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How to Claim your Custom Facebook Vanity URL

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What is a Facebook username (or "vanity URL)?

Social media has become increasingly more important for building brands and businesses. Facebook is a particularly powerful social media platform for putting your brand or business on the map.

Facebook business and fan pages can be customized to have a unique Facebook business page URL. This Facebook page URL is sometimes called a "vanity URL", but Facebook now typically calls the URL a "username". This way, rather than ending your Facebook page URL with a string of letters/numbers such as, your Facebook page vanity URLs can be something simpler, such as You must be an admin of the Facebook page to make this type of change to your Facebook page URL.

Why do you need a Facebook Vanity URL?

Setting up a username/Facebook vanity URL is optional, but it gives you a shorter, more memorable web address for your Facebook business page. Custom Facebook page URLs also make it easier to add your Facebook posts to Juicer (though you can still do it using the string of letters/numbers, if necessary).

How to change your Facebook URL and create a vanity URL

1) Go to, click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner, and make sure you are switched over to your Facebook business/fan page.
2) Go to your business's current Facebook page, and click the "About" button in the left-side FB menu.
3) Click "Edit" next to "Username", which is listed under the "General" section.
4) Enter your desired Facebook page username (which will become your URL) in the username field. If the username is not taken by someone else, a green check mark will appear. You may need to adjust your Facebook page username slightly if it is already taken.
5) Click "Create Username", and you are finished.

Now that you've claimed your Facebook vanity URL, you are ready to set up your Juicer feed. Check out the Juicer Facebook integration video and you'll be up and running in a couple of minutes.

Facebook Page URL Tips

  • If you’re wondering can you change your personal Facebook page URL? The answer is that Vanity URL Facebook names can only be changed once so think carefully about your choice. You can’t transfer the ownership of a Facebook page username to another party.
  • Facebook page usernames can only include letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), or a period (.).
  • You can only have one username per Facebook page.
  • The Facebook page username can’t violate anyone’s trademark rights.
  • Don't bother acquiring a Facebook page username to sell it in the future.
  • Some generic words are not available for Facebook usernames.
  • Notify Facebook if your trademarked name is being used by another Facebook page account.