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Juicer Customer Profile: Mónica Malavé, Founder and CEO of Elevate It Now®

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We love seeing how our clients harness the power of their Juicer social media aggregators to achieve their social media business goals! We believe that sharing stories from our community of social media marketers can help educate and inspire other Juicer users. In this Juicer Customer Profile, we’re delighted to feature Mónica Malavé, Founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency Elevate It Now®.

About Monica and Elevate It Now®

Moncia Malave

Mónica Malavé is a Marketing professional with over 30 years of executive marketing management and was Chief Marketing Officer of several credit unions in the DC Metro Area.

Mónica's desire to help business in her own terms was the reason she launched Elevate It Now® in November of 2014. Since its inception, Elevate It Now® won, by vote, Best Marketing Agency in Prince William County, received and maintained it's BBB A+ Accreditation, and has been featured in several blogs such as TailwindApp, Townsquared, and Databox.

Elevate It Now® was founded to assist real estate agents, credit unions, and small businesses, who do not have the resources for a dedicated in-house marketing department but still want to implement result-driven marketing initiatives to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

As a full-service digital marketing and creative agency, Elevate It Now® provides creative, innovative and results-oriented marketing solutions for businesses who want to elevate their marketing efforts. From strategy to implementation, we explore, execute, and elevate our clients’ marketing processes.

How Elevate It Now® Uses Juicer

While many digital marketing agencies fall into the temptation of making social media offerings something of an afterthought, undervaluing its massive potential, Mónica takes the opposite approach.

As an agency, her team strives to stay current and passionate about the social media world and the potential benefits it offers to clients. She says, “We wanted to showcase our different approach and belief in social media marketing as an important element of a solid marketing strategy and medium for all businesses. Juicer allows us to showcase that difference beautifully!”

social media marketing

To help make their social media expertise known, Mónica and her team implemented a Juicer social media feed in April 2017, when they upgraded their company website. They devoted an entire page on the new website to showcase their feed.

She says, “We didn't want to only showcase certain parts of our social media feeds on our website. Juicer allows us to feature our entire social media efforts in one beautiful and customizable feed. We love it!”

social media feed

Consistent, positive comments from the Elevate It Now® audience about the Juicer social media aggregator on the team’s "We Get Social" page have only further solidified the team’s trust in using Juicer to make their social media efforts go farther. In addition to a website feed, the team has also implemented Juicer as a social media wall at live networking events. Each of these efforts have helped Elevate It Now® solidify their brand and magnify their service offerings.

Social Media Marketing Advice

Like many marketing agencies, one of Mónica’s business struggles has revolved around helping customers understand the value of social media marketing. While they know they need or want the service, they often don’t realize the effort and cost that goes into a successful social media strategy. Educating clients on the "why" of the cost of these services is a task she’s used Juicer to assist with. Mónica says, “Juicer has allowed us to display the importance of social media marketing to Elevate It Now® in a tangible way, and why we believe that social media marketing is such an important element of any business’ overall marketing strategy.”

Beyond investing in the right social media tools, Mónica has another key piece of social media marketing advice for others looking to jump in:

“Hire a proven marketing professional to assist you with a solid marketing strategy before you go at it alone. Marketing has so many intricate pieces, some which may or may not be right for your particular business and its goals. Spend the money in strategy so that you are able to implement solid processes from the beginning.”

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