plugin lets people in on the buzz around your Wordpress content and pages. It is technically a social media sharing tool but takes it to the next level. Social Buzz provides a graph that displays the number of people who have shared your particular piece of content on your blog. It also comes with standard social media sharing buttons.

Social Buzz amplifies your most popular content giving website visitors the idea of “what’s hot” according to your stats.

social buzz shares screen

Benefits of Social Buzz:
- Awesome Social Buzz Graphs
- Beautiful Share Buttons
- Works for Posts, Pages and Your Blog Page
- 3 Built-in styles
- Responsive CSS (and Sass)
- Super Easy Install
- Super-Lightweight Code
- Multiple browser’s supported (IE9+, Safari 3+, iOS Safari, Chrome 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10+)

Social Buzz has a $21 license fee and also offers an extended license for $105.

Social Locker for Wordpress
Social Locker is a plugin for people who want more out of social buttons. If you feel like the standard social buttons aren’t doing enough to make people like or share your content, Social Locker gives people an extra incentive by requiring them to unlock your content with a like. Your website visitors won’t be able to access your content unless they like it first.

Check out the image below to see exactly what we mean:

social locker screen examples

Benefits of Social Locker:
- 8 different social buttons for all major networks
- Customize each button
- 5 themes
- Collect emails and names of visitors
- Content overlay effects
- Built-in analytics

Social Locker’s regular license costs $27 and an extended license costs $130.

Revive Network
Revive Network actually works similarly to Revive Old Posts but aims to help you grow your social and professional network by sharing content from other websites on your social accounts.

You may be thinking, why would I ever do that?

First, people love to be recognized, and you’re helping to spread the word about their awesome content. Second, your referrals are tracked in their Google Analytics, so the proof is there. Networking and relationship building is one of the most important ways to build credibility and expand your network.

Benefits of Revive Network:
- Integrates with Facebook and Twitter
- Customized Posting Schedule
- Customize templates
- Add RSS feeds
- UTM links get tracked in Google Analytics

Revive Network’s cheapest pricing model starts at $49 with the option to add 1 social media account and share up to 20 sources.

Easy Social Metrics Pro for Wordpress
If you want more analytics on how your content is performing on social media channels, Easy Social Metrics Pro is a great plugin. With it, you can quickly see which content is getting the most attention compared across multiple social networks.

This is great as you can analyze trends across certain platforms and see which types of content is better suited to different audiences.

easy social metrics pro screenshot

Benefits of Easy Social Metrics Pro:
- 12 major social networks monitored
- Comes with a built-in widget to display your top social post
- Supports all custom post types

Their regular license is available for $30 and extended license for $150.

Social media helps give your brand a voice and separates you from the competition. Products and services alone aren’t enough to convert new customers, they want social proof. Wordpress social media plugins help bridge that gap.

Well, there you have it - a list of the best Wordpress social media plugins in 2019. What are you waiting for? Get social!

Which social media plugins are your favorite? Feel free to share in the comments below!