Refreshingly Good Content from the Week of September 6, 2015

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There’s a lot of useless crap out there about digital marketing. Each week, Juicer wades through it to get you a link about something innovative, something useful and something interesting. We focus on quality content that isn’t written just for the benefit of its creator.

Here’s three hand-picked selections from the week of September 6. Find something else interesting? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

Something Innovative: How Social Payments Will Change your Business – VentureBeat. Some insight into where social payment businesses (which let you pay for stuff directly from major social media platforms) are headed and what it can mean for your brand and social media activity.

Something Useful: 4 Tasks Must Be Included In Your Weekly Social Media Activities Checklist – Social Barrel. A nice list for beginners in the social marketing field. Good to file away for your weekly activities.

Something Interesting: Why We Hate Logo Redesigns – Entrepreneur. Google’s logo redesign brought some mixed feelings. This is an in-depth piece with good examples of recent logo changes and why they’ve caused such outspoken reaction.

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