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How to Use Instagram for B2B Companies with Best Examples

How to Use Instagram for B2B Companies with Best Examples

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Instagram is more than a social media platform for advertising products and services. In fact, business-to-business (B2B) companies can use it to demonstrate the human elements of their brand.

Whether it’s to improve brand reputation or expand talent pools, Instagram is ideal for celebrating company culture. Here are some examples that may inspire your own strategy. 

Examples of Brands Displaying B2B Company Culture on Instagram

With more than 1.35 billion active users, Instagram is used to capture the attention of a diverse audience. The best brands on Instagram know their content can do a lot more than simply increase sales and conversions; it can also elevate their reputation and enhance talent acquisition.

Showing off your company culture makes your business appear more credible. After all, 88% of companies believe a strong company culture is crucial to business success. 

Here are some of the best examples of B2B brands using Instagram to highlight company culture. 

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s Instagram strategies don’t just focus on informing and educating audiences. They also offer insight into the company’s internal operations, showcasing its personality, values, and culture. 

Content posted on Instagram includes videos of “real” employees testing their colleagues’ knowledge, as well as behind-the-scenes content about what their teams do. As far as company culture content goes, this will show a potential candidate exactly what to expect when working at Hootsuite. 

2. IBM

IBM produces different types of content for customers, from reels and video posts to guides. As you browse through the brand’s social media feed, you’ll find plenty of insights into the company’s culture. There are “Smart Talks” with IBM, where employees share their knowledge and expertise on topics relevant to their roles. Plus, IBM shares videos of employees talking about new products and services to highlight the passion and creativity of their teams.

IBM even has some great employee spotlight posts, where individual team members share their bios, histories, and values for the world to enjoy. 

3. SAP

Another tech-focused company, SAP, shares news updates and images, as well as motivational statements, and the occasional playful post about events like “International Dog Day.” When it comes to showcasing company culture, SAP ensures employees constantly have a voice on their platform. There are countless videos from team members, as well as company spotlights and even posts celebrating team member achievements.

4. HubSpot

Leading B2B brand HubSpot sets itself apart from other companies with a dedicated “HubspotLife” channel. With more than 36k followers, @HubSpotLife provides a behind-the-scenes insight into all of the HubSpot employees operating in offices across the globe. 

The channel is home to endless different forms of content, including guides written by team members, Reels, and everyday posts. There are also some fantastic “highlight” posts, which draw attention to the recent achievements of various staff members from throughout the team. 

The @HubSpotLife channel benefits from plenty of highly authentic and engaging content. You can see what it’s really like to live the life of a HubSpot employee and even look at what interns do on a day-to-day basis. 

5. Zendesk

The Zendesk Instagram account is filled with content intended for different types of audiences. There are posts specifically designed for consumers who want to access information about product updates, as well as customer spotlights demonstrating social proof. Zendesk even has a “highlight” section on its Instagram page dedicated to its Team. One of the things that makes Zendesks’ employee-created content so compelling is how authentic it feels. The company even shares “bloopers” from behind the scenes of its industry events and videos.

6. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is a big believer in the power of employee advocacy, something they showcase regularly in their blogs and social media posts. On Instagram, Sprout Social has a dedicated “highlight” section dedicated to “Team Sprout,” showing all the latest content from their staff. 

The company also regularly shares useful behind-the-scenes content about their employees, their roles, and the values they hold dear. SproutSocial shows potential team members what it’s really like to be a part of their growing global team. 

Sprout Social’s posts are fun and engaging, and they’re great at demonstrating how committed the company actually is to supporting its employees. 

7. Salesforce

Similar to HubSpot, the Salesforce company, known for its world-leading B2B CRM tools, has a dedicated Instagram account specifically for showcasing company culture. It’s probably no surprise that Salesforce is one of the best brands on Instagram for cultural insights. 

The company has built its entire brand around the concept of “Ohana” and community. On the @SalesforceJobs page on Instagram, you can learn about awards given to employees for their achievements, as well as the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. 

There are also behind-the-scenes reviews from employees sharing what it really feels like to be part of the Salesforce team. Alongside videos and images, Salesforce also shares Reels and highlights of “trailblazing” people from throughout its employee landscape. 

8. FedEx

Though FedEx serves both businesses and consumers, it’s definitely worth mentioning on this list of brands highlighting company culture through Instagram. The FedEx Instagram profile might not have as many followers as some of the other companies on this list, but it’s still inspiring.

Alongside insights into the company’s sustainability initiatives, new services, and news updates, FedEx also shares a valuable look at the lives of its employees. 

Reels and posts offer a closer look at what delivery drivers and logistics experts do every day. These posts are often accompanied by engaging captions, sharing some of the most amazing accomplishments of the employees in the FedEx team. 

How to Merge Company Culture With Your Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been inspired by the examples above, you might be wondering how you can bring company culture into your marketing strategies. Here are our top tips for businesses diving into this world for the first time. 

  • Give your employees a voice: don’t just highlight your employees and workspaces on social media. Give your employees a chance to advocate for your brand. Allow actual team members to create videos and posts that showcase their passion and engagement. 
  • Create different kinds of content: pictures of your employees working together are great, but there are various ways you can experiment with content on Instagram. Create fast-paced reels for behind-the-scenes views of life in the office or carousel posts. 
  • Be authentic: remember that authentic and transparent content always gets the best results on any social media channel. Allow your employees to add their own personality to the posts they create, and focus on highlighting your brand values. 
  • Cross-promote: don’t just showcase your company culture on Instagram. Draw attention to the things you do to support your employees on every online channel you use. You can write blogs, share posts on LinkedIn to later embed your LinkedIn feed on the website, and more. 
  • Create a social feed: make your website more engaging to potential job seekers by showcasing your company culture-focused posts on your website. Embed a social media feed into your job pages with an Instagram feed plugin. 

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