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The Rise of the Social Media Sorcerer (and the Decline of the Ninja)

Posted May 6th, 2015 by Dale Smarkly in

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When Juicer asked me to be a regular poster at From Concentrate, I was excited. Then I was a little nervous and I had to go to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, I thought of the topic for my first column, which is social media sorcerers. After that, I was a lot less nervous.

We’ve heard a lot about social media “ninjas” in recent years. And that’s great. Ninjas are really neat, and it makes sense that someone with a lot of social media dexterity would be called that. But if you haven’t noticed, the term is on its way out. It’s not for the reasons you might think, though. In fact, it’s directly correlated to the rise of what I call the “social media sorcerer.” I am the first, but many will soon follow, because I am extremely influential.

Here are a few ways that social media “ninjas” and “mavens” differ from the social media sorcerer.

Ninjas/mavens believe: Social media marketing is a thing that social media managers can do to help grow a business, build engagement and relationships with consumers, etc.
Social media sorcerers believe: Social media is a terrifying mystery beyond comprehension, whose power can only be wielded properly by a responsible few social media sorcerers following years of training at an isolated compound operated by Dale Smarkly.

Ninjas/mavens believe: Successful social media marketing is possible with hard work, authentic conversations and meaningful content.
Social media sorcerers believe: Successful social media marketing is possible only through sustained meditation and fasting, followed by hours of furious posting and content production during which every word typed is screamed aloud.

Ninjas/mavens believe: Casual clothing is appropriate attire for the workday.
Social media sorcerers believe: A cloak and a loin cloth are the only acceptable clothing articles during a “regular” day of posting. “Serious” posting is conducted in public parks wearing a black trash bag.

Ninjas/mavens believe: Normal human life can be carried on when doing social media/content marketing for a business, including a healthy relationship with one's self and with others.
Social media sorcerers believe: The “I” is an illusion perpetuated by a selfish ego that aims only to destroy your ability to produce engaging, viral blog content. Social media sorcerers are among the few who have penetrated this illusion and can obtain massive blog hits.

See you next time!

Dale Smarkly is Juicer's resident social media sorcerer. While he is not a real person, you can still follow him on Twitter @DaleSmarkly for an endless stream of digital marketing "wisdom."