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How to Tailor Your Facebook News Aggregator

The Facebook News aggregator has been evolving ever since its first test runs in 2018, offering local and global news to Facebook users. Ever wonder why your Facebook Newsfeed displays the stories that it does? Well, the Facebook News aggregator is organized by algorithms designed to personalize ...

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How Juicer Can Amplify Your Content Strategy

developing a content strategy There are many parts to a content strategy, and Juicer is proud to offer services that support content curation ( so your feed stays fresh and modern. Whether you’re looking to get started with co...

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Which Facebook Aggregator Software is Right for You?

Adding a Facebook aggregator to a website is a great way to engage your customers and potential customers when they are on your site. It creates a sense of community, it humanizes your brand, and it allows current customers to contribute and feel connected with your brand. So you’ve decided that...

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The Top 7 Best Wedding Hashtag Generators

wedding sign - mr and mrs You’re planning a wedding, and that means your to-do list is probably a mile long at this point. But obviously you need a hashtag to tie all the wedding festivities together! Wedding hashtags have become massively popular in the past decad...

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