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There are many parts to a content strategy, and Juicer is proud to offer services that support content curation so your feed stays fresh and modern. Whether you’re looking to get started with content strategy or think your team’s approach could use a little update, this guide provides the best tips to get you there. Read on to discover what content strategy is, five tips for content success, and how Juicer can give your business a boost this year.

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is a key part of marketing for products, services, nonprofits, political campaigns, and personal brands. Pretty much any creative aspect of the branding can be considered in the content category. Many people traditionally think of content as written, but in the modern world that idea has expanded to include all kinds of media.

Content can include many different items including:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Brand imagery
  • Email messages
  • Video content
  • Music playlists
  • Infographics
  • Recipes
  • Guides
  • Books
  • Online courses

So maybe you’re a brand and you have some content from this list, but do you actually have a strategy in place? The content that you choose to produce, how it’s produced, and when are all part of the content strategy. Your content strategy is what sets your content apart from your competitors and marks it as uniquely you. If you have big company milestones and goals you’re working towards, your content team needs to know about it so they can support you in that mission. To successfully promote a new product offering, event, or idea, the team will need time to brainstorm and strategize the most creative and effective way to back it up. After that, they’ll need the time to produce it. Great content strategy doesn’t just happen in a day!

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

video content marketing plan

Digital marketing changes rapidly, and trends shift every year. If you’re looking to improve your content strategy, these five tips can get you started - and make sure you’re keeping up to date.

1. Think Ahead
Strategy means planning. And planning can’t really happen in the moment, can it? Believe it or not, many businesses don’t have a system in place to strategize their content even a week in advance, much less a few months. If you’re serious about creating content that works for your business, it’s important to think ahead.

Do you have new products launching in a few months? Are you trying to hit a certain traffic or conversions goal? Do you want to offer something new and exciting to your followers? Each of those desires requires strategic planning. Whether that means sitting down before each month to create that content, or you’re able to work three to six months ahead, we can guarantee your content will be more streamlined and strategic with that dedicated extra time and thought.

2. Repurpose Content
So you wrote that blog post and it’s packed full of juicy information. But what do you do now? It’s up on the blog but did you do anything else with it? Repurposing content is such a simple concept that many brands miss out on simply because they’ve never thought about it before.

One piece of blog content can be turned into a Pinterest pin, a post (or several) on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, a brief video highlighting key points, an infographic, a freebie, a contest, and so much more. You took the time to research and craft an excellent article, so you might as well make the most of it. Repurposing content not only fills up your social media calendar, but it also offers opportunities for your followers to consume the content in a manner best suited to their learning style and preferences.

3. Freebies
Everyone likes free stuff. Chances are, there’s some kind of freebie your brand could be giving away that will ultimately benefit your business. We’re not saying to just give away your products or services- a freebie can be simple as a downloadable guide or worksheet, a fun quiz, or a special video or playlist.

The key to this content strategy is that in order to receive the freebie, an individual must provide you with their email, fill out a survey, or provide some other information that’s valuable to your company. It’s important to keep the request equal to the prize. Your followers will likely be willing to hand over their email for your freebie, but in most cases won’t be interested in taking a 100-question survey. Freebies can be released several times throughout the year for best results. Don’t be afraid to repost!

4. GIFs and Memes
If you’re interested in keeping your brand fresh and modern, consider adding GIFs or memes into your content strategy. GIFs are short, moving clips that are pulled from existing popular media like TV shows or movies. While they don’t have sound, they often have the dialogue listed in text at the bottom of the GIF. Memes are funny images (sourced from pretty much anywhere) with original text overlayed.

Both are meant to be humorous and relatable, often proving a point about life and society that a particular group connects with. This is easy to incorporate into your content strategy if you know your target audiences well. Figure out what they care about and find a way to use a GIF or meme to connect that to your brand. Your audience will get a little laugh and create a positive connotation between that experience and your business.

5. Video Content
If you haven’t heard by now: video content is king. Our world is a visual one, and many folks aren’t interested in putting out the effort or time to read long articles. They are, however, very open to watching a 1 to 3 minute video about it. Whether you seek to entertain, inform, or educate your audiences, consider how to do so through video content.

Getting a few simple pieces of equipment like a quality camera, tripod, and basic lighting setup are all you need to get started. In addition to creating content in a format your audiences prefer, video is a great way to put a face to your brand. Whether that’s the CEO or several employees trading off, viewers are more likely to connect with another human face. If you’re a bit camera shy, you can also create video content through an animation or voiceover route. The opportunities are endless!

How Juicer Benefits Your Strategy

If you’re ready to go all in on content strategy, you’re going to need some tools to make your life easier. While there’s a lot of talk about photo editing tools and social media schedulers, have you heard about how you can keep your website updated with your best content with minimal effort? A business social media aggregator is the way to go.

Juicer links with over 15 different social media platforms and curates a feed showcasing your content straight on your website. It can be customized and designed to match your branding and style preferences so it blends seamlessly into the website. When you’re becoming a master of content strategy on so many different platforms and media sites, it can get overwhelming juggling them all. Juicer is easy to set up, and then you can forget about it and let it update your website for you while you focus on the rest of your to-do list.

For those truly dedicated to being a leader in content against competitors, Juicer offers upgrade options to accommodate faster update times, more accounts, additional design options, and more. It’s the easiest way to show off all that repurposed content you just learned how to create above!