Digital Marketing Roundup: Required Reading for Labor Day Weekend

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Our American readers will have some extra free time this weekend (hopefully). Here are a few digital marketing articles we loved from the past couple weeks that you can learn something from while you kick back and wait for the BBQ to heat up.

Boosting the online presence of your start-up – Irish Times. Some really interesting ideas in here you don’t see often. Digs into having specific staff truly focus on a topic, so your content and posting can reflect expertise in a certain area. Good stuff.

Is It The End of the Digital Marketing “Expert” Era? – LinkedIn of Geoffrey Colon. Tired of seeing the same speeches from so-called “digital experts?” This piece sympathizes, and explains why diving in and learning things for yourself is so valuable.

Why social media could swing the 2016 presidential election – CIO. Every brand needs to tell its story via online media these days – including political candidates. Here’s some background on how some of the modern social media networks could play a role in next year’s presidential race.

See how you can up your political social media game.

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