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Product Update: Enhancing Your Feed with the New LinkedIn Personal Profile Source

Jucier product update: Linkedin personal profiles released

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LinkedIn is a must-have for everyone nowadays. Whether you’re a company or a professional, with its 1 billion users, LinkedIn is the top platform for building your brand, making connections, generating leads, growing your career, and much more.

That’s why the Juicer team has been hard at work crafting a new feature: the LinkedIn personal profile source. Now, you can gather LinkedIn posts not just from your company or school page, but straight from personal profiles too. This opens the door to many new possibilities and use cases – explore some of them below!

The Easy Way to Add Personal LinkedIn Posts to Your Feed:

To aggregate LinkedIn posts from the new personal profile source, just follow these 5 simple steps, and you’ll have them in your feed in no time:
  1. Login into your Juicer account and enter the dashboard.
  2. If you haven’t set up a feed yet, click on the “+ New Feed” button. If you already have a feed, you can add the personal LinkedIn profile as a source by clicking the “+” icon in the source column. Alternatively, click on the three dots on the right side of your feed and select “Add Source”.
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Please click on the LinkedIn icon in this window.
  4. Next, another popup window will appear. Here, you can add the LinkedIn source you prefer. You can choose between a company/school or a personal profile. Let’s proceed with the Personal profile option.
  5. Copy the LinkedIn URL from which you want to import posts and paste it into the dedicated field in the popup window. Then, click on “Add source”.

Voila! Your feed is now being updated with the personal profile posts. Try it out now.

Why Adding Personal LinkedIn Posts to Your Feed Matters

Sharing both your company’s and personal voices from LinkedIn on your website not only tells an authentic brand story but also encourages engagement, builds trust, and attracts talent in today’s competitive market.

Here are some of the most popular reasons and examples our customers choose to complement their LinkedIn feed with personal profile posts:

Bring your company culture to life – showcase who you are:
Uncover the potential of showcasing your company culture – it’s all about revealing the personal side of your brand. Give customers, applicants, and your team a sneak peek into the team culture and spirit by sharing various perspectives.

For an authentic touch, why not create a LinkedIn feed on your website that mixes posts from various personal LinkedIn profiles? Show off your team’s highlights from the latest event, major project milestones, a lunch break, or simply a weekly meeting. It’s a fun way to give your brand some personality and a human touch. This is exactly what catches attention – it’s what draws customers and applicants in. Give it a try!

Highlight your expertise – create your knowledge hub:
Just because your team isn’t very active on LinkedIn posting personal updates, it doesn’t mean you can’t still showcase your expertise! Many LinkedIn influencers have built a personal brand on the platform over the past years. Tap into their knowledge to demonstrate that your brand is informed and up-to-date about your industry.

Creating an expert or knowledge base has never been easier – simply set up a Juicer feed and choose suitable LinkedIn influencers who align with your brand and relevant topics. For example, if you’re a marketing agency, there are influencers who regularly post about topics like social media trends, web design, or marketing strategy. Utilize their posts and aggregate them into your LinkedIn feed – your new knowledge hub.

Empower Personal Branding – give sales a boost:
Your company’s success isn’t just about your brand – it’s about your awesome team too. They’re the ones chatting with customers every day. And let’s be real, their vibe can totally make or break a deal – the friendlier, more professional, and knowledgeable they are, the better the chances. That’s why it’s important to show off these personal brands and profiles on your website. They add professionalism and credibility to your brand.

And why not mix things up a bit? For instance, if you’re a software company, create a social wall featuring LinkedIn posts from your sales team and customers referring to successful projects or milestones. This showcases your team’s expertise and client satisfaction. It’s an excellent way to build trust and demonstrate that people are excited about your work.

Now it’s your chance to enhance your LinkedIn feed by showcasing both your company’s updates and personal profiles all in one spot. Dive in and see how you can make the most of the new LinkedIn personal profile source with different use cases.

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