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Different Ways to Aggregate Social Media Content and The Benefits of Each

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Social media aggregator apps are a fantastic tool, for businesses, brands, events, bloggers, and many others. One of the most valuable features of a social media aggregator app is the ability to choose how the content is aggregated. There are a number of ways you can aggregate your social media content and certain use-cases for why you would aggregate your social media content one way versus another.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the different ways you can choose to aggregate your social media content using a social media aggregator app and scenarios where each way can be utilized effectively.

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Aggregating Social Media Content by Hashtag

There are lots of instances where aggregating social media content by hashtags can be beneficial. For example, when there is a specific hashtag trending because of an event, holiday, movement, or something similar, you can use a social media aggregator app to aggregate the hashtagged posts from different social networks into one social wall. This can help you keep up with the event and watch for any noticeable trends or developments that happen.

Another use-case for aggregating content for a social media wall by hashtag is if you are running a campaign centered around a specific hashtag and you want to collect all the posts in one place to display them and/or monitor them.

This method of aggregating social media content is also a useful tactic for discovering influencers for a particular topic or interest. By pulling together social media content from a number of social media networks using a hashtag you’ve identified, you can browse the posts to look for any influencers that stand out as a good fit to partner with your brand, business or blog.

Aggregating Social Media Content by Social Media Accounts

Aggregating social media content for a social media wall by social media accounts is likely the most common way people use social media aggregator apps. Everyone can benefit from using this method of aggregating social media content, from businesses to personal accounts because it easily collects all the posts from accounts using different social media networks for one person or brand into one social media wall.

Using this type of social media aggregation is great for displaying the branded social media posts on a company’s website. It can even be used by parents to keep up with their children’s fun posts and pictures all in one place.

You could also use this method to keep track of the accounts of celebrities and monitor their accounts for juicy updates. Or even to aggregate the accounts of all of your competitors to monitor and learn from how they are posting on social media.

Aggregating Social Media Content by Social Source

This method of aggregating content isn’t as popular as others but it certainly has its advantages. For example, if you’re using Juicer’s various other integrations for aggregating content such as Slack, RSS feeds, or Giphy, sticking to one type of platform to pull content from might be the best fit. With these three integrations, in particular, adding other content outlets to your social media feed could make things look cluttered and difficult to digest.

Aggregating Social Media Content by a Combination of Each

Probably one of the best ways to aggregate social media content using a social media aggregator app is by using a combination of all of these techniques. There are lots of ways to customize the source, type, and topic of content you aggregate into your social media feed so you should take advantage of them!

If you are using a social media wedding wall at your reception then you’d probably want to use your wedding hashtag, the social media accounts of the bride and groom, and any other content platforms you want to include such as a playlist from Spotify or Soundcloud.

Brands should utilize this customization to make the social walls on their websites include not only their branded social media posts but also the posts from their fans and followers that mention their brand.

Every situation is different and so is each social media wall. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you discover new ways to make the most of your social media aggregator app and take your social media wall to the next level. If you have an example of how you use your social media aggregator app that we didn’t cover in this post, feel free to share it in the comments and you might see it featured in a post in the future.

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