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10 Practical Tips for the Best Instagram Live Videos

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Before we dive into our tips for creating Instagram Live videos, let’s cover the basics: 

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is the video streaming feature on the platform. 

It allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers in real-time. When a user starts an Instagram Live session, their followers receive a notification, and they can join the live stream to watch and interact with the broadcaster.

Creating live videos for Instagram has become a very popular way to communicate and interact with audiences among creators from all around the world. And today, we will discuss some quick tips for people who are interested in more practical strategies regarding live videos on Instagram.

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How Do You Go Live on Instagram?

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account on the mobile application. 

Step 2: Navigate to your profile and select the “plus” button at the top right corner. 

How to Go Live on Instagram step2

Step 3: Select “Live” and click the “Go live” button. 

How to Go Live on Instagram step 3

You can add up to three guests to your live broadcast:

  • Tap . Here, you’ll find requests to join your room. You can also tap next to the username of the person you want to invite or search for their username at the top.
  • Tap the icon to invite your followers to your Live broadcast.

You’ll have a pink “Live” notification at the top of your screen to let you know you are live streaming.

The number of viewers watching will also appear at the top of your screen. To the left, you’ll see two arrows. Click that button to toggle between your front and back cameras. You’ll see an “End” button on the upper right of the screen. Only click that button when ready to end the Instagram Live video.

Across the bottom of your screen, you’ll have several additional options to help you connect with your viewers. Viewers’ comments will appear at the bottom of your screen in the “Comments” area. You can add your comments there or tap a comment and select “Pin Comment” to hold a specific comment in view for everyone to see.

You can send responses to comments, add friends to the video, add stickers, and share videos or photos with the other icons on the bottom of your screen.

When you are ready to finish your Instagram Live, hit “End.” You’ll see a screen that allows you to “Share to Story” so that viewers who were not part of the live video chat can watch the recorded version.

If you don’t want the video from your livestream on Instagram posted to your Story, select “Delete Video.” Select the arrow above a line icon in the top left corner if you’d like to save the video to your phone’s camera album. 

Tips for Instagram Live Streamers to Host Successful Instagram Live Streams

Here are some effective but easy ways to set up your Instagram livestream for success. 

1. Do a Dry Run 

Use practice mode to rehearse your presentation before going live. That way, you can test out different features and get used to speaking on camera to an audience. 

Click the “eye” button on your Live screen and select “practice” under “broadcast audience.” Your live stream will be hidden; you can invite a few people to the dry run. 

2. Plan Ahead

Start by defining your goals and objectives for the live broadcast. Are you trying to promote a product, provide valuable information, engage with your audience, or something else? Clear objectives will help you structure your content and deliver a focused message.

3. Promote in Advance

Building anticipation for your live broadcast is crucial. Use Instagram Stories, feed posts, and other social media platforms to let your audience know when you’ll go live. Create eye-catching graphics and captions to encourage followers to mark their calendars and join your live session.

It’s also helpful to ask followers to submit their burning questions before a Q&A-style Instagram Live. This will create a bank of questions to help minimize awkward silences and allow you to prepare your answers in advance.

4. Choose the Right Time

Consider your target audience’s time zone and habits. Use Instagram Insights to determine when your followers are most active on the platform. Schedule your live broadcast during these peak times to maximize viewership.

5. Use a Catchy Title and Description

Your title should be attention-grabbing and reflect the content of your live broadcast. The description is an opportunity to provide context and explain what viewers can expect. Be concise, clear, and compelling to entice people to tune in.

6. Test Your Equipment

Ensure that your equipment is in good working condition. Test your smartphone or camera, microphone, and internet connection before going live. This minimizes the risk of technical issues during the broadcast and ensures a smoother viewing experience for your audience.

7. Engage with Your Audience

Encourage viewers to participate by asking questions and leaving comments. Respond to real-time comments to make your audience feel acknowledged and valued. Interact with them by mentioning their usernames and addressing their questions or contributions.

8. Keep it Interactive

Live broadcasts are an excellent opportunity to interact with your audience. You can use Instagram’s interactive features, such as polls, quizzes, and the Q&A sticker, to engage viewers. Consider bringing guest speakers or influencers to add variety and foster exciting conversations.

9. Save and Share the Replay

After your live broadcast ends, save the video to your Instagram Stories, IGTV, or your feed, depending on the content’s length and relevance. This allows people who missed the live session to watch it later. Promote the replay in your content, create highlights, or share clips from the live session to keep the engagement going.

10. Ask for Feedback

You don’t know unless you ask! Ask your viewers what they would be excited to see in future video content. Take their feedback into consideration and continue to check in with them over time to get a sense of what works and what might need adjustments. 

Put up a Q&A box on your Instagram Stories to collect feedback from your audience directly. 

Content Ideas for Your Instagram Livestream

Now that you know how to host a successful Instagram livestream, let’s look at some creative ideas you can explore to engage your audience. 

1. Host a Q&A Session

A live Q&A session lets you interact with your audience in real time. You can provide personalized answers to specific questions — which wouldn’t have been possible with your typical feed posts. 

Here’s an example from fitness coach Zach Bailey. 

2. Behind the Scenes

Another fun option for Instagram Live videos is a behind-the-scenes look at your workflow. It helps your audience feel like a part of your business and better appreciate how much effort you put into your craft. 

Here’s an example from 2D animator, Recokh. 

3. Tutorials

Tutorials are also a great way to allow folks to connect with your personality and build trust. For example, if you are a chef hoping to sell your new cookbook, providing a sample of one of the recipes included can help win over followers who aren’t sure if they’ll like your food. When they follow along with your tutorial and like the recipe, they might be more inclined to buy your cookbook. 

Take a cue from Maria, founder of Lucky Shrub, who uses live videos to teach her audience how to use different products.

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