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The Top Social Media Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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Nowadays, when you think of a “social media challenge”, your mind may immediately go to the cool crazes and dances the younger generation are doing. Things like the ALS ice bucket challenge or dance challenges based around popular music are running rampant on the internet — and we don’t blame them! Brands are known to get in on fun social media challenges too, and many of them are able to lock in different demographics that way.

But this is a different kind of “challenge”.

We’re talking about social media challenges that a brand or marketer may run into when it comes to moderating and running a social media account. You know the ones: everything from coming up with a posting schedule to filtering inappropriate content. Being a social media marketer or consultant is difficult enough with the almost daily changes to each platform, and the emergence of new, buzzy platforms overnight. Add the common challenges on top of that and it makes it harder to plan ahead effectively.

Juicer is here to help answer your top social media challenge questions and present alternatives on how you can overcome them with the least amount of stress and time possible.

Challenge 1: What do I post on my social media?

The biggest social media challenge almost every marketer runs into is figuring out what to post. Whether you have unlimited content for your socials or you’re struggling to come up with something on-brand, the issue is still the same: choice paralysis can leave you asking more questions than it can seeking answers. You want to post something engaging and resourceful for your audience without coming off too showy or self-centered.

The key to social media posting is to keep it simple and focus on engagement. Sharing only relevant news and articles as it pertains to your company or industry will allow you to start conversations, further positioning you as a thought leader in your world. Sure, every now and then it’s great to repost or engage with silly content to have a bit of fun, but even the best meme will be timely and relevant to your industry. Every time you post something, think of how you want your audience to engage with it. With that as your driving force, you can’t go wrong.

Challenge 2: How can I eliminate inappropriate content?

The answer to this is easier than you may think. Using a social media tool, like Juicer, will give you the freedom to moderate as you wish. All of Juicer’s paid options include social media moderating and filtering options, which means it’s as easy as designating key hashtags to include or exclude, and approving or rejecting moderated content.

Overcoming social media challenges

If you work with a large office or with an external social media agency, this feature will enable you to still have control over what goes live, even if you’re not personally attending to the account. Juicer makes it simple to create a social media moderation queue, ensuring that no post will appear on your feed without your approval.

Challenge 3: I can’t get anyone to engage. Help!

Engagement will always be a tricky measurement for social media marketers. A tweet that has one like might have had a thousand impressions. There’s no easy way to tell what will get instant engagement, so this is where you may have to get a bit more creative.

Research shows that social posts with images have higher engagement than posts without. This doesn’t mean that everything you post needs an image, because some posts genuinely may not call for one, but it shows that our audiences and social media are all visual first. Show off important industry data in an infographic, share stats from a report in a colorful graph, or add a relevant gif to a “Question of the Day” type post to get people to stop their scrolling and pay attention. Once you have their attention, you’ll start to see those engagement numbers and measurements soar.

Challenge 4: Duplicate posting is ruining my life.

Duplicate posting can be a silent irritant, as it’s not the most common challenge, but it can be a time-consuming fix if you’re not careful. However, with Juicer, the fix is simple.

Juicer aims to keep your feed original with fresh, unique content by preventing duplicate posts with the simple click of a button. The platform’s social moderation will remove any post that has the same content as another, even if it’s from a different source. The best thing about it is that this scan is done hourly, keeping on top of new posts so you don’t have to.

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Table of Contents


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