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8 Reasons You Must Read This List About Social Media Marketing

Posted April 13th, 2015 by From Concentrate Team in

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One thing’s for sure: There are lists on the internet about social media marketing. Some are long. Some are short. Some talk about ways you should do things, while others talk about the things you shouldn’t do. Some link you to great web apps that help you make social posts, track what’s said about your brand and do all sorts of other stuff. Awesome! We love those lists.

But what about this list? What makes it a “must read” for any social media marketer? Here are just a few of the reasons:

1. It’s a list

Lists are great ways to consume information. They take less work to read and remember, and they just feel good. Here’s a list in The New Yorker about lists.

2. It’s on the internet

You’re probably at work or home, surfing the internet on your computer or other device. News flash: This list is on the internet. It’s easier to access than, say, a flyer. You wouldn’t even know where to get the flyer! You might need to walk around for hours before you found someone handing out a flyer that contains a list about social media marketing.

3. It’s about social media marketing

Everyone can use advice on social media marketing - even people who aren’t directly involved in the creation of social content for their brand. It’s just good to know some of the “best practices” out there. So that’d be a great reason to read this list.

4. You’re not doing anything else right now

Maybe you saw a link to this list on Facebook or Twitter. Chances are you were purposefully browsing through your feed on one of these social media platforms looking for content that might be interesting, because you don’t have any other obligations at this moment. As we’ve covered above, not only is this a list, but it’s on the internet and it's about social media marketing (which is a topic that’s great to read about). Sure, there are reasons not to read this list, but that’s for a future list.

5. Reading is good for you

There is a bunch of research out there indicating that reading is a major positive for our brains. I’ve read “The Tipping Point” 23 times, but that’s just one example of reading. Here’s a list (nice!) about the benefits of reading.

6. List

‘Nuff said!

7. Not reading this list could drive your business into the ground.

And what’s worse is that you would be held directly responsible, because you saw the link to the list and you didn’t click it. Moral of the story: read this list or start looking for another job, pal!

8. It’s fresh content.

Old content is yesterday’s news. NEW content is “in tune” with today’s reality. By all means, read lists that were written earlier than this one. Just don’t come crying to us when you try to incorporate dated practices into your social media marketing and get slammed big time at your next chamber of commerce breakfast.

What do you think about things? Do you like lists? What’s your definition of a list? What’s the longest list you ever saw? Have you ever made love to a list? Leave it in the comments section and be sure to share this list with other people who love lists.

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